Where Was Pale Blue Eye Filmed? Christian Bale’s New Mystery Thriller Flick!!


Are you a fan of Christian Bale? If yes, then I’m guessing you’ve already seen the thriller film The Pale Blue Eye. But do you want to know where was Pale Blue Eye filmed? Then you can follow this article and get all the details of this special movie.

The American mystery thriller flick, The Pale Blue was released in the first week of January 2023. Scott Cooper took inspiration from Louis Bayard’s fictional novel which was published in 2003. Apart from giving direction, Cooper also wrote the screenplay for this project.

The basic premise of The Pale Blue Eye revolves around the character of Augustus Landor, a marked American detective. The plot thickens when Landor employs a young cadet to solve a murder mystery case and unravels a shocking truth.

The commercial performance of The Pale Blue Eye was pretty decent. This horror mystery film went on to gross $70 million in worldwide sales. Fans who enjoy watching crime mystery movies have also shared overall positive reviews for this film. The Pale Blue Eye has bagged a major award to date and has collected several nominations.

But the real question is, where was Pale Blue Eye filmed? Let’s go ahead and find out the answer together.

Where Was Pale Blue Eye Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Mystery Film Closely!

The story of The Pale Blue Eye is set in and around the state of New York. But, since the story is set in the early 1800s, the director had to select a suitable filming location that would portray a sort of noir background.

So, right at the very beginning of this project, Cooper and his team stepped up to the task. The production members were divided into separate teams and asked to look for locations within the state of Pennsylvania.

Since there were no ideal filming locations in New York, the director asked his crew to scout for shooting locations in Pennsylvania, which were primarily situated near dense forests.

After weeks of searching, the production members finally came up with a number of potential shooting locations which could be used to capture the outdoor sequences of The Pale Blue Eye. Coope, of course, visited the locations in person later, before making the final decision. Within a week or two, the director completed his inspection and then asked his filming crew to commence shooting.

The principal photography of The Pale Blue Eye began in the last week of November 2021 and continued till the final week of February 2022. Important to mention that all outdoor sequences of this film, were captured in and around different locations in Pennsylvania.

But, unfortunately during the course of the shooting, a minor accident prolonged the shooting process. One of the actors on set was injured while performing a stunt scene with a dummy firearm. This incident forced the makers to stop filming for a couple of days and eventually delayed the shooting schedule. However, other than this incident, no major issues occurred on set during the filming process.

Let us now take a closer look at where was Pale Blue Eye filmed.

Pennsylvania | USA

Where Was Pale Blue Eye Filmed? Christian Bale’s New Mystery Thriller Flick!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Augustus for the first time, was actually filmed in Portersville. The production members arranged a small-sized house located near Davis Hollow Cabin to capture the interior sequences of Candor’s home.

Other important scenes in Portersville were shot at McConnells Mill State Park. In other words, the scenes depicting “The Ice House” in the movie were actually filmed around this region in Pennsylvania.

After the production member completed filming these scenes, they moved to the next location. Additional outdoor scenes of the movie were captured in the unincorporated community of Laughlintown. 

The gut-wrenching scenes of the murder inside Jean Pep’s family home were captured inside a house located near Penguin Court, Laughlintown. Plus, the scene where Candor meets cadet Edgar Allan Poe to discuss the finding of a case was also shot in Laughlintown. The production members filmed the interior sequences of Benny’s Tavern inside the Compass Inn Museum.

The final phase of the shooting took place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The scenes depicting the Hudson River in the movie were actually filmed near Lake Arthur. The ending sequence of The Pale Blue Eye was shot in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh.

The shooting process of The Pale Blue Eye ended by the final week of February 2022. Now, let me give you an overview of this incredible movie. In the meantime you can also read How To Change Netflix Profiles On Samsung Tv, Shark Week and Air.

Plot Of The Pale Blue Eye | What’s It About

Where Was Pale Blue Eye Filmed? Christian Bale’s New Mystery Thriller Flick!!

The story of The Pale Blue Eye is centered around the character of Augustus Candor, a famed American detective, and his young apprentice, Edgar Allan Poe. At the very beginning of the film, the lead character takes up a homicidal case and starts investigating.

As the story progresses further, Candor finds some shocking truths about the real nature of the cadet and decides to bring Poe on board. The young cadet immensely helps Augustus in the mysterious murder case and lets him in on some secrets.

Watch The Pale Blue Eye and find out how Candor and Poe solve the murder mystery!

Final Words

Alright, friends! We’ve reached the end of this article. But, I hope you’ve noted all the filming locations of The Pale Blue Eye which I’ve mentioned. If you have further questions regarding where was Pale Blue Eye filmed, feel free to drop a comment below.

I’m also adding a couple of interesting FAQs below. If you’re interested in knowing more about this mystery film, don’t forget to check them out.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film The Pale Blue Eye?

Masanobu T.  is the cinematographer of the film The Pale Blue Eye

What Is The Rating Of The Film The Pale Blue Eye?

The film The Pale Blue Eye has an R rating.

Is The Film The Pale Blue Eye, Based On A True Story?

No, the story of The Pale Blue Eye is based on a novel by Louis Bayard, which was published in 2003. 

What Is The Runtime Of The Film The Pale Blue Eye?

2h 8m is the runtime of the film The Pale Blue Eye

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