Where Was Ozark Filmed? Locations Of A High-Drama Show!


One of the most entertaining Netflix releases is Ozark. If you haven’t watched all four seasons of Ozark, I am here to update you about the plot. But if you are wondering where was Ozark filmed, I have a detailed answer for that too. So, it’s time to spill the beans!

Produced by MRC Televisions, Ozark received favorable reviews from critics. The critics praised the show for its tone, direction, production values, and performance of the cast members. The series received a total of 45 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Luckily, it won an award for Outstanding Drama Series, with Bateman winning an award for Outstanding Lead Actor for a Drama Series.

I hope you are well-versed with the success of the show now. So, allow me to provide you with a detailed answer about where was Ozark filmed!

Where Was Ozark Filmed? Relive The Dramatic Sequences Today!

The makers of Ozark were planning on some unique locations but they ended up choosing Atlanta, Georgia, and Missouri. Apart from this, they took inspiration from some locations in Missouri because filming there was not possible. Before deciding on the filming locations, the makers had a discussion that went on for hours. And finally, the following locations were selected!

Fans thought that Ozark was entirely shot at a real place named Ozark but the fact is that only a few sequences were shot here. And the reason was that the makers did not get tax rebates. So, shooting here was quite expensive. Mark these exact locations to note where was Ozark filmed!

Lakes Of The Ozarks, Missouri

When you saw Marty enjoying a luxurious life at the beginning of the show, a few sequences were shot at The Lakes Of The Ozarks. For the rest of the sequences, a special setup was made in Atlanta. For preparing the setup of Marty’s house, the makers took inspiration from a real-life Missouri resort. The crew members studied the resort and then prepared a similar setup. 

Lake Allatoona, Georgia 

Where Was Ozark Filmed? Locations Of A High-Drama Show!

The majority of the outdoor sequences were shot at Lake Allatoona, located a few miles away from Atalanta. The makers found it a perfect filming location because it offered great colors and rural touch which was required to shoot some significant scenes. Also, filming here was quite affordable as they did not pay for shooting here. 

You must have seen Marty enjoying a delicious meal with his family at a restaurant called The Blue Cat. Well, the meal was prepared especially for that sequence but the place was J.D’s on the lake. The restaurant is still functional and located on the right of Lake Allatoona. 

Lake Lanier, Georgia

The show featured many sequences shot at Lake Lanier. All the sequences depicting Byrde’s house were shot at Van Pugh North Park, the southern edge of Lake Lanier. Filming here was a memorable experience for the entire production unit. The sunrise and sunsets were breathtaking here. 

Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta, Georgia 

Most of the indoor sequences of the show were shot at Eagle Rock Studios. To shoot the sequences of the Lickety Splitz Strip Club and Buddy Dyker’s basement, a special setup was made on the stages of the studio. Filming the show in this studio proved to be the right decision for the makers because they got all the facilities.

The Silver Skillet, Atlanta, Georgia

Where Was Ozark Filmed? Locations Of A High-Drama Show!

If you remember, you saw Agent Petty having his dinner at a simple yet elegant place. That sequence was shot at The Silver Skillet, a renowned eatery in Atlanta. Well, this eatery is one of the favorite locations of many producers. Many popular shows and movies were shot here. So, if you happen to be in Atlanta in the coming days, enjoy your meal at The Silver Skillet. 

Chateau Elan, Braselton, Georgia

You saw this place in the movie as Del’s Home. Luckily the interior of this hotel was perfect to shoot the pivotal sequences. As a result, the production team did not make any changes and this saved a lot of time. If you are planning to relive the sequences, you can easily get rooms at an affordable price. 

Plot Of Ozark | What’s It About?

Where Was Ozark Filmed? Locations Of A High-Drama Show!

Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, Ozark is a fictional story of a highly ambitious man. 

The basic premise revolved around Marty Byrde, a financial advisor. In an attempt to make lots of money, Marty launches a money-laundering scheme. Unfortunately, it goes wrong and Marty is supposed to pay a lump sum amount to a Mexican dr*g dealer. 

Instead of paying money, Marty amends to establish a setup for a bigger money laundering scheme in the Lake of the Ozarks region. Amidst all this, he relocates to the summer resort community of Osage Beach, Missouri. 

But settling at a new place adds more to the ongoing problems of the Byrde family. Soon, they become the target of local criminals including the Langmore and Snell families. Now, the family needs to look for a way to escape and fight for their survival. 

Final Words 

By now, you must have noted down where was Ozark filmed. If you have never explored these locations, do visit these locations with your family. In case of more information or doubt, you can drop your query in the comment box and keep visiting our website. If you wish to read about some more locations, check out where was Avatar 2 filmed!

Who Are The Executive Producers Of Ozark?

Executive producers of Ozark are Jason Bateman, Chris Mundy, Mark Williams, and Bill Dubuque.  

How Many Episodes Are There Of Ozark?

There are 44 episodes of Ozark.

Who Acquired The Distribution Rights Of Ozark?

Only Netflix managed to acquire the distribution rights of Ozark.

How Many Parts Are There Of The Concluding Season Of Ozark?

The fourth season, known as the concluding season of Ozark is split into two parts, which consist of 14 episodes each. 

When Was The Final Episode Of Ozark Released?

The final episode of Ozark was released on 29 April 2022.

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