Where Was Sandlot Filmed? Exciting Locations Of An Exciting Movie!


Watching comedy movies like Sandlot is ideal to fulfill your daily dose of entertainment. And finding the filming location of Sandlot is perfect to say goodbye to boredom. If you are ready to board a flight of exciting locations, join me to find out where was Sandlot filmed!

Sandlot (1993) talks about the life of a young boy named Scotty. Due to some reason, Scotty moves to a new place. There he decides to join a local baseball team to learn more about baseball. After becoming a part of the baseball team Scotty gets acquainted with a series of adventures he never imagined. 

Most of the filming of Sandlot took place in Utah and a few scenes were shot in California. Within Utah, the movie covered Cornell Street and 800 North, Midvale, Bryan Avenue and 2000 East, State Street, Riverside Park, Liberty Park, and many more. 

I know only the names of locations are not enough. That’s why we are going to talk in detail about where was Sandlot filmed!

Where Was Sandlot Filmed? Do These Locations Exist After So Many Years?

Sandlot is an unconventional movie with a moral lesson embedded at its core. When the movie is so amazing it becomes necessary to find out the filming locations as well. Here’s all about where was Sandlot filmed!

Cornell Street and 800 North | Field For Many Sports!

Where Was Sandlot Filmed? Exciting Locations Of An Exciting Movie!

Cornell Street and 800 North is not only a street but features many homes and playing fields. Near this street, you can locate Cornell University. Just plan a long drive to explore this popular street!

Cornell Street and 800 North were used to shoot the little league field. Because the playing area of this street was wide enough, the makers picked it to film the scenes of the little league field. The shooting in this field was wrapped up in a few days!

Midvale | Visit A Lively City!

Midvale is a small city situated in Utah. Besides this, Midvale is a part of Salt Lake City and home to a population less than 1 million. Other than this, the city is known for CHG healthcare services, restaurants, Veritas funding, LLC, and many more. 

One can just sit calmly and witness the beauty of sunset and moonrise. This city looks similar to the filming location of Prey!

A lot of outdoor days and night scenes were filmed at Midvale. The store from where the group bought new baseballs was situated in Midvale. And makers traveled almost the entire city to capture phenomenal scenes. 

Bryan Avenue and 2000 East | Get Your Dream Home Here!

Where Was Sandlot Filmed? Exciting Locations Of An Exciting Movie!

Bryan Avenue and 2000 East is another street where you see a lot of spacious and luxurious homes. Most of the homes in this area have more than 5 bedrooms accompanied by a garden and a swimming pool. Visit this street to know more about it!

The reason behind picking up this place was its beautiful homes. That’s why the makers decided to film Scotty and Benny’s house here. Although the makers did not reveal the exact locations of the houses, you can recognize them if you have watched the movie. 

State Street | A Fun Loving Street!

State Street is amongst some of the popular streets known for its lively ambiance. You can shop for your essential items from a shopping mall located on this street. Moreover, you can become a part of various programs organized by the management of the street. 

Besides a lot of outdoor scenes, the carnival scene was also filmed here. Although it’s tough to believe, but even the production unit enjoyed a lot while filming the carnival scene. All in all, shooting in State Street was no less than a mini vacation for the production team.  

Riverside Park | Get Ready For A Memorable Picnic!

Where Was Sandlot Filmed? Exciting Locations Of An Exciting Movie!

Riverside park is a lush green park with separate playgrounds for volleyball, baseball, and skating for kids. Besides this, the park offers a restroom and an emergency room. Moreover, the park is perfect to let your kid enjoy different outdoor games. 

If you have already watched the movie, you must have seen the face-off between Sandlot boys and rich kids. That face-off was shot at Riverside Park. Luckily, the makers got a park with perfect surroundings in the form of Riverside Park. And finally, the scenes were shot without any inconvenience. 

Liberty Park | Let’s Go For A Morning Walk Here!

Liberty Park is a city park known as the second-largest public park in Utah. The highlights of the park include running paths, a tennis court, boats, playgrounds, a pond, and many more. Well, it is right to say that the park has a lot of exciting activities to offer to kids and their parents. 

The makers filmed a few outdoor scenes such as the founder’s day picnic scene. You will be astonished to know that the production unit also played games like volleyball after wrapping up the filming. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Sandlot Filmed

Where Was Sandlot Filmed? Exciting Locations Of An Exciting Movie!

The writer of the movie shared how memorable it was for him to spend an entire summer with a group of kids (cast members). He continued that the whole production team was like a family to each other enjoying summers by playing different sports. 

Also, he mentioned that Utah was picked because this place was similar to the place he was imagining for the plot. Further, the makers found buildings that were suitable as per the timeline of the plot. Most importantly, the makers got financial benefits from Utah. 

Final Words 

All these locations are an answer to where was Sandlot filmed. If you are ready to relive the movie, plan a trip with your family as soon as possible. You kids are surely going to like these places. You may find these locations similar to the filming locations of Jersey Shore

1. Is Sandlot Inspired By A True Story?

The movie is based on the childhood experiences of David M. Evans.

2. Is Sandlot Suitable For Kids?

Yes, the movie can be watched by kids.

3. Where Is The Real Sandlot?

The real Sandlot can be located in Salt Lake City.

4. How Old Is Benny In Sandlot?

Benny is 14 years old in Sandlot.

5. Is Benny From Sandlot Dead?

Yes, Benny from Sandlot died in 2008 due to colon cancer. 

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