Where Was Step Brothers Filmed? Wonderful Real-Life Locations!


Relationships are quite challenging to deal with. And when it comes to the relationship of stepbrothers, conflicts and issues are bound to happen. Step Brothers, a comedy movie, deals with the same challenge for two men. Fortunately, the makers managed to find some amazing real-life filming locations to visualize these conflicts very well. Here’s some interesting information for you about where was Step Brothers filmed!

Step Brothers (2008) narrates the life story of two middle-aged men, Brennan and Dale. Sadly, they are bound to share a house because their parents have decided to get married. Possessing different attributes, the two men don’t like each other and are unable to maintain harmony in the house. That’s not it. Both of them are going through issues in their personal lives as well. But their parents are unaware of these problems and wish to sail to the seven seas to spend some quality time with each other.  

The entire shooting of Step Brothers took place in California, the United States Of America. Within California, the precise locations were 1987 Midwick Drive, U.S Veterans Hospital, 900 Block Meridian Ave, The Derby Restaurant, Sony Pictures Studio, Trump National Golf Course, South Pasadena, and many more. 

Isn’t it exciting to see so many locations on the list? Well, let’s try to uncover more information about them. Keep reading to know all about where was Step Brothers filmed!

Where Was Step Brothers Filmed? Locations That Complimented The Plot!

Known as a ‘cheerful movie,’ Step Brothers received mixed reviews after its theatrical release. After considering the success and captivating plot, the British Film Institute decided to place the movie on the list of its favorites. 

I am highly excited to share a lot of information about where was Step Brothers filmed. So, stay on this article to note down all the locations!

1987 Midwick Drive, Altadena, California 

Where Was Step Brothers Filmed? Wonderful Real-Life Locations!

The primary location where most of the comedy sequences were shot was the Dobak/Huff family home. And this chaotic house was shot in 1987 Midwick Drive. Yes, this was the location where Dale and Brennan were forced to live together. 

Well, this dream-like house is a private property today. Having said that, it’s obvious that you can’t disturb the family here to check out the house. Further, this house features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Yes, it’s spacious accommodation for a big family!

U.S Veterans Hospital, North Hills, California 

When Brennan and Dale were afraid of getting back home because of the constant bullying, they decided to take the short route. In the middle of their journey, they get bullied by a group of young kids. This scene was not shot in a park. Rather, the back garden of U.S Veterans Hospital was used to shoot the scene. 

U.S Veterans Hospital is one of the oldest government buildings in the United States Of America. Unlike other hospitals, no outsider is allowed to enter the hospital premises. Also, the outside look is highly enthralling, and you’ll be unable to believe that it’s a hospital. 

900 Block Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, California 

Where Was Step Brothers Filmed? Wonderful Real-Life Locations!

After a disappointing interview, Brennan and Dale head toward their home. Next, we see them getting off the Metroline Train. This short scene was shot at 900 Block Meridian Avenue. And some famous South Pasadena Historical Museum also appeared in the background. 

Guess what! You can locate a similar location in the list of filming locations of Friday. Don’t forget to check out this captivating location!

This is one of the oldest streets and most important areas in the history of South Pasadena. Currently, this street is filled with many beautiful homes and features the oldest watering trough.

The Derby Restaurant, Arcadia, California

By the middle of the movie, you see the entire family stepping out for dinner at R.J Posner’s Restaurant. In reality, this place is The Derby Restaurant. Both the indoor and outdoor sequences of the fictional restaurant were shot here. 

After the shooting of Step Brothers, The Derby Restaurant went through a magical transformation. Today, it’s almost hard to digest that this was the restaurant we saw in the movie. If you happen to be in Arcadia in the coming days, make sure you enjoy your meals at this world-famous restaurant. 

Sony Pictures Studio, Culver City, California

Where Was Step Brothers Filmed? Wonderful Real-Life Locations!

A few sequences were a real challenge for the makers to shoot. Therefore, they thought of making a set for them on the stages of Sony Pictures Studio. Getting the stages ready took more than two weeks for the production team. 

Known as the focal point of the television and entertainment industry, Sony Pictures Studio is one of the biggest studios in California. 

Trump National Golf Course, Rancho Palos, California 

The annual program named ‘Catalina Wine Mixer’ was shot at Trump National Golf Course. In order to make this sequence look more authentic, the makers invited people living nearby. 

This is an unforgettable golf course where you can get rid of all your worries. The ocean view from this place looks majestic and is going to leave you speechless. So, book your time with Trump National Golf Course!

Final Words 

You must have collected a lot of information about where was Step Brothers filmed. And for those who are still wondering whether to watch the movie or not, I would suggest enjoying it with your loved ones. 

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Why Is Step Brothers Rated R?

Step Brothers is rated R due to the presence of pervasive language and crude content.

Is Step Brothers Kid Friendly?

No, Step Brothers is not suitable for kids.

How Well Step Brothers Did In Box Office?

Step Brothers made a box office collection of $30.9 million in the opening week.

Who Is The Writer Of Step Brothers?

The writers of Step Brothers are Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Adam McKay.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Step Brothers?

The cast members of Step Brothers are Adam Scott, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kathryn Hahn, Mary Steenburgen, and many more.

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