Where Was Stagecoach Filmed? Remake Of A Classic Western Film!!


Remakes of classic films are always fun to watch. Isn’t it? In this article, we will talk about a similar film, Stagecoach, which was released in 1986. Later, I’ll also share with you where was Stagecoach filmed.

The American Western drama film, Stagecoach premiered on the CBS network back in 1986. This Tv movie was actually inspired by Ernest Haycox’s fictional story, which was published almost 30 years prior to the movie.

The basic premise of Stagecoach revolves around the passengers of an express train, traveling from Arizona to the state border of New Mexico. The story gets interesting when the passengers come together and fight against their common enemy while journeying through the wild wild west.

The commercial performance of this Western film was pretty impressive. Audiences who watched the first rendition of the original movie which was released in the 1930s, also appreciated this film. Over the years, Stagecoach collected several nominations and won the Western Heritage Awards as well.

But, before I tell you more about this incredibly entertaining movie, let us first discuss where was Stagecoach filmed.

Where Was Stagecoach FIlmed? Let’s Know This Western Tv Movie Closely!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Stagecoach is a remake of a classic western film, which was released in the late 1930s. However, before the latest version of this classic  was made, a similar film with the same title, was released in the 1960s.

Even though Ted Post took inspiration from the previous versions before making this western film, he made sure to change certain elements of the premise. Lke, the story of this rendition of Stagecoach is set in and around the state of Arizona, instead of Texas.

The name of the characters were kept as it is, but their professions were changed according to the timeline this film was made. Ted and his team decided to choose these alternative ideas, mainly to make the overall story more intriguing from the audience, who’ve already watched the original version.

After the initial stage of pre-production was over, the director, along with a few other members of his team, visited the state of Arizona in person. Several filming locations were then scouted. 

Since the director was present at the potential filming sites, the decision was made on-spot.The production members were able to commence shooting much earlier than they anticipated.

The principal photography of Stagecoach began in the summer of 1985 and continued for several weeks. As the filming crew were shooting the outdoor sequences in Arizona during the summer, necessary precautions were taken to maintain the physical safety of the crew.

Let us now take a closer look at where was Stagecoach filmed.

Arizona | USA

The entire filming process of Stagecoach took place in and around the state of Arizona. The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the main characters boarding the train, was actually filmed in Tucson. 

The production members had to take special shooting permission from the authorities of the local railway station in Tucson. The sequences outside the station where the lead actor comes in contact with the female lead, were then captured.

Other important outdoor scenes were captured near the Tucson Mountains and Ironwood Forest National Monument. After these scenes were captured the camera crew moved to the Sonoran Desert to shoot the scenes of the train journey.

The outdoor scenes of the film depicting the hideout spot of the Apaches, were captured on the banks of San Pedro River. However, while filming these scenes the director asked the production members to use special lighting equipment.

Other than this occasion, all other outdoor scenes of Stagecoach were captured with the help of natural light.

Shooting continued for several weeks in different parts of Arizona. Then finally the ending sequence of the movie was shot near the Sierrita Mountains. After all outdoor shots were filmed, the production members returned to the city of Tucson.

The remaining interior scenes of Stagecoach were then filmed inside a well-equipped studio located at 201 South Kinney Road, Tucson. The entire shooting process of this wrapped by the final week of October 1985.

Alright, I hope now you finally know where was Stagecoach filmed. I’ve mentioned all the filming locations of this movie, you can definitely look them up and learn more about these places.

But, if you’re planning to visit Arizona later this year, I think you should also check out Grand Canyon National Park, Phoenix, Sedona, and Scottsdale. Other than the filming locations of Stagecoach, the above mentioned places are also quite popular in Arizona.

So, the next time you’re in this beautiful state, don’t forget to stop-by and have a good time! And now, let me give you an overview of Stagecoach. Meanwhile you can also read How To See Hidden Hashtags On Instagram, Fast X and White House Plumbers.

Plot Of Stagecoach | What’s It About

Where Was Stagecoach Filmed? Remake Of A Classic Western Film!!

The basic premise of Stagecoach is about a thrilling train journey from Arizona to New Mexico, where strangers come together and fight against armed criminals. At the very beginning of the movie, a couple of passengers from different walks of life board a passenger train.

As the story progresses further, some characters mingle with each other and share about their lives, while others choose to stay quiet. But, shortly after the train halts in the middle of nowhere, all passengers get alarmed. Soon, a group of criminals board the train and start to terrorize the travelers.

Watch Stagecoach and find out how a group of strangers, who were hardly acquainted with each other, come together and fend off a cruel gang of outlaws.

Final Words

Ok, friends! I hope you liked the read. Apart from telling where was Stagecoach filmed, I’ve also given you a brief overview of this western movie. So, if you haven’t watched this film yet, do consider watching it this weekend and tell us about your experience.
If you’d like us to cover other articles like where was Stagecoach filmed, then all you need to do is drop a comment below. We’d be happy to cover the filming locations of your favorite film or show.

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