Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? Problem Of Police Procedurals!


One of the most popular shows to ever grace our screens has been the BBC police drama Line of Duty. The show has fans globally and owing to its breathtaking filming locations, many have wondered where was Line of Duty filmed.

Today, we are here to find that out! Line of Duty boasts about being one of the names mentioned in The Telegraph’s top 50 BBC shows of all time! Written and created by Jed Mercurio, the show first aired on the channel BBC Two. Following its massive success and positive reception, the show was moved to BBC One.

Line of Duty has been filmed all across a diverse set of locations but all set within a small geographical area. The first season of Line of Duty was shot entirely in Birmingham. The next seasons have been shot throughout Belfast.

We here at viebly are very enthusiastic about filming locations of our favorite movies and shows. If you are too, then check out where Scarface has been filmed. If that intrigues you then you cannot miss out on where How I Met Your Father was filmed either! Anyway, moving on.

The Plot Of Line Of Duty | What The British Show Is All About!

To know where was Line of Duty filmed, it’s important to know what the show is about. If you have no idea what it is about, then this is a brief synopsis of the show. Line of Duty follows the life of an honest police officer Steve Arnott. 

Steve is transferred out of his department for his refusal to take part in a cover-up. The police department is guilty of an unlawful shooting and Steve wants no part of it. He ends up in the Anti-Corruption Unit 12 where he is partnered up with Kate.

As a part of a larger team, the two help find corrupt officers within the police department and bring them to justice. The two spend their time investigating cases that seem odd and soon find out that the rot within the police department runs deep. 

The show also has a main focus of a central villain whom we don’t get to see till later on in the series. The mystery character is called H and is supposedly the main reason for such rampant corruption. There is also a running theme of the police department having a deep connection with organized crime.

Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Scenes of criminal investigations, cool police action, and an adrenaline-filled story have made everyone curious about where was Line of Duty filmed. That’s only natural. So we took it upon ourselves to find all the details we can, so check them out!

BT Tower, Belfast City Center

Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? Problem Of Police Procedurals!

One of the most prominent buildings in the show is the AC-12 building. The headquarters of the Anti-Corruption headquarters has to be cool, there are no two ways around it. So we see the BT Tower, Belfast City Centre. The building has been used extensively for exterior shots of the headquarters.

With scenes like an interrogation and some office-specific scenes, we again see the interiors of the BT Towers. If you have ever been inside the tower, you will clearly see a lot of resembling locations to the show.

The Subway from the Albert Clock at Queen’s Square to High Street

Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? Problem Of Police Procedurals!

As Kate and Steve learn about the rot within the system itself, they start to lose trust in everyone around them. When needed to chat they choose to talk in private in a random underground tunnel. 

This just happens to be the subway from the Albert Clock at Queen’s Square to High Street in Northern Ireland. Since most of the show is shot in Belfast, does it really come as a surprise to you?

The Royal Mail Building, Tomb Street

Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? Problem Of Police Procedurals!

Line of Duty has a lot of amazing fight scenes and we get to see a lot of cool action sequences. That is the reason everyone has been hooked on the show in the first place. One of the scenes that have been etched in our memories is the shootout between Steve and a detective that has gone rogue.

That action sequence takes place in front of a big building with reflective glass panes. Well, that building happens to be The Royal Mail Building, Tomb Street. And of course, it is also in Belfast.

Belfast Central Library, Royal Avenue

Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? Problem Of Police Procedurals!

Whenever the detective makes any big discovery they have to report to their seniors. And as is customary, all the senior superintendents bear an office in the Police Headquarters. Now to depict that police headquarters, the showrunners used the Belfast Central Library, Royal Avenue.

It is the main library of Belfast and the biggest one too. The police headquarters sees a lot of drama go down. Who knows, even the mysterious H resides in the same building. Now that we think of it, this building really holds a lot of meaning!

Corpus Christi College

Where Was Line Of Duty Filmed? Problem Of Police Procedurals!

Located in the west of Belfast, this school also acts as a local police station. Steve and Kate visit the fictional Hillside Police station to investigate an officer and this is that location.  If you thought the location was too good to be a police station, then we definitely agree!

Cavehill Road

Last in the series of where was Line of Duty filmed is this epic location of Cavehill Road. Detective Davidson interrupts a robbery gone wrong in this location which might be remembered well by the fans. That is because it happened in the last season and turned out to be a much bigger twist than we anticipated. No, don’t worry, we are not giving out spoilers about what happened. Just watch the show yourself.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Line of Duty filmed! If this tickled your brains a little then check out where were shows like DMZ and Tokyo Vice filmed! We bet you’re gonna love it!

How many seasons of Line of Duty are there?

There are a total of 6 seasons of Line of Duty till now!

Who is Ted Hastings in real life?

Adrian Dunbar stars as the police Superintendent Ted Hastings!

Where to watch Line of Duty?

You can watch Line of Duty on BBC One. If you would like to watch it online then the show is available to stream on Netflix. It is also available to buy or rent from the Amazon Prime Store!

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