Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!


Nightcrawler (2014) is one of the most popular neo-noir thrillers of all time. This film actually has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well! That’s not exactly uncommon for thriller movies, but it does make Nightcrawler a special watch. Apart from the storyline, do you know what played an equal and important role in the movie’s success? Yes! You guessed it right! The filming location! So, if you want to know where was Nightcrawler filmed, keep reading! 

Nightcrawler was entirely shot in Los Angeles, United States. So, we get to see various iconic places like Angelino’s Bakery, Studio City Shell Gas Station, etc. If you are someone who lives in Los Angeles, you might even recognize a few filming locations!

If you want to know more about these Los Angeles locations, what scenes were shot there, and why these locations were chosen, keep reading! Because, in this article, I’ll be describing each of those filming locations in detail!

The Plot Of Nightcrawler | What Is Nightcrawler About?

Set in Los Angeles, Nightcrawler is a neo-noir thriller that follows an ambitious young man who is desperate to make a career out of L.A. crime journalism. We all know how ruthless and exhausting this field is. But, does that stop Lou Bloom? Absolutely no. 

He goes on and assembles a group of freelance cameramen. They film crashes, fires, and even murders—all this is only a small part of the actual chaos, though. Lou himself plunges deep into night crawling by jeopardizing his personal safety. 

Soon, Lou is doing more than just observing. He’s on the path to becoming a star, a participant in the stories he covers. 

Here are some more details about the film:

Release DateOctober 31, 2014
Running Time1h 57m
Directed ByDan Gilroy
Produced ByMichel Litvak, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Lancaster, Jennifer Fox
StarringJake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton, Riz Ahmed, Michael Papajohn, James Huang, Kent Shocknek
IMDb Rating7.8/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Nightcrawler filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Wasn’t that film description intriguing? Wouldn’t you want to know more about the places the entire film happened? After all, the setting is a crucial part of any story! So, keep reading to know where was Nightcrawler filmed! 

Also, after you’re done watching Nightcrawler, don’t forget to check out the filming location of other thrillers like Entrapment, a heist movie, and Poison Rose. Maybe you will want to check out these locations as well!

Mulholland Drive

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

Mulholland Drive is a 50-mile long route that goes through the Santa Monica Mountains and gives a breathtaking view of Los Angeles and The Valley. We get to see Mulholland Drive in the movie when Lou modifies a crash site in order to have a better “money shot”. 

At night, Los Angeles is even more beautiful with all its glowing and twinkling bright lights. Mulholland Drive gave the filmmakers a better chance to capture just that and that’s why they were compelled to include it. Oh, and the scenes shot here at night also go well with the tagline of the movie– The City Shines Brightest At Night.

Chinatown Express

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

Nothing is worse than receiving unwanted spoilers for a thriller movie you wanted to watch. So, I won’t give you many details about the scenes shot at the Chinatown Express. But, this place is one of the most important filming locations for the film. This is where Lou orchestrates his masterpiece finale. 

Also, the Chinatown Express is located in Koreatown, an ethnic neighborhood of Los Angeles. To shoot the film, the production team had to get a few blocks of the avenue closed. 

KWLA-6 Studios

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

KWLA-6 Studios serves as the newsroom where Nina Romina works. The filmmakers wanted something that looked like it wasn’t kept well and KTLA Studios located on Sunset Boulevard did the job just fine. 

Also, if you’re a Hollywood history fanatic, you’d be amazed to know that KTLA Studios are located right next to the Sunset Bronson Studios. Does that ring any memory bells? Yes, that’s the place where The Jazz Singer was filmed. 

Venice Beach’s Ocean Front Walk

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

There aren’t many daytime scenes in Nightcrawler, one of the few such scenes was filmed on the popular boardwalk of Venice Beach. This is the place where Lou wanders in search of an opportunity to steal something. 

Later, he steals a bicycle and sells it to be able to buy the camera equipment that he needs for his new job. This scene was used to imply that Lou is a freeloader. 

Dinah’s Family Restaurant

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

Two of the most comical scenes of Nightcrawler were filmed at Dinah’s Family Restaurant. One was Lou’s meeting with Nina, and the other was Lou’s interview with a potential intern. What makes the scenes humorous is the fact that Lou isn’t an actual businessman. Yet, he tries to be one by having meetings at this restaurant. 

Also, in all actuality, Dinah’s Family Restaurant is a family-run business, quite popular for its fried chicken and pancakes. This retro location was also used to film The Big Lebowski. 

Angelino’s Bakery

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

Angelino’s Bakery located on Sunset Boulevard is the place where we see Lou sitting on the roof of his car, patiently waiting for a crime to unfold while listening to the police scanner. 

If you ever happen to be in West Sunset Boulevard, do consider visiting Angelino’s Bakery. It’s quite popular for its croissants, donuts, and coffee. 

Studio City Shell Gas Station

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

After Lou has recorded a few crime scenes in Los Angeles, he has earned enough money to get himself a new car. His shiny red Dodge Challenger is much faster and it’s easy to see why he chose it—it’d enable him to do his job more efficiently. 

We get to see the first glimpse of his car at the Studio City Shell Gas Station. There, we also see Rick, Lou’s new intern get a lecture on spilling gas on the new car. 

El Compadre Restaurant

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

This is where Lou and Nina went on their first date. Lou got Nina to go out with him after much convincing. In Nightcrawler, they actually went to a Mexican Restaurant called Cabanita. It’s just that the shooting took place at El Compadre Restaurant. 

Also, in real life, this restaurant has served as one of the best places in Southern California for top-class Mexican cuisine. 

Laurel Canyon Boulevard

Where Was Nightcrawler Filmed? All LA Filming Locations Of The Thriller!

What is a crime thriller without a hair-rising car chase sequence in it? Thankfully, Dan Gilroy, the writer, and director of Nightcrawler was kind enough to give us one. The car chase scene in the movie was filmed on Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The production unit actually had to close off 10 blocks for this!

Final Words

Alright, thriller lovers! I hope you all know where was Nightcrawler filmed! What I liked the most about the filming locations of this movie is the sheer amount of thought and hard work the filmmakers put into selecting each location! I’m sure you appreciated the same while reading the article! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On Nightcrawler?

Bold Films, Nightcrawler, and Sierra/ Affinity are the production companies that have worked on Nightcrawler. 

What Is The Tagline Of Nightcrawler?

The tagline of Nightcrawler is The City Shines Brightest At Night. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Nightcrawler?

The movie Nightcrawler was written by Dan Gilroy.

What Are Some More Movies Like Nightcrawler?

If you liked watching the movie Nightcrawler, then you can also watch Prisoners, Zodiac, Drive, American Psycho, Donnie Darko, The Social Network, Gone Girl, Shutter Island, and Taxi Driver. 

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