Where Was The Beguiled Filmed? Welcoming An Unknown Guest!


Do you have a crush on someone? To what extent can you go and mingle with him/her? Well, I guess you are not as crazy as the young girls in The Beguiled. And to picture their craziness at the topmost level, the makers opted for some breathtaking filming locations. Read this article to know all about where was The Beguiled filmed!

The Beguiled (2017) narrates the condition of America during the Civil War in1864. Amidst the ongoing war, Miss Maratha runs a seminary for young girls. One day, one of the girls stumbles upon a wounded soldier, Corporal John McBurney, and brings him to seminary. The headmistress decides to nurse the soldier until he gets well. Soon the entry of a manipulative male into the seminary brings unrest among the girls. And, all the girls start experiencing s*xual attraction towards John. As a result, they start making every attempt to please the young man. 

The entire shooting of The Beguiled took place in various locations in South Louisiana. Within South Louisiana, the movie covered Madewood Plantation House, Coolidge House, Evergreen Plantation, New Orleans City Park, and many more. 

Just in case you have watched the movie, you are going to enjoy discovering where was The Beguiled filmed. So, keep rolling to get all the information about the fantastic locations!

Where Was The Beguiled Filmed? Amazing Real-Life Locations!

Although The Beguiled is not pure gothic horror, it deals with a few elements of it. As a result, you may find the presence of suspense, thrill, and many more in the movie. And all these elements make The Beguiled a highly recommendable movie for your friends and family. 

Although the movie’s plot is set in Virginia, many different locations were used to shoot the movie. If you are wondering where was The Beguiled filmed, here’s the solution to all your questions. Mark these locations today!

Madewood Plantation House

Where Was The Beguiled Filmed? Welcoming An Unknown Guest!

Madewood Plantation House was one of the focal locations. All the scenes of The Farnsworth Seminary were shot inside this house. Interestingly, the reason behind selecting this location was the Greek Revival style. 

A former sugarcane plantation house, Madewood Plantation is considered a national historic mansion. Luckily, you can plan a few days of stay at this mansion and may choose from a variety of rooms. On top of this, you get free self-parking and in-room climate control. 

The architecture of the house is going to transcend you to the time of kings and queens. And the lush green garden in front is home to blooming flowers. So, when are you planning for a luxurious stay?

Coolidge House, New Orleans 

Where Was The Beguiled Filmed? Welcoming An Unknown Guest!

Although the majority of the shooting of the seminary took place in Madewood Plantation, the sequences of the music room and bedrooms were shot in Coolidge House. Well, the reason could have been the attempt to beautify the dramatic scenes in the movie. 

Interestingly, the idea of filming in Coolidge House striked the minds of the producers after they explored it. And the beauty of this house did some magic on them, so they decided to add it to the list of filming locations. 

Do you know Jennifer Coolidge? Yes, the famous actress! This huge private property with heavy-cast iron gates is owned by her. After moving into this house, Jennifer made sure to restore its natural beauty. Currently, she looks after the oil portraits, candelabras, and Armoires. 

Evergreen Plantation, Wallace, Louisiana 

Where Was The Beguiled Filmed? Welcoming An Unknown Guest!

Those of you who have watched the movie, do you remember the magnificent oak-shrouded lane? That epitome of beauty was shot in Evergreen Plantation. Initially, all the members of the production unit were not on the same page for shooting the movie here. But soon, Evergreen Plantation got the consensus. 

Well, Evergreen Plantation has not made its debut in Hollywood through The Beguiled. Guess what! This plantation was one of the filming locations of Django Unchained!

Are you interested in visiting Evergreen Plantation? Wait, let me help you. This stunning plantation is situated on the west side of the Mississippi river near Wallace. Constructed in 1790, the house was renovated to Greek Revival style in the middle of 1832. 

New Orleans City Park, New Orleans 

Where Was The Beguiled Filmed? Welcoming An Unknown Guest!

Here comes the most anticipated location to learn where was The Beguiled filmed! The sequence from where the excitement in the plot starts was shot in New Orleans City Park. Yes, I am pointing to the scene when one of the girls learns about the presence of the wounded soldier. 

To enjoy a scenic view, you can visit New Orleans City Park. This enchanting urban park offers several recreational activities and a separate space for sports. And yes, you need not worry about parking, the park has sufficient parking space for its visitors. 

Final Words 

I know you had a great time learning about where was The Beguiled filmed. And I am glad to assist my readers with the same. Just like this, I will be coming up with some more locations of your favorite movies. So, make sure you stay in touch with me! 

Until I show up with the filming locations of another intriguing movie, you can consider checking out the romantic filming locations of Roseanne

Is The Beguiled A True Story?

No, The Beguiled is not a true story but a remake of a movie that appeared in 1971 with the same name. Also, it is based on a novel that appeared in 1966 with the same title.

Is The Beguiled Available On Netflix?

Yes, The Beguiled is available to stream on Netflix with a paid monthly or yearly subscription.

Is Beguiled Based On A Novel?

Yes, The Beguiled is based on a novel that came up in 1966 with the same name.

Who Are The Leading Cast Members Of The Beguiled?

The leading cast members of The Beguiled are Colin Ferrell, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Angourie Rice, Emma Howard, and many more.

What Was The Box Office Collection Of The Beguiled?

The box office collection of The Beguiled was more than $27.4 million.

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