Where Was Sister Of The Bride Filmed? Heart Touching Romance!


Weddings are complicated. Not only do you have a thousand things to plan but everyone involved needs to be on the same page as you. Now, if that’s not complicated, we don’t know what is. A good example of wedding mayhem is the movie Sister Of The Bride. And today we will tell you all about where was Sister Of The Bride filmed!

Directed by Sam Irvin, Sister Of The Bride stars Becca Tobin, Ryan Rottman, Michael Gross, and Chelsea Gibson in the lead roles. Released in the summer of 2019, the movie has received quite a positive reception thus far. While Sister Of The Bride is really entertaining, you can’t help but keep your eyes off the beautiful backdrops in the movie.

Which begs the question, where was Sister Of The Bride filmed? The movie takes place in Palm Springs California and that is where the complete shooting of the movie has taken place. There was also a brief filming period that took place in Los Angeles and in Catherdral City California too.

It’s nice to know all the filming locations of the movie are actually real and not done in a studio. This means that a movie fan can visit the same streets where their favorite movie has been shot! Some of the most interesting places we have found thus far are filming locations for Line of Duty and Parenthood!

The Plot Of Sister Of The Bride | What Is The Movie About?

Before we move on the finding out where was Sister Of The Bride filmed, we need to know what the movie is about. As the name of the movie goes, it happens to be a dead giveaway. The movie follows the lives of Stephanie and Ben. Two people that are very much in love.

Although the duo has only been dating for 6 months, they decide on a whim that they should get married. The couple goes to visit Stephanie’s parents over the summer and tells them the good news. Unfortunately for them, her parents don’t respond in a positive way. 

You see Stephanie’s sister Tracy has been engaged for a while. She is to get married this summer and Stephanie getting married will steal her thunder. Stephanie decides to put her marriage plans on hold as she deals with her duties of being the sister of the bride. I told you the name is a dead giveaway.

Ben initially struggles to come to terms with this situation but eventually figures out this is for the best. Though the movie is a romantic comedy, we get to see relationship issues being dealt with in a mature and responsible way. Thus you definitely should watch the movie!

Where Was Sister Of The Bride Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

As one of Hallmark’s efforts in the rom-com genre, Sister Of The Bride is a feel-good movie to watch. The actors are great to watch and unlike other Hallmark movies, Sister Of The Bride has been completely filmed in California. This means the sunny beaches that you get to see on your screens are actually the real ones. So let’s see where was Sister Of The Bride filmed!

Palm Springs, California

Where Was Sister Of The Bride Filmed? Feel Good Romance!

The premise of the movie revolves around Palm Springs. The couple plans to spend their summer there and that’s where Steph’s parents live too. It’s also the place where Tracy is going to get married! With a lush green gold course, picture-perfect beaches, and awesome buildings, Palm Springs is the place to be.

As we see the ladies go out on shopping sprees or the guys hang out with each other, the location seems to build up its charm. This happens more so because of the wedding as well. The house that Steph’s parents own has a distinct architecture that is unique to Palm Springs.

The airy, cool and breezy feeling that being in a house like that might be, rubs off even through our TV screens. It’s one of the reasons why one might think to relocate to Palm Springs. We know we would definitely do that given the opportunity.

So the next time you plan your trip to California and want to visit the wedding home of Steph and Tracy, you know it’s going to be there!

Los Angeles, California

Where Was Sister Of The Bride Filmed? Feel Good Romance!

Los Angeles is where Hollywood lives and thrives. So it’s natural some shooting has to be done in and around the area itself. Whether we are talking about movie studios or general streets, LA finds its way into movies.

In Sister Of The Bride, a few outdoor shots have been shot in LA. mostly the start of the movie where Steph and Ben meet for the first time. As we see their romance bloom and get into a relationship, everything around that time is based in LA. The streets, and especially the cafes from the movie are mostly shot there.

Cathedral City, California

Where Was Sister Of The Bride Filmed? Feel Good Romance!

Don’t be fooled by the name, just because it’s called Catherdral City, it’s not where Tracy’s wedding was shot in Sister Of The Bride. Cathedral City is actually a resort city just a few miles off Palm Springs. The city is beautiful and ideal for a vacation.

It also happens to be located in the Coachella Valley, so if you’re visiting California at the right time, you might be able to get to the Coachella music festival too! Sister Of The Bride did a bit of shooting of resorts and outdoor landscapes here which ended up being used for the movie too.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Sister Of The Bride filmed. The movie is going to tug on your heartstrings for sure, so keep a box of tissue handy. Meanwhile, if you’re intrigued by filming locations, don’t forget to check out where Fifty Shades Freed and Pretty Little Liars were filmed!

Where to watch Sister Of The Bride in 2022?

You can catch Sister Of The Bride on the Hallmark Channel. To watch the movie for free, check out websites like divicast, theflixer, and 123movies.

Who plays Stephanie in Sister Of The Bride?

Becca Tobin plays Stephanie in Sister Of The Bride.

Is Michael Gross in Sister Of The Bride?

Yes, Michael Gross plays the role of the father of Stephanie and Tracy in Sister Of The Bride!

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