Where Was The Bravados Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Western Film!


Have you watched The Bravados (1958) Western movie? If not, you have missed out on watching one of the best Western dramas. If you are interested to know more about this movie and where was The Bravados filmed, read the article till the end.

The American Western film The Bravados is based on the novel of the same name written by Frank O’Rourke. Philip Yordan wrote the screenplay, and Henry King directed the film. The film received a positive review from critics and has an IMDb rating of 7.0/10. Western drama movies have their unique charm because of the stunning filming locations.

So, continue reading the article where you’ll learn the details of where was The Bravados filmed.

Where Was The Bravados Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

Where Was The Bravados Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Western Film!

The story revolves around the rancher, Jim Douglass, who believes that four outlaws killed his wife. So, he seeks vengeance and turns into a ruthless avenger. This is a powerful revenge story and gives a special message to the audience at the end. It is a worthy film to watch for its twists and turns and the amazing performance of Gregory Peck.

No other genre movie can beat the uniqueness of Western genre films because the filmmakers follow the same pattern from dresses to locations. The audience also prefers to watch Western movies in the same tone to connect perfectly with the drama.

One of the most commonly used locations in Western genre movies in Mexico. So, the movie The Bravados was filmed in and around the Mexico region. The principal photography of the film began on February 3, 1958. The production team faced shooting issues due to the heavy rain and cold climate. So, they had to stop shooting many times.

Now, let me explain to you the location details of where was The Bravados filmed.

Michoacan, Mexico | USA

Where Was The Bravados Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Western Film!

Michoacan is the primary location that served as the backdrop for The Bravados movie. This state is famous for its colonial towns, and the movie’s filming took place in one of the popular towns, Morelia. This city is the capital of Michoacan which has attractive pink stone buildings. One such building that grabs the attention of tourists is Morelia Cathedral.

The structure and the pinkish-brown color stone make the building so elegant. So, it is one of the must-see locations if you visit Morelia. Next, Santuario de Guadalupe church has stunning interiors; fine works and bright colors make you mind-blowing. Apart from this, many unique attractions include Michoacan Regional Museum, Benito Juarez Zoo, and Patzcuaro.

Next, the team utilized Uruapan City to film a few movie sequences. It is the second largest city in Michoacan and is famous for its Spanish Colonial atmosphere. This region also served as a backdrop in other movies including Garden Of Evil, The One Who Came From Heaven, and Captain From Castile.

Another city of Michoacan that is featured in the movie is Patzcuaro. So, these are the different locations of Michoacan used for filming.

Jalisco, Mexico | USA

Where Was The Bravados Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Western Film!

Next, the team moved to Jalisco state to film the remaining sequences of the film. This state has many beautiful attractions, landscapes, and fun activities, making it one of the favorite tourist spots in Mexico. Here the production team utilized Guadalajara, the most beautiful city in Jalisco, for filming a few sequences.

If you plan a trip to Mexico, add Guadalajara City to your list of places. Some popular places you must visit in Guadalajara are Instituto Cultural de Cabanas, Expiatory Temple, The Government Palace, Teatro Degollado, and Guadalajara Zoo.

Apart from these regions, Yucatan and St Jose Purua Mountains in Mexico were also used for filming. Many other movies that filmed in and around Mexico, including Employee Of The Month, Conan The Destroyer, Triptych, and The Harder They Fall. Well, these are all the details about where was The Bravados filmed. Now, read below to learn the intriguing plot of The Bravados film.

Plot Of The Bravados | What Is The Story About?

Where Was The Bravados Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Western Film!

A rancher Jim Douglass has been searching for the outlaws who murdered his wife six months ago. He finds that the four men are in jail and visits the prison to meet them. However,  the four men escape from the jail before their execution. Douglass, with his skills, finds one of the outlaws, Parral.

Douglass shows his wife’s photo to him and asks whether you know her. Parral says no, but Douglass kills him. The same happens with the other two outlaws, Zachary and Taylor. When he reaches the fourth person in the group, Lujan, he says the same that he doesn’t know anything about his wife. So, who is the killer? Will Douglass realize his mistake? To find out answers to these questions, watch the movie today.

Final Words

I hope now you know where was The Bravados filmed. It is the most intriguing movie that keeps you thrilled throughout the film. If you haven’t watched it, watch it immediately. If you enjoyed this content, I hope you also like other interesting filming location articles on Viebly. So, check out some recently covered filming details, including Rabbit Hole, Goodfellas, and Breakheart Pass.

Is The Bravados film’s script is same as the original novel?

No, there are so many changes in the script. One of the major changes is that Douglass is not a married man in the novel, but in the movie, he becomes an avenger after his wife’s death.

Did the Bravados movie earn any awards?

Yes, the film earned two nominations and one award.

Who played the outlaws’ role in the film?

Stephen Boyd, Albert Salmi, Henry Silva, and Lee Van Cleef played the outlaw’s role in the movie.

In what other movies Guadalajara served as a backdrop?

Guadalajara City has been featured in other movies, including Beverly Hills Chihuahua, The Evil Of The Men Do, The Last Narc, and Lady Of Steel.

What is Morelia popularly known as?

Morelia is often referred to as The most Spanish City in Mexico.

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