Where Was Road House Filmed? An Exciting Action Thriller Flick From 1989!!


Do you consider yourself to be an ardent fan of Patrick Swayze? If you do, then follow this article to know all about the action thriller flick, Road House, starring Patrick. And also find out where was Road House filmed.

The American riveting action-drama flick, Road House, released in 1989 was inspired by a fictional story by David Lee Henry. Rowdy Herrington, after going through the original work, later decided to showcase the characters of the film in a slightly different way. The basic premise of Road House narrates the story of James Dalton, a tough and stern security guard of a local bar in Missouri. All seemed perfectly fine for James until he barked up the wrong tree and got involved in a fight against a notorious criminal gang.

The makers of Road House were more than satisfied with the commercial performance of the film. This exhilarating action film went on to gross over $65 million in worldwide collections against a production budget of just $15 million. Fans and critics across the globe appreciated the overall on-screen performance of the actors and the storyline too.

So, are you all set to get acquainted with the plot of Road House? Now, before I give you an overview, let’s explore where was Road House filmed, and find out more about the filming locations.

Where Was Road House Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Flick Closely!

The story of Road House was set in the mid-western town of Missouri, however, the makers of this action film decided not to shoot on location. The nominal production budget of this project didn’t allow the makers to experiment with the shooting sites. Thus after scouting several places, director Rowdy Herrington came up with idyllic filming locations within the state of California. The other creative heads of the film unit then reviewed the beautiful places in California and instructed the members to set up the production camps there. 

The principal photography began in April 1988 and took several months to complete. The filming schedule was delayed for 3 weeks, as one of the actors was badly injured while performing a stunt sequence and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. The actor later recovered but unfortunately couldn’t complete the other pivotal action sequences. Then at the last minute, a body double was brought in and the remaining scenes were filmed. So, without taking any longer, let’s discuss where was Road House filmed in-depth, and find out more about the specific shooting sites in California.

Reedley, Fresno County, California | USA

Where Was Road House Filmed? An Exciting Action Thriller Flick From 1989!!

In order to shoot the opening scene of the film, where the lead actor is shown driving a monster truck, was actually filmed in Reedley. This lively city is located in the central region of San Joaquin Valley in California. The adventure-sports enthusiastic culture of the city, lured the makers of Road House to shoot the sequences of destructive adventure sports in the film. The production members then moved 22 miles east of Reedley to the southeastern part of Fresno and captured several other outdoor shots.

Other establishing scenes were filmed in Fresno County. Sequences showcasing Dalton’s former house in California were captured here. The crew extensively filmed the exterior shots of a medium-sized home and then moved to the next shooting location.

Santa Clarita, Valencia, California | USA

After arriving in the city of Santa Clarita, the production members arranged special filming permissions from the owners of a local bar. The scenes showcasing the Double Deuce Bar in the movie were all filmed inside a pub in Santa Clarita, located at 24650 Arch Street. Other pivotal scenes such as the action sequence at Red’s Auto Parts and the scuffle scene featuring Brad Wesley, were also filmed here.

The final sequence of the movie, showcasing Ford’s dealership, was captured in the neighborhood of Valencia, in Santa Clarita. A vacant car shop was turned around by the crew and later used to capture the exterior shots of the ending scene. After the completion of the entire filming process, the members started working on other areas of post-production.

Alright guys, now allow me to discuss the plot of Road House in brief. So that you can get a clear idea about the basic premise of this exciting film. Meanwhile, you can check out The Quiet Girl, Broker and After We Fell as well.

Plot Of Road House | What’s It About

Where Was Road House Filmed? An Exciting Action Thriller Flick From 1989!!

The basic premise of Road House covers the breathtaking story of James Dalton, an undisputed martial artist, who gets summoned to safeguard a local bar in Missouri. At the very beginning of the movie, Dalton’s talent in combat sports is revealed when he is shown mentoring a group of young fighters.

Later in the movie, Dalton’s cousin presents him with an offer to safeguard a local bar in Missouri. The lead actor readily accepts the offer and then moves to the state of Missouri. However, as soon as Dalton arrives at Double Deuce Bar, he gets engaged in a bloody fistfight with one of the local gang leaders. Watch Road House to find out the complete story of Dalton’s bravado against the hooligans.

Final Words

Ok friends, so now that you know where was Road House filmed, I hope you liked the read and got all the necessary details pertaining to the filming locations of this action movie. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to check out other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Road House?

The cast of the film Road House includes Patrick Swayze, Ben Gazzara, Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliott along with some others

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Road House?

Dean Cudney is the cinematographer of the film Road House.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Road House?

The film Road House has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Road House?

Michael Kamen is the music director of the film Road House.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Road House?

Joel Silver the producer of the film Road House.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Road House?

1h 54m is the runtime of the film Road House.

Are There Any Sequels To The Film Road House?

The film Road House was followed by Road House2 released in 2006.

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