Where Was See How They Run Filmed? Explore Distinctive Locations In London!


Do you like watching crime mysteries? Is it a big yes? I know what’s the reason behind it! You are a fan of mystery stories coupled with many dark secrets and suspense. See How They Run is a perfect watch for you, then. Also you may find interest in its locations as well. After all, locations are the soul of such movies. So, don’t delay anymore to find out where was See How They Run filmed!

See How They Run (2022) is set in the 1950s when a few producers decide to shoot a movie on a famous play by Agatha Christie. But before the shooting commences, a few cast and crew members go missing. After investigation, it is revealed that all of them are no more and have committed homicide. Who’s responsible for taking so many lives? Why did they plan for a massive homicide? 

The entire shooting of See How They Run took place in West End, London. Within the West End, the crucial filming locations were the Savoy Hotel, The Old Vic, Hoxton Hall, The Dominion Theater, St Martin’s Theater, and many more. 

If you are finding it difficult to locate the locations of the movie, I am here to help you out. Keep scrolling to learn where was See How They Run filmed!

Where Was See How They Run Filmed? Getting The Culprit Is Not Easy!

Up until now, the movie has made a box office collection of more than $7.8 million. On the first day of its release, the movie collected $1 million. Through the lens of critics, See How they Run is a perfect example of a whodunit movie. Make sure you don’t miss watching it!

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If you are ready to explore some breathtaking filming locations, you have landed on the right article. There’s plenty of information on where was See How They Run filmed!

Savoy Hotel, London 

Where Was See How They Run Filmed? Explore Distinctive Locations In London!

A few beginning sequences were shot on the premises of the Savoy Hotel. Because there were no guests during the shooting, it was easy for the makers to pick any room in the hotel. And they wrapped up filming here in a short span of time. 

If you happen to be in London, mark Savoy Hotel because it’s an amazing accommodation for your memorable trip. This five-star hotel is known as the first luxury hotel in Britain that offers sublime services with stunning views from its rooms. So, check the availability of rooms soon!

The Old Vic, London 

The former theater scenes were shot inside The Old Vic. In order to add authenticity to the plot, the makers opted to shoot in a classic theater. And the beauty of this theater is quite visible in the movie. 

The Old Vic is one of the oldest non-profit theaters in London, with around 1000 seats for viewers. After redesigning in 1818, the theater was named the Royal Victoria Palace. Guess what! This is the theater where plays like Hamlet and Macbeth were performed!

Hoxton Hall, London 

Where Was See How They Run Filmed? Explore Distinctive Locations In London!

This is another location where a few theater sequences were shot. When the filming of See How They Run was wrapped up, the producers gave a token of thanks to the managing authorities of Hoxton Hall. 

Hoxton Hall is a performance art theater and is one of those rare buildings that showcase saloon-style architecture. Today, this hall is open for performances, weddings, and photo shoots. So, get yourself clicked here!

The Dominion Theater, London 

The latter sequences of See How They Run were shot at The Dominion Theater. The gates of this renowned theater were open for the makers due to the lockdown. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to shoot at such an incredible location. 

It’s a Grade II art deco theater nestled in the heart of London. To the present date, many plays are performed here in front of thousands of audiences. What else could you expect from a state with a history of theaters and plays? People love watching plays here till today!

St Martin’s Theater, London 

Where Was See How They Run Filmed? Explore Distinctive Locations In London!

This was the last location where theater sequences were shot. After wrapping up the shooting at St Martin’s Theater, the makers took a sigh of relief and started working on the editing part of the movie. 

Here comes a famous theater that has been staging ‘The Mousetrap’ since 1974. This is something highly commendable! As a result, the play is perceived as the longest-running play in the world. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was See How They Run Filmed

You’ll be taken aback after reading that the movie was entirely shot during the second lockdown in the United Kingdom after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, there were not many restrictions were imposed on the entertainment industry. So, the makers commenced shooting. 

After a significant rise in the cases of the pandemic, the makers called for a halt and resumed shooting in the third lockdown. Due to this, it was easy for the makers to locate ideal backdrops without any issues. That’s because no one was roaming outside, and it was peaceful everywhere!

It was shared by the executive producer that incredible locations in the movie were not possible if the conditions were normal. Also, they accomplished the shooting on time without bothering about the locations. 

Final Words 

You must be feeling excited after discovering where was See How They Run filmed. You know what! You can visit these locations and relive those mysterious sequences you enjoyed watching. So, book your tickets as soon as possible!

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Where Can I Watch See How They Run?

You can watch See How They Run on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu with a paid subscription.

How Long Is See How They Run?

See How They Run is one hour and thirty-eight minutes long.

Who Is The Producer Of See How They Run?

Damian Jones and Gina Carter are the producers of See How They Run.

When Was See How They Run Released?

See How They Run was released on September 9, 2022, in the United Kingdom.

Who Are The Cast Members Of See How They Run?

The cast members of See How They Run are Adrien Brody, Saoirse Ronan, Charlie Cooper, Sam Rockwell, Ruth Wilson, Harris Dickinson, and many more.

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