Where Was Real Steel Filmed? Hugh Jackman’s Iconic Sci-Fi Flick From 2011!!


Do you prefer watching iconic Hollywood films, starring some of the best actors? If so, then you can read this article to know more about a rousing action drama film, Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Real Steel filmed.

The American action drama film, Real Steel became a block-buster hit upon its release in 2011. Apart from directing this exciting movie, Shawn Levy also came in as a co-producer and shelled out big bucks for this project. Whereas John Gatins, the main screenwriter of this movie, further worked on the original story, which was written by Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven.

The basic premise of Real Steel follows the character of Charlie Kenton, an ex-American boxer and a single father, who trains robots. The plot thickens when Charlie and his son partake in a competition, where they pit themselves against other highly-advanced fighting machines.

Real Steel grossed over $299 million at the box office, against the shooting budget of $110 million. Fans, especially high-flying action movie lovers, enjoyed the overall storyline of this film and appreciated the stunning performance of Hugh in the lead role. Real Steel collected numerous nominations, including 1 at the Oscars, and won 2 major awards in total.

So, if you can’t wait to find out where was Real Steel filmed, then continue to read this article.

Where Was Real Steel Filmed? Let’s Know This Sci-fi Action Flick Closely! 

The story of Real Steel is set in a futuristic world, specifically around the state of California. However, the makers of this film finished working on other areas of filmmaking before choosing the filming location for this movie.

So, after the script was adjusted by the screenwriters, the director asked the production members to scout for ideal shooting locations in and around America. As the production budget was quite higher than most other action films made during the same timeline, the director didn’t hesitate much in choosing some of the best filming locations for this project.

The filming crew took several weeks, then finally submitted the list of potential shooting locations to the director. Subsequently, Shawn arranged a special meeting with other creative heads of the unit and eventually decided to shoot the majority of the sequences around Michigan.

Important to mention that, all sequences of the movie were captured around different locations in Michigan. The principal photography began in the second week of June 2010 and continued till the third week of September of the same year.

The shooting schedule initially set by the production members remained unchanged for the most part. As the filming crew faced minor predicaments during the course of shooting from time to time. But, nothing major took place on set, which majorly disrupted the shooting process.

Now, if you’re all set to know where was Real Steel filmed, then without stalling any longer, let’s get started.

Michigan | USA

Where Was Real Steel Filmed? Hugh Jackman’s Iconic Sci-Fi Flick From 2011!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Charlie Kent, inside a robot-fighting arena, was actually filmed in Michigan. The production members arranged a vacant warehouse, to capture the sequences depicting the robot-fighting competition. Of course, the outdoor sequences captured around this location were later morphed with the help of CGI.

Other important scenes of the film were captured around the city of Mason. The sequences showcasing Max’s family home were filmed around a medium-sized home located on the outskirts of Mason. The production members weren’t required to make major changes to the property, as the director was satisfied with the overall look. 

So, the interior sequences where we see the character of Max spending some time with his aunt, after the sudden demise of his mother, were captured inside the same property. Additional scenes of the movie depicting the Ingham County Courthouse scene were also filmed in Mason.

The production members then traveled around various different places of Michigan and filmed a number of outdoor scenes, depicting the life of Max and his father on the road. A special RV was brought in by the production members, which featured as the mobile home of Charlie and his son in the movie.

The filming crew eventually moved to the city of Detroit, to capture the final fighting sequence of the movie. A large underground warehouse, located in the heart of the city, was used to depict the final robot-fighting tournament in the movie. 

Shooting in Michigan continued till the third week of September 2010, after which the production crew began working on post-production.

Alright friends, now let’s quickly take a closer look at the plot of Real Steel. Meanwhile, you can check out Carnival Row,

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Plot Of Real Steel | What’s It About

Where Was Real Steel Filmed? Hugh Jackman’s Iconic Sci-Fi Flick From 2011!!

The basic premise of Real Steel follows the character of Charlie Kent, a former American boxer who later trained fighting robots, to make a living. At the very beginning of the film, Charlie loses a tough battle at the world tournament and then returns to his base.

However, the lead actor soon learns that his ex-girlfriend passed away in a tragic accident, while he was busy fighting bots in a tournament. Charlie quickly contacts the guardians of his son, to learn more about the current custody of Max. The father-son duo quickly reunite and then team up for the next robot fighting competition. Watch Real Steel to find out how Charlie and his son win the last fight with an amateur combat robot.

Final Words

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Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Real Steel?

The cast of the film Real Steel includes Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lilly and Kevin Durand along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Real Steel?

Maurio Fiore is the cinematographer of the film Real Steel.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Real Steel?

The film Real Steel has a PG-13 rating.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Real Steel?

2h 7m is the runtime of the film Real Steel.

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