Where Was Single Black Female Filmed? A Thriller That Will Leave You Stunned!


One of the most special elements of thriller movies is their unique filming locations. I make sure to note them after the release of every new thriller. Surprisingly, every time I get acquainted with a new place! This time, I am going to pen down where was Single Black Female filmed. I know you can’t wait anymore for me to share all the amazing facts. So, let’s start our search and help you learn some mesmerizing spots!

Single Black Female (2022) looks at the life of Monica. After being in turmoil for a long time, she decides to start her life fresh. Considering the same, Monica decides to attend a talk show as a host. There, she gets to meet Simone, her new assistant. With the passage of time, Monica develops a special bond with Simone, and they become close friends. Soon Simone realizes that she needs to take charge of Monica’s life for good. What’s the reason behind such a strange decision?

The entire shooting of Single Black Female took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Within Atlanta, the makers shot several crucial sequences in several backdrops like Buckhead. And many famous spots in Atlanta were brought into the role. 

I have a lot to share about where was Single Black Female filmed. Before moving ahead, make sure you are done with all your household chores!

Where Was Single Black Female Filmed? Check Out The List Of Locations Today!

You’ll be amazed to learn that Single Black Female had 1.5 million viewers within a few days after its release. And soon, it came up as the most-watched Lifetime movie of the year. Well, I guess big-scale movies have a competitor here!

Now, it’s time to collect the names of all the filming locations opted by the movie. Here’s all that you need to know about where was Single Black Female filmed!


Where Was Single Black Female Filmed? A Thriller That Will Leave You Stunned!

After hours of discussions, the makers finalized Georgia as the primary filming location. They found the landscaped views highly enchanting. In other words, they fell in love with Georgia and finalized it as the filming location of Single Black Female.  

Interestingly, many spots in Georgia are dedicated to the life of African American Leaders. So, I guess it’s very much clear to see why the makers were in favor of Georgia. Of course, the struggles of those leaders and Monica can be co-related to each other. No place other than Georgia could have added a high level of authenticity to the movie. 

Situated in the Southern East region of the United States Of America, Georgia spans coastal beaches, farmland, and mountains. Furthermore, the highlights of this fantastic place are its agricultural-based economy, subtropical climate, and numerous historical sites. 

And in case you are considering Georgia to relocate, let me tell you that it’s a very nice place to live. You are going to love the diverse culture, clean air, and cuisine. On top of this, you get lush green parks and grounds to let your kids enjoy outdoor activities. 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Where Was Single Black Female Filmed? A Thriller That Will Leave You Stunned!

All the action and thrilling sequences were shot in Atlanta. Within Atlanta, the specific location was Buckhead. Many natives spotted the cast and crew members. But they were not aware which movie was being filmed. After the shooting concluded, people learned that Single Black Female was shot. 

When it came to deciding on an ideal filming location in Georgia, the makers opted for Atlanta. This happened because they found diverse and scenic terrain very charming. Furthermore, the producers found favorable climatic conditions, well-connected transportation routes, and a huge network of talented production crew. Well, it’s not only Single Black Female, Senior Year was also filmed in Atlanta. 

Here comes a city with historical significance. Yes, Atlanta was the city where the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement took place. And if you are planning to explore Atlanta, you should add Millennium Gate Museum and College Football Hall Of Fame to your list. 

Besides this, it’s quite convenient to travel to Atlanta because it is connected to many metropolitan cities through railroads. And highways are under construction. Thankfully, you get everything at an affordable price here!

Interesting Facts About Where Was Single Black Female Filmed 

Where Was Single Black Female Filmed? A Thriller That Will Leave You Stunned!

One of the biggest challenges for the makers was to look for an ideal filming location. Because the plot was a pure thriller, it was significant to pair it with a location of similar nature. Also, they had to adhere to their budget, so it was not possible to travel a long way with the entire production team. 

The principal photography of Single Black Female commenced in the middle of September 2021. And it got wrapped up in early October 2021. I think the makers had other projects lined up. That’s why they wrapped up the movie so soon. All in all, the production team tried to give its best in such a short span of shooting, and their efforts paid them finally!

So, watch this movie today and discuss the filming locations over a cup of coffee with your family!

Final Words 

Noting down where was Single Black Female filmed is worth it. Just like the plot, the locations are also highly enthralling. Well, it’s right to say that the makers paid a lot of attention to making the movie a super hit. And the locations added more to the thrilling effect of the movie. 

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When Was Single Black Female Premiered?

Single Black Female premiered on February 5, 2022, on Lifetime.

Is Single Black Female Based On A Movie?

Yes, Single Black Female is based on a movie named Single White Female that appeared in 1991.

Why Does Simone Decide To Take Charge Of Monica’s Life In Single Black Female?

Simone decides to take charge of Monica’s life because both of them look a bit similar.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Single Black Female?

The cast members of Single Black Female are Raven Goodwin, Amber Riley, Krone Moore, K. Michelle, Janet Hubert, Devale Ellis, and many more.

Who Is The Director Of Single Black Female?

Shari L. Carpenter is the director of Single Black Female.

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