Where Was Secret Invasion Filmed? Samuel Jackson’s New Mini Series!!


Are you excited about Samuel L. Jackson’s upcoming series, Secret Invasion? Would you like to know where was Secret Invasion filmed? If yes, all you need to do is follow this article until the very end to get all the details.

The American action series, Secret Invasion, will premiere on Disney+ this June. Samuel L. Jackson will be seen playing the character of Nick Fury, alongside Emilia Clarke, in this upcoming series.

The basic premise of Secret Invasion revolves around the characters of Nick Fury and Talos. These two guardians of the Marvel Universe fight till their last breath to stop Skrulls from infiltrating and establishing dominance. The plot thickens when a popular Marvel hero intervenes and helps Nick.

The first season of Secret Invasion has a total of 6 episodes. As this is a mini-series, the story ends with the finale episode and possibly won’t continue in the next season. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe anticipate witnessing the famed actors’ stellar on-screen performances.

But, before I tell you more about this special show, let’s take a closer look at where was Secret Invasion filmed.

Where Was Secret Invasion Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Adventure Show Closely!

The story of the Secret Invasion is set in parts of England and America. Plus, as this project was backed by an established production company, the makers didn’t hesitate when choosing the best filming locations.

You’d be amazed to know that the shooting of Secret Invasion took place in and around the locations depicted in the series. Of course, apart from some sequences filmed inside the studios, most of the scenes were filmed in England and America.

However, the filming process of Secret Invasion wasn’t smooth sailing at all. The principal photography began last summer and continued for several months. However, as the shooting schedule was about to end and the majority of the shots were captured, the director wasn’t satisfied with the overall quality. Thus he asked the production members to re-capture the shots around the same locations. But this time around, a completely different set of filming techniques was used. 

The shooting schedule was delayed for almost 3 months from the original timeline. This resulted in the production budget getting exponentially increased. However, the makers didn’t want to compromise with quality. Thus they decided to re-shoot in spite of the extra cost.

The shooting of the first season of Secret Invasion was finally completed by the end of June last year. After that, the crew returned to America and began working on post-production.

So let’s analyze this show’s specific filming locations and discuss where Secret Invasion was filmed.


Where Was Secret Invasion Filmed? Samuel Jackson’s New Mini Series!!

The show’s opening sequence, where we see the character of Nick Fury inside the woods, was filmed in the town of Halifax. This market town is located in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale in West Yorkshire.

The production members selected a sparsely populated area near Manor Heath Park and captured the sequences of the pilot episode. The scene where the character of Nick comes in contact with Talos was also filmed around the same area. Other important outdoor sequences of the show were captured in certain Greater London and Huddersfield locations. These particular scenes were recaptured around the second phase of shooting, as the director wasn’t pleased with the quality of the former shots.

Finally, the production members used The Piece Hall in Blackledge, Halifax, to shoot the sequences of the show depicting the Russian Market Square. After that, the filming crew went to Longcross, Chertsey, and filmed some interior sequences inside Longcross Studios, located near Chobham Lane.


The remaining outdoor sequences of the show were captured in and around the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The sequence from the show’s finale episode was filmed in the city of Los Angeles, California, after which the production crew wrapped the entire shooting process.

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And now, let’s take a closer look at the plot of Secret Invasion. Meanwhile, you can also read Chicken Nugget, The King’s Affection, and Our Beloved Summer.

Plot Of Secret Invasion | What’s It About

Where Was Secret Invasion Filmed? Samuel Jackson’s New Mini Series!!

The basic premise of Secret Invasion is centered around the character of Nick Fury, who is a staunch member of the Avengers. At the show’s very beginning, the lead character appears to be strolling through the woods in England.

As the story progresses further, he comes into contact with Talos, a former member of the Avengers. Talos immediately informs Nick about the oncoming calamity and the chaos which Skrulls and his team have wreaked. What happens next completely surprises Talos. Watch Secret Invasion this June on Disney Plus.

Final Words

Ok, friends! I hope you were able to note all the filming locations of Secret Invasion, which I’ve mentioned above. But if you have any other queries regarding where Secret Invasion was filmed, drop a comment below.

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How Many Seasons Are Of Secret Invasion?

The show Secret Invasion is a miniseries and has a total of 6 episodes.

Who Are The Producers Of The Show Secret Invasion?

Victoria Alonso and Kyle Bradstreet were the producers of the show Secret Invasion.

What Is The Rating Of The Show Secret Invasion?

The show Secret Invasion has a TV-14 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Show Secret Invasion?

Pascal Garneau is the music director of the show Secret Invasion.

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