Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Catch Up With Some Breathtaking Film Locations!


If you are up for watching a psychological thriller, you must watch Resurrection. But the fun of watching the movie is incomplete without finding where was Resurrection filmed. Here’s all about the filming locations of Resurrection!

Resurrection (2022) displays the life of a woman who is living happily in her present with her son. But her life gets changed upside down when she hears the steps of her traumatic past approaching her. As a result, she collects all of her courage to fight against her painful past. 

Resurrection was filmed entirely in Albany County, New York. And the locations covered in Albany County include various streets, parks, The Capital City, and many more. Interestingly, not any other state was considered to film the movie. 

I hope you are excited to know where was Resurrection filmed. So, let’s get started and unveil all the filming locations!

Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Here Are Some Of The Busiest Filming Locations!

Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Catch Up With Some Breathtaking Film Locations!
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Where Are Rolex Watches Made?

The makers of Resurrection tried filming at all the beautiful filming locations of Albany County. Let me take you to all those filming locations and check whether you have visited them or not. Keep noting where was Resurrection filmed!

Release Date: July 29, 2022

IMDb: 6.1 

Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

Genre: Psychological thriller

Cast: Tim Roth, Rebecca Hall, Angela Carbone, Grace Kaufman

Running Time: 1h 43m 

Albany County, New York | Spend Some Time With Nature!

Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Catch Up With Some Breathtaking Film Locations!

Albany County is one of the most famous counties in New York, with a natural border in the form of the Mohawk River. Besides this, Albany County also happens to be the state capital of New York, with a population of more than 3 million. Further, the state owns some of the natural preserves. Also, most of the parks are perfect for cycling and walking. 

Albany County is the epitome of architectural marvels as it features buildings with different types of architectural styles. Interestingly, Tulip Fest is one of the most celebrated festivals held every year at Washington Park. Yes, this location is as beautiful as the filming location of The Wretched!

Corning Preserve | It’s Time To Unveil The Beauty of Nature!

Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Catch Up With Some Breathtaking Film Locations!

Within Albany County, Corning Preserve is one of the filming locations of Resurrection, situated at 1 Quay Street.  Yes, it’s one of the most famous parks in Albany County, known for its natural beauty. Moreover, it’s a great place to run and walk for hours. And kids can also have a great time playing a lot of outdoor games here. 

The makers opted for Albany County because of its natural beauty and beautiful architecture. And you saw the same in many scenes of the movie. Interestingly, the makers were sure of this location because Albany County has also been a filming location for many other blockbuster films. 

You must have seen Margaret taking a lot of walks. Corning Preserve was the filming location for those walks. Thankfully, the makers were able to film all the relevant scenes here. That happened because people cooperated a lot and helped the production team in accomplishing the task. Also, the makers filmed many scenes during weekdays when a handful of people would visit the park. 

West Capitol Park | Note Down Some Historical Places!

Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Catch Up With Some Breathtaking Film Locations!

West Capitol Park is among some of the most famous areas in New York. To put it simply, your trip is incomplete without visiting West Capitol Park. And the reasons behind its popularity are famous landmarks like The New York State Museum, The New York State Library, and The New York State Archives. Yes, all these buildings are located at West Capitol Park. 

All these buildings are known for their historical significance. That’s why they serve as a perfect location for many movies and shows. The names of those movies are The Other Guys and The Greatest Showman. That’s not it, you can enjoy some mouth-watering dishes and an energetic ambiance to recharge yourself with positive energy. Visit this place with your family and friends!

Well, the makers were highly impressed by this location and were determined to complete the filming of the movie here. Luckily, they got the desired setup without much effort. And the location was also complimenting the scenes very well. Hope to see more producers filming at West Capitol Park so that we can have a sneak peek of its beauty!

Interesting Facts About Where Was Resurrection Filmed | How’s Filming In New York Done?

Where Was Resurrection Filmed? Catch Up With Some Breathtaking Film Locations!

You will be astonished to know that the filming of Resurrection started in the summer of 2021 and ended by September 2021. In addition, the makers wanted to adhere to their filming schedule so that the movie could be released on time.  

Many production members were spotted at various locations in Albany. So it was clear that the production team was having a great time in Albany. Also, the makers were fortunate enough to get a perfect filming location because they were not planning to spend much on traveling with a huge production team. Further, the principal photography of the movie also took place in Albany. 

Most importantly, you should know that filming in New York was easy for the producers as the film office would offer free assistance for filming the movie. Also, the makers received free parking privileges followed by access to most of the locations without any charge. So, yes, filming in New York was pocket-friendly for the makers. 

Further, the makers were not allowed to take any vehicle in the parks because it would compromise the privacy of park patrons. But this rule did not hinder the filming of the movie. 

Final Words 

I know most of you were not aware of where was Resurrection filmed. Now when you have learned about all the locations and their highlights, you should not delay visiting them. Pack your bags and uncover some unseen places with your family. To know about more places in New York, check out the filming locations of Uncoupled. These locations are highly mesmerizing!

Who Is The Director Of Resurrection?

Andrews Semans is the director of Resurrection.

Who Plays The Role Of Margaret In Resurrection?

Rebecca Hall plays the role of Margaret in Resurrection.

Resurrection Is Available In Which Language?

Resurrection is available in English.

Where Was Resurrection Premiered?

Resurrection premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

Is Resurrection Streaming Online?

No, the movie is not streaming online.

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