Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!


I know no one can control laughter while watching Uncoupled. But do you know why it is a perfect binge-watch? That’s because of the filming locations! Would you like to know where was Uncoupled filmed? Keep reading this insightful article to know more about all the locations!

Uncoupled (2022) is a romantic comedy television series capturing the comedy in the life of a man named Michael. Surprisingly, after 17 years of marriage, his partner decides to leave him alone in this selfish world. As a result, the young man is left single, looking for someone to get hooked onto once again!

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The filming of Uncoupled took place in the locations of New York, the U.S.A. Locations In New York used for filming the series are The High Line, Da Francesco, Rockefeller Center, Le Monde, etc.  

If you are set to come across some real-life locations, check out where was Uncoupled filmed! 

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Mark These Popular Locations!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

Uncoupled is a comedy movie based on the concept of LGBTQ, making it worth watching. That’s not all. The movie touches upon various aspects of life that most of us often overlook. But I guess you are not going to overlook where was Uncoupled filmed!

Release Date: July 29, 2022


Rotten Tomatoes: 75%

Genre: Romantic Comedy 

Cast: Tuc Watkins, Neil Pattrick Harris, Tisha Campbell 

Where To Watch: Netflix 

Running Time: 27-31 minutes 

The High Line | Here’s A Relaxing Location!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

The High Line is a public park perfect for enjoying a picturesque view. This park is built on a historic and elevated rail line. Like conventional parks, it features delicious food and lush greenery and hosts weekend programs. So, if you plan to connect with your friends this weekend, The High Line is the right place for you!

Because The High Line is ideal for sightseeing, the makers decided to film some of the outdoor scenes here. Although it was tough for the production team to film the series at such a busy location, they decided to bear the brunt. And it was very tough to convince people not to gaze at the production unit and give some space to film the scenes. 

Da Francesco | Enjoy Food That Is Finger-Licking Good!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

Da Francesco is an Italian restaurant with simple decor. But the dining area filled with light gives you a comfortable feeling of enjoying Italian food. Besides this, the restaurant offers the facility of dine-in and takeaway. Enjoy today’s meal here!

Yes, you saw Billy and Stanley having conversations here. The restaurant was closed for a day to film this scene, and no one was allowed to enter other than the production unit and cast members.

Rockefeller Center | Dwell In The Beauty Of This Location!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

Rockefeller Center is a large complex covering a huge piece of land. That’s not it, the premise of this complex consists of 19 commercial buildings. As of now, this complex is the center of attraction in New York, with an illuminated Christmas tree at the center. Don’t forget to explore dining and shopping options here!

The filming of the second episode of Uncoupled took place here. The makers were able to schedule the filming because this location was crowded most of the time. Let me tell you that the production unit was on its toes to wrap up shooting here. Yes, you guessed it right, this place is similar to the filming location of The Proposal!

Le Monde | Another Location For Savory Dishes!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

Le Monde is the perfect place to treat yourself to some delicious French Cuisine. Located in Morningside Heights, this restaurant lets you taste different soups and dishes. In addition, the bright interior is beautiful enough to grab all your attention. After visiting this place, you may think of changing the interior of your house!

This place was selected for filming a few scenes of the 4th episode. The scene where Lisa and Michael stepped out of a cafe was filmed here. You will be shocked to know that the makers had to wait for many days to get permission to film the series here. Interestingly, the production team was waiting in the wings. 

Manhattan Midtown East | A Perfect Location For Buying A Home!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

Manhattan Midtown East is the central area of New York, where you see many residential and commercial buildings. Also, this location has the highest concentration of business activities. There’s not much to explore here, but if you plan to relocate, this place is perfect!

The makers filmed Claire’s house in one of the apartments in Manhattan Midtown East. That apartment was a double-height apartment with lavish furniture. No, the makers did not buy the apartment, they paid the rent to film Uncoupled

Atto Prime | Taste Some Seafood Here!

Where Was Uncoupled Filmed? Finding A Perfect Match!

I know the name of this restaurant is difficult to remember, but the food is worth remembering. The restaurant offers brunch, lunch, dinner, and a la carte breakfast. And guess what! They offer a huge variety of dishes to choose from. For that, I suggest checking out the menu yourself!

The dating scenes of Michael and Luke were filmed here. Yes, this was their dating spot! The production unit was very careful while filming the scenes because they did not want to disrupt the normal functioning of the restaurant. 

Final Words 

I think most of you are surprised after knowing where was Uncoupled filmed. Most of you know these places, but they look different in the series. Well, those of you who still haven’t visited these places should definitely pay a visit. For an exotic location, you can check out the filming location of Floribama Shore!

1. How Many Episodes Are There In Uncoupled?

There are eight episodes in Uncoupled.

2. Is There A Second Season Of Uncoupled?

The second season of Uncouples has not been confirmed yet.

3. Who Is The Writer Of Uncoupled?

Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman are the writers of Uncoupled.

4. Is Uncoupled Streaming On OTT Platforms?

Yes, Uncoupled is streaming on Netflix.

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