Where Was Autumn Stables Filmed? A Romantic Tv Movie From 2018!!


If you like watching heart-warming romantic films with your loved ones, then follow this article till the very end. As, today I will introduce you to an uplifting movie, Autumn Stables, starring Cindy Busby, and also let you in on where was Autumn Stables filmed.

The American romantic-drama film, Autumn Stables was released on the Hallmark channel back in the summer of 2018. This Hallmark original film was inspired by a fictional story by Daisygreen Stenhouse. Andrew Cymek decided to adapt the original story initially but later made changes to the script. The basic premise of Autumn Stables revolves around the character of Autumn Carlisle and her family farm.

Autumn Stables didn’t win any major awards, however, it was thoroughly enjoyed by romantic movie fans. The critics too positively reviewed the overall story of this intense drama film and applauded the notable on-screen performance of the actors.

Now, before I acquaint you with the plot of this film, let’s check out where was Autumn Stables filmed. So that you can take a closer look at the filming locations of this intriguing film.

Where Was Autumn Stables Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Drama Film Closely!

The makers of Autumn Stables primarily wanted to shoot the entire film in America, specifically in and around the state of Pennsylvania. However, after a major production company backed out from the project, director Cymek had to reevaluate the production budget and the potential filming locations.

So, after conferring with other heads of the unit, the director arrived at the final conclusion to shoot the film entirely in Canada. The production members scouted a number of potential shooting locations around the province of Ontario. The principal photography commenced in the summer of 2017 and was completed by the end of November, of the same year.

Now, without waiting any longer, let’s discuss in-depth autumn stables filming location and find out more about the specific areas.

Ontario | Canada

Where Was Autumn Stables Filmed? A Romantic Tv Movie From 2018!!

The opening scene of the movie, where we see the previous family home of the female lead, was captured in the city of Ottawa. A medium-sized apartment, located on the outskirts of this beautiful city was used to shoot the former home of Autumn in the film. The production members turned around the vacant apartment and changed the overall decor of the place. The filming crew then extensively captured the interior sequences of Autumn’s apartment and then moved to the next filming location in Ottawa.

The majority of the shooting took place in the south-central part of Ontario, in and around Scugog. Specifically, the town of Port Perry was used to depict the hometown of the female lead in the film.

A beautiful farm located in the northern part of this town named Meadow brook was used to capture the outdoor shots of the family farm of Autumn’s husband. Interestingly, in order to depict the scenes of the stable, the production members had to arrange special stunt horses and other farm animals.

All the animals were safely transported by the owner of the farm to the shooting location. The filming crew then took several weeks to capture the horse-riding sequences of the movie and then moved to the bustling city of Toronto.

The interior sequences of the movie were all filmed inside a renowned studio in Toronto. The production members constructed a make-believe set of the barn and Autumn’s present home on one of the well-equipped sound stages. As mentioned, filming continued till the end of November 2017, after which the crew wrapped up the entire shooting process and began working on post-production.

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Now, allow me to guide you through the plot of Autumn Stables so that you can get an idea about the basic premise of this film. In the meantime, you can check out Kung Fu Panda 2, Shrek, and My Best Friend’s Wedding as well.

Plot Of Autumn Stables | What’s It About

Where Was Autumn Stables Filmed? A Romantic Tv Movie From 2018!!

The story of Autumn Stables revolves around the character of Autumn Carlisle, a young and independent American woman who manages her family farm. At the very beginning of the movie, the demise of Autumn’s husband leaves her devastated. 

But, as the story progresses further, the female lead slowly gains confidence and comes out of the state of shock and grief. Autumn later accepts the fact that she has to take care of the farm all by herself, and eventually starts to grow an affinity towards the farm animals. However, the plot thickens, when the character of Jake Stevens emerges and declares to acquire the entire farm. Watch Autumn Stables to witness how a strong independent lady stands up to protect her late husband’s legacy.

Final Words

Ok friends, so I hope now you finally know where was Autumn Stables filmed. Do let us know if you enjoyed the read or if you’d like us to add/change anything, in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Autumn Stables?

The cast of the film Autumn Stables includes Cindy Busby, Kevin McGarry, Alys Crocker, Dan Karpenchuk, Penny Eizenga and Kiran Friesen along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Autumn Stables?

Joshua Fraiman is the cinematographer of the film Autumn Stables

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Autumn Stables?

Claude Foisy is the music director of the film Autumn Stables.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Autumn Stables?

Andrew Cymek and Jimmy Martins were the producers of the film Autumn Stables amongst a few others.

Is The Film Autumn Stables Based On A True Story?

No, the story of Autumn Stables is based on a fictional story by Daisygreen Stenhouse.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Autumn Stables?

1h 30m is the runtime of the film Autumn Stables.

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