Where Was Road To Perdition Filmed? Best Crime Drama Film of 2002!!


Majority of the films, featuring Tom Hanks, turn out to be a treat for movie buffs! If you happen to agree with the above statement, then be sure to check this article. Where I discuss a crime drama flick featuring Tom Hanks, Road to Perdition, and also let you in on where was Road to Perdition filmed.

The American crime drama film released in 2002, was adapted from the novel of the same name by Max Allan Collins. Director Sam Mendes, casts Tom Hanks as the lead actor to play the character of Michael Sullivan Sr, a former mobster of Chicago. The film set during the Great Depression in America, sharply portrays the violence and notoriety of the time through Michael’s character.

The film was a commercial success, as it received high praises from critics and audiences worldwide. Conrad L Hall, significantly contributed through his masterful cinematography in Road to Perdition. Which rendered him to win the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, after his demise.

Now, let’s go ahead and find out more about the plot of this film in brief. So that you can get a clear understanding of the storyline. And, later in this article I will also share where was Road to Perdition filmed.

Plot Of Road To Perdition | What’s It About

Director Mendes was massively moved by the original novel that Road to Perdition is based on. So much so, that he decided, not to make any deviations from the primary storyline, in his rendition of the crime drama film. The film begins with the voiceover of Michael Sullivan’s son (played by Tyler Hoechlin), recounting the story of his father. He goes on to give a backstory, as how Michael ended up treading the dark alley of crime and malfeasance. 

Michael Sr. is shown to be an orphan in the streets of Chicago, Illinois, who was taken in and raised by an Irish mob boss, John Rooney. The loyalty and reverence of Michael Sr, enabled him to gain the trust and adoration of John. As shown in the film, this animosity brewing in Connor’s mind grew bitter and darker, until he finally reached the age to handle the mob business by himself. Ultimately Connor succeeds in killing his father to seize control, which Michael soon swears to avenge.

Later, Michael is shown to take his son to a beach house in Perdition, where he ends up dying after killing Connor and his henchmen. To sum it up, this crime drama film will reel you in through its compelling story of revenge, symbolism and outstanding cinematography. Now, let’s discuss in depth, Road to Perdition filmed. For you to be able to enjoy the lovely locations that were used for filming.

Where Was Road To Perdition Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely

Where Was Road To Perdition Filmed? Best Crime Drama Film of 2002!!

Director Mendes along with cinematographer Conrad Hall, decided to shoot Road to Perdition, entirely in the USA. However, before the filming started, the production scouted for different locations to portray the look of 1930’s. And, finally shooting was done in and around the state of Illinois and Michigan. 

The principal photography began in March 2001 and was completed in about 3 months time. Majority of the filming took place in the windy city of Chicago and other surrounding areas. Some other scenes were also filmed in the popular filming destinations in Michigan. 

Now let us take a closer look at these locations that were used for filming.

Chicago, Illinois

Where Was Road To Perdition Filmed? Best Crime Drama Film of 2002!!

West Dundee, located in the west of Chicago, was chosen to portray the ‘Rock Island’ in the movie. The filming of Michael and Connor’s childhood home in this location had to be done in a week’s time. The local authorities and administration later extended the permission for filming and the process was completed seamlessly.

The opening scene where Michael Jr, enters a grocery shop and shoplifts, was filmed on Main street, which is a nearby location from West Dundee. The Bronzeville Armory located at 35th Street and Giles Avenue, which was used as a soundstage during the filming, was later redeveloped as a public school. During the filming of the interior scenes at this location special lighting had to be transported.

Other sequences were filmed in Barrington Hills, which featured in the film as Michael Sullivan’s home. When he finally moves out foster father’s house and goes on to establish his own family. The production completed the entire procedure of filing for permission and filming in a couple of days time. Other noteworthy TV shows such as Prison Break and The Vampire Diaries and films like Top Gun and The Dark Knight were filmed at this location too.

Grand Rapids, Port Sheldon | Michigan

The filming in the state of Michigan commenced, in the city of Grand Rapids. To shoot the outdoor scenes, the crew had to take necessary steps with regards to the lighting to recreate the same look of 1930’s. This city, on the banks of the Grand River, is located at the side of Lake Michigan. Also the scene where Michael escapes Maquire at the motel, was filmed in Blue Star Highway.

The ending sequence in the film, where Aunt Sarah’s house in Perdition is shown, was filmed at Port Sheldon Township, in Michigan. The make believe was a house constructed by the filming crew and was later taken down. Apart from Road to Perdition, famous and award winning movies and shows like Why Him, Touchback and The End of the Tour were also filmed in Michigan.

Final Words

So, now that you’ve gone through the brief plot of the film and know where was Road to Perdition filmed, I hope you’ll give this movie a shot. The brilliant on screen performance in the film by the likes of Tom Hanks and Daniel Craig is enough to mesmerize you. But if the filming locations intrigue you more, be sure to look them up and plan your next trip to Chicago. 

Until next time, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film, Road to Perdition?

The cast of the film, Road to Perdition. includes Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Stanley Tucci and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Who Produced The Film, Road to Perdition?

Richard D Zanuck and Dean Zanuck were the producers of the film, Road to Perdition..

Who Directed The Film, Road to Perdition?

Sam Mendes directed the film, Road to Perdition.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Road to Perdition?

David Self wrote the screenplay for the film, Road to Perdition.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film, Road to Perdition?

1h 57m is the runtime of the film, Road to Perdition.


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