Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Listing Down All The Filming Locations!


Superhero action movies like Samaritan are the favorite movies of all time. And when it comes to tracing their filming locations, it’s hard to hold the curiosity. Yes, the same happens to me! That’s why I thought to provide the information on where was Samaritan filmed for the action lovers. Read this article till the end to note down all the relevant details!

Samaritan (2022) showcases the effort of a young boy, Sam, to invoke a superhero. After Mr. Smith shifts in front of the house of Sam, Sam finds his new neighbor to be a mysterious personality. Also, Sam has a firm belief that Samaritan, who died in the battle with Nemesis, is still alive. That’s not it, Sam is quite sure that Mr. Smith is the Samaritan who is trying to hide. As Sam sees an upsurge in chaos in the city, he requests Mr. Smith to save the world and bring out his heroic side. 

All the filming of Samaritan took place in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Within Atlanta, specific locations are Walton Building, Auburn Avenue, Busy Bee Cafe, one of the famous studios in Atlanta, and many more.   

Now, we will take one step ahead and learn in detail about the mentioned locations. So, let’s continue discussing where was Samaritan filmed!

Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Enthralling Locations Are Waiting For You!

Samaritan is a recently released action movie whose protagonist tries to compete with the marvel heroes with the help of his abilities. Well, only the viewers can tell whether Samaritan has been able to do so or not. So, watch the movie and share your reviews with us!

In terms of filming locations, the filmmakers paid a lot of attention while selecting them. Often the makers would visit different locations to make sure that they suit the plotline. After several considerations, the following locations were picked. Note down where was Samaritan filmed!

Atlanta, Georgia 

Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Listing Down All The Filming Locations!

Atlanta was the prominent filming location of Samaritan. That’s why most of the prominent scenes were filmed in and around Atlanta. Also, it was cost-effective for the makers to shoot in Atlanta. 

Also, one of the film studios in Atlanta was used to film a few action sequences. Sadly, the makers have not revealed much about the studio. So, I think we need to wait for a few more days to know about the studio. 

Atlanta is a significant city through the lens of history. That’s because Atlanta has been a part of the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Atlanta History Center is the perfect destination to get acquainted with the history of Atlanta. Besides this, Centennial Olympic Park is going to make you remember the Olympics of 1996. 

Walton Building, 28 Jesse Hill Jr Drive, Northwest

Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Listing Down All The Filming Locations!

The outdoor action scenes were recorded outside Walton Building. I guess that’s because no one was allowed to enter the building at that time. Otherwise, the action sequence must have been filmed inside the building.

Walton Building is an office building where outsiders are not allowed. Only the concerned authority people are allowed to enter. But if you are curious about the look of this building, you may park your car in front of the building and look at it from the outside. 

Auburn Avenue, Atlanta 

Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Listing Down All The Filming Locations!

Auburn Avenue is another significant location where some predominant scenes were filmed. Also, this place is more peaceful as compared to other locations in Atlanta. That’s why the makers opted for Auburn Avenue. 

Surrounded by Sweet Auburn, Auburn Avenue is known for its historical significance. This was a crucial place before the Civil Rights Movement. Centuries back, Auburn Avenue was the center of culture and spirituality in Atlanta. That’s not it, there is a wide variety of spots to visit for tourists. 

Surprisingly, the filming location of The Shining looks identical to Auburn Avenue!

Busy Bee Cafe, Atlanta 

Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Listing Down All The Filming Locations!

Although it has not been confirmed whether the filming of Samaritan took place at the Busy Bee Cafe, the production team was spotted here. On top of this, the camps of the production team were set around this restaurant. Let’s wait for more information about this location!

Located in downtown Atlanta, Busy Bee Cafe is one of the busiest restaurants where a lot of people prefer having their breakfast and lunch. One of the reasons behind the popularity of this restaurant is its quick service. In terms of food, it’s hard to beat the dishes here. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Samaritan Filmed

Where Was Samaritan Filmed? Listing Down All The Filming Locations!

The principal photography of Samaritan commenced in July 2020. Unfortunately, the makers had to call for a shutdown because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But after a month, in March, the photography resumed and got wrapped up soon.  

The shooting of the movie also experienced a halt because of the pandemic. As a result, shooting resumed in September 2020 with all the safety protocols. But only two more months and the makers were done with the filming by the end of November 2020. 

Due to all the above reasons, the release date of the movie was also extended. 

Final Words 

After noting down where was Samaritan filmed, it’s time to collect more information about the filming locations. And this is possible after visiting these real-life locations. So, you need to pack your bags and get ready to have an enthralling experience with beautiful locations. 

If you are craving more for the locations of some more action movies, I would suggest reading where was The Old Man filmed. Get ready to learn about more real-life locations!

1. Is Samaritan Based On A Book?

Yes, Samaritan is based on a graphic novel from Mythos Comics that appeared in 2014.

2. Who Is Samaritan From The Mythos Comics?

Samaritan is a superhero from Samaritan comics.

3. Where Can I Watch Samaritan?

You can watch Samaritan online on Amazon Prime Video with a paid subscription.

4. What Is The Release Date Of Samaritan?

The release date of Samaritan is 26 August 2022.

5. Who Are The Cast Members Of Samaritan?

The cast members of Samaritan are Natacha Karam, Sylvester Stallone, Deacon Randle, Moises Arias, Dascha Polanco, and many more.

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