Where Was Sick Filmed? Locate Some Spooky Locations!


If you are searching for a horror-thriller, Sick is the latest release of the genre. Not only its plot but even the filming locations will keep you sitting on the edge of your couch. So, if you are excited to know about them, read where was Sick filmed till the end!

Sick premiered on September 11, 2022, at the Toronto International Film Festival. There it was well-praised by audiences. The movie got favorable reviews from critics and appreciation for its direction. Due to some reason, the online debut of the movie was delayed. But finally, it was released on Peacock on January 13, 2023. The makers were overwhelmed by the positive reviews of the viewers after its release. 

Now that you know some facts related to the release of the movie, let me acquaint you with where was Sick filmed! 

Where Was Sick Filmed? Check All The Locations Closely!

It was announced in May  2021 by Miramax, that the production company was collaborating with Kevin Willaimson for an upcoming project. After finalizing the title and cast members, the filming commenced in Utah. The makers were certain to pick locations that could add an authentic touch to the plot. So, they picked locations accordingly and the shooting lasted for weeks. Reportedly, it was a bump-free ride for the team members and everyone had a great time in Utah. 

Now, without letting you wait any more, let’s discuss where was Sick filmed!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Where Was Sick Filmed? Locate Some Spooky Locations!

According to sources, all the major scenes were shot at the ideal backdrops in Salt Lake City. Within this city, an attractive lake house was used to film some indoor sequences. To make the house look a bit spooky, the team redesigned the house. Even though the house was small, the cinematographers made it look big. It took a considerable amount of time to get the desired look of the house. But still, the team managed to wrap up shooting on time.

Filming in Salt Lake City was a new experience for the team because they did not shoot any project there. The peaceful ambiance and favorable weather conditions made it easy for the team to wrap up shooting on time. That’s why many movies have been here up until now. You’ll be glad to know that Fletch was also filmed here.

Known as the capital city of Utah, Salt Lake City is a perfect destination for filming and spending quality time with family. There are multiple tourist attractions that you can explore with your loved ones. Also, you can visit some neighboring towns like Nevada and Wyoming. 

Odgen, Utah

Where Was Sick Filmed? Locate Some Spooky Locations!

All the outdoor scenes were reportedly shot in Odgen. The makers were certain to select a unique location that’s why they selected this city. Most of the shooting took place at night like in other horror movies. During the daytime, the cast members would rehearse their dialogues. Sometimes, they would explore the local spots and tourist attractions in Odgen.

The makers first explored Odgen and then finalized some appealing backdrops. They were assisted by creative heads and other crew members for this. Initially, it was tough to choose locations because every spot was stunning. After long discussions, the team leapt to the conclusion and selected some impressive locations.

The most interesting sequence of the movie was shot at Pineview Reservoir. The entire team was in love with this place. Some team members would do fishing and enjoy water sports during non-working hours. 

You’ll be stunned to know that the shooting took place in a way so that none of the locals were disturbed. The team was assisted by the police so that everything could be managed easily. Filming in Odegn turned out to be the right choice for makers because they got tax rebates.

Some opening sequences were also shot here in public places. Luckily, the locals were very considerate and the team did not face any issues. It took less than a week to conclude shooting in Odgen. 

If you happen to be in Odgen someday, you can explore Snowbasin, Nordic Valley, and Powder Mountain. Apart from this, don’t miss out on visiting George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park where you get to see dinosaur models of different species. For history lovers, Ogden Union Station Houses Museum is the best spot.

Plot Of Sick | What’s It About? 

Where Was Sick Filmed? Locate Some Spooky Locations!

Now that you know all about the locations, it’s time to understand the plot. The movie is set in April 2020 when people are dying because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Directed by John Hyams, the plot of Sick narrates the horrifying experience of Parker and her best friend. After analyzing the present situation, Parker decides to go to her family’s lake house with her best friend Miri. The plot gets interesting when Parker receives a cryptic message after reaching the lake house. 

Parker decides to go to a small dock to check if everything is fine around her and receives another message which unnerves her. From that moment, their stay in the lake house turns into a fight for survival. Will they be able to fight for their life? Stream the movie today to know the rest!

Final Words 

I know most of you are having goosebumps after reading where was Sick filmed. You can have a real-life experience at these locations to know them better. So, plan your trip soon. Until you visit these places, you can read some of our interesting articles like where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed and where was ET filmed

Who Are The Writers Of Sick?

Sick is written by John Hyams and Kevin Williamson.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Sick?

The cast members of Sick are Bethlehem Million, Gideon Adlon, Joel Courtney, Jane Adams, Dylan Sprayberry, and many more.

Which Production Companies Produced Sick?

Sick was produced by Miramax, Outerbanks Entertainment, and Blumhouse Productions.

Sick Is Available In How Many Languages?

Sick is available only in English.

What Is The Running Time Of Sick?

Sick is 83 minutes long.

Where Can I Watch Sick?

You can watch Sick only on Peacock with a paid subscription.

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