Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!


When it comes to horror-thrillers, nothing is better than Nope. The movie is not only one of the best sources of entertainment, but best to explore some mesmerizing filming locations. Let’s start finding out where was Nope filmed!

Nope (2022) is a movie that captures an unnatural experience of a horse rancher. Suddenly, he starts experiencing the presence of an unnatural living being. Because of this, the horse ranch starts witnessing a significant change in the behavior of animals and humans. That’s not it, this living being also flies. But what’s the mystery behind all this?

Nope has been filmed in California, the U.S. Within California, the movie has covered places like The Aqua Dulce Desert, Jupiter’s Claim, Fry Electronics, and Firestone Ranch. Interestingly, the makers had to modify these locations to make them perfect per their need.   

Just like the plot of the movie, the locations are also unconventional. Learn thoroughly about where was Nope filmed!

Where Was Nope Filmed? Have A Look At Some Marvelous Locations!

Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!

You will be surprised to know that the producers took an extra effort in finding the locations for Nope. After all, finding locations for such a horror movie is not an easy task. So, make sure you watch Nope and learn where was Nope filmed!

Release Date: July 22, 2022

IMDb: 7.5 

Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Cast: Keke Palmer, Michael Wincott, Daniel Kaluuya

Where To Watch: Peacock 

Running Time: 2h 15m 

The Agua Dulce Desert, California | Perfect Location For Outdoor Scenes!

Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!

No, this is not a literal desert where you just see heaps of sand. The Agua Dulce is a census-designated place in the U.S. Of course, you can’t find tourist spots here, but you can see people living in modern homes with 3 district floor plans. Interestingly, this place is known for its “best drinking water.” Moreover, many Hollywood celebrities also prefer visiting this place occasionally. 

In the context of the movie, Peele (producer) found this place perfect for filming outdoor scenes. Also, the desert helped him demonstrate a larger aspect of the plotline. Further, it’s right to perceive that the production unit had to film the scene in the scorching heat. But all the effort paid off later in the form of the movie’s success!

Jupiter’s Claim, California | Book Your Tickets For A Theme Park!

Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!

Jupiter’s Claim is another location where was Nope filmed! Interestingly, this location is a theme park where you can let your kids enjoy themselves to the fullest. That’s not it. This park is one of the best theme parks in California. Yes, it has many interesting rides and shows for kids. I suggest visiting this place with your family and finding out what’s special about it. 

It’s quite astounding to know the theme park shown in the movie is not real. Yes, a similar set was created in The Agua Dessert. The production unit took inspiration from the real theme park and created a set later. Guess what! The production unit decided to make it a part of Universal Studios and opened it to the common masses. 

Fry’s Electronics, California | UFO Scenes Captured Here!

Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!

Fry’s Electronics is a big name in California for the import/export of electronic products. Interestingly, it is a chain of shops with headquarters located in California. 

Fry’s electronics was closed in February 2021. That’s why many people were curious to know whether a set of this shop was created or Peele went for a makeover of this shop. Interestingly, the UFO scenes were similar to the interior of the shop. So, Peele needs to come up with the truth of the matter!

Besides this movie, The Resort’s filming locations were also in California. I think California is amongst the favorite locations of producers these days!

Firestone Ranch, California | Important Scenes Captured Here!

Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!

Firestone Ranch is a barren land with uneven rocks. And the exact location of this ranch is 35100 Anthony Road. Further, a lot of makers choose this location for shooting the outdoor scenes. Well, there is nothing to explore here. But you can enjoy your ride while passing through this ranch. The ranch features small plants and bright sunlight!

All the important scenes of the ranch were filmed in the natural settings of Firestone Ranch. Luckily, the makers did not modify the location, and all the ranch scenes were filmed within a few days. Also, this was the last location covered by the production team. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Nope Filmed

Where Was Nope Filmed? Keep Your Bags Ready!

You will be shocked to know that the main filming of the movie took place in June and July 2021. It seems that the makers were very quick wrapping up the movie’s filming. For the rest of the scenes, they moved to the northwest of Santa Clarita. There, a lot of scenes were filmed in the middle of the city. 

Further, the movie’s photography took place in The Agua Dulce Desert. For shooting the movie in this desert, the production receives tax credits worth $8 364 000. 

Final Words 

I know you have learned about a lot of new places after knowing where was Nope filmed. You know what! These places are very exciting to visit and perfect for your upcoming family trip. So, note down your favorite locations and see yourself as a part of these locations. Further, I would suggest checking out the filming locations of The Terminal List. Some more interesting locations are waiting for you!

1. Is Nope A Sequel To Get Out?

Yes, Nope is the third part of Get Out after Us.

2. Who Is The Director Of Nope?

Jordan Peele is the director of Nope.

3. Who Are The Cast Members Of Nope?

The movie features Keke Palmer, Michael Wincott, Daniel Kaluuya, and Steven Yeun.

4. Is Nope Worth Watching?

The critics praised the movie for its cinematography, direction, screenplay, and many more.

5. What Is The Box Office Collection Of Nope?

The Box office collection of the movie is $85.8 million.


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