Where Was Pearl In Paradise Filmed? Jaw-Dropping Filming Locations Ahead!!


If you’re not sure about which romantic Tv movie to watch this week, then let me help you with that. Today I’ll discuss a Hallmark film, Pearl in Paradise, starring Jill Wagner. Furthermore, I’ll also share with you where was Pearl in Paradise filmed.

The American romantic drama movie, Pearl in Paradise, premiered on Hallmark channel back in 2018. Famous filmmaker, Gary Yates selected a number of famous actors and actresses for this incredible Tv movie, including Jill Wagner. Christine and Jennifer Shapiro, on the other hand, worked on the screenplay for this project.

The basic premise of Pearl in Paradise revolves around the characters of Alex Anderson and Colin Page, a skilled photographer, and a cultured novelist. The story gets interesting when Anderson and Page try to impress each other while exploring the beautiful locations of Fiji.

The makers of Pearl in Paradise were more than satisfied with the commercial performance of this Hallmark original movie. As per reports, the majority of the audience seemed to enjoy the dynamic on-screen chemistry of the lead actors. Plus, romantic movie fans also appreciated the overall narrative of the film.

So, if you’re wondering where was Pearl in Paradise filmed, then without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Where Was Pearl In Paradise Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Comedy Film Closely!

Canadian filmmaker, Gary Yates is known for making brilliant films like The Big Pickle, Seven Times Lucky, and High Life. Fans from all parts of the world, including young movie buffs, thoroughly enjoyed Yates’ style of direction. 

Enough has been said in the past about Yates’ unique style of storytelling. However, in this article, we will discuss in detail the astounding filming locations, which Gary used, particularly for Pearl in Paradise.

As I have mentioned before, the story of Pearl in Paradise is set in Fiji. In fact, the shooting was at the same location as well. But before any of this was achieved, Gary looked for different filming locations around various states of America and Mexico.

As per reports, when Gary and his team were scouting for ideal filming locations in Mexico, they located a number of potential shooting spots. But later when the team couldn’t acquire the necessary filming permission from the Mexican government, they thought of filming elsewhere.

Subsequently, the director conferred with his team, and after a couple of days visited Fiji in person. Yates didn’t hesitate much, after witnessing the beautiful locations in Fiji, and asked the production members to commence filming.

The principal photography for Pearl in Paradise began in the second week of May 2018 and continued until the first week of June, of the same year. As the makers of Pearl in Paradise decided to release this Tv movie in the same year, the filming crew was asked to complete shooting within the estimated timeline.

All pieces of equipment including special camera lenses, cranes, lights, etc were transported to the shooting location before the filming began. This definitely helped the filming crew to stay on top of shooting dates and eventually complete shooting within the schedule.

Now, let us explore the filming locations of this adventure film, and discuss where was Pearl in Paradise filmed in detail.

Viti Levu | Fiji

Where Was Pearl In Paradise Filmed? Jaw-Dropping Filming Locations Ahead!!

The exotic Oceania country of Fiji is located in the South Pacific. Having more than 300 beautiful islands, this country is famous for its palm-lined beaches, coral reefs, and hilly terrains. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these iconic islands to spend quality time with their family and friends.

Thus filming around these popular tourist destinations was quite a challenge for the production members at first. However, Gary later spoke to the authorities and cleared most of the shooting spots before capturing any sequences.

The opening sequences of the movie where we see the characters of Colin and Alex meet for the first time were actually filmed on Viti Levu island. Which by the way, is the largest island of Fiji.

So the sequences depicting the arrival of the lead actors were filmed outside of Fiji’s airport, located on the western part of the island near Nadi. The production members also arranged a luxurious resort, to capture the sequences of Alex and Coln’s stay.

Additional outdoor sequences of the movie were filmed near Mt Tomanivi as well. The production members also traveled to the interior parts of the island and filmed some amazing outdoor shots.

Then finally, the shooting process ended and the crew returned to America. The interior sequences were then shot inside a studio.

Now, let’s quickly go ahead and take a closer look at the plot of Pearl in Paradise. Meanwhile, you can also read The Swarm, The Truman Show, and 1922 too.

Plot Of Pearl In Paradise | What’s It About

The basic premise of Pearl in Paradise revolves around the characters of Alex and Colin Page, who meet in Fiji while looking for a mysterious pearl. At the very beginning of the movie, Alex arranges the camera equipment and travels to Fiji for a freelancing photography project.

As the story progresses further, the female lead meets a young author, who was also exploring the same island, all by himself. The duo soon build up a rapport and later discover that they both were searching for the same pearl.

Watch Pearl in Paradise to find out how Colin and Alex solve the mystery behind the precious pearl of Fiji.

Final Words

Ok, guys, I hope now you finally know where was Pearl in Paradise filmed. I’ve discussed all the filming locations of this adventure drama film in detail. If you’d like us to add anything else, then let us know in the comments, below.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Pearl In Paradise?

The cast of the film Pearl In Paradise includes Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha, and Rob Kipa-Williams along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Pearl In Paradise?

Tyler Walzak is the cinematographer of the film Pearl In Paradise.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Pearl In Paradise?

The film Pearl In Paradise has a TV-G rating.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Pearl In Paradise?

1h 24m is the runtime of the film Pearl In Paradise

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