Where Was The Big Country Filmed? Explore Multiple Locations Today!


The Big Country is a perfect example of western romance that keeps you hooked till the end. I know you have never thought of watching a movie from the late 50s but you should definitely watch the one that features some serene filming locations. Are you interested in learning where was The Big Country filmed? If yes, read the article till the very end!

The Big Country is among some of the western movies that got praise for almost everything. The movie won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, a Golden Globe Award, and nominations for other awards. The projected image of the movie was oversize and had setups that looked larger than life. All this added more to its popularity. So, it’s right to say that this was also a high-budget movie of its time.

Now that you know about the success of the movie, you should also learn about its unique locations. Here’s everything you should know about where was The Big Country filmed!

Where Was The Big Country Filmed? Catch Up With Some Adventurous Locations!

To make the movie look fascinating, the makers paid a lot of attention to the filming locations. Before selecting them, the makers considered all the factors because they wanted every sequence to look natural and perfect. Although it was exhausting to shoot at multiple locations, the makers enjoyed it. 

It’s time to have a look at those locations in California which turned out to be the backbone of the movie. Let’s find out where was The Big Country filmed!

Rock Creek And Groves Ranch

Where Was The Big Country Filmed? Explore Multiple Locations Today!

The famous ranch, The Big Buddy you saw in the movie as a source of water was in real Rock Creek and Groves Ranch. Shooting on such a vast land was quite challenging for the production team. Sometimes the climatic conditions were unfavorable, which affected the health of some crew members. But somehow the production team managed to conclude shooting on time. 

After performing extensive research and checking other locations, these two ranches were selected. Luckily, no visitors were there to disturb the team so they took ample time to get perfect shots. 

Drais Ranch, Drais 

Many romantic and fight sequences were shot at Drais Ranch. There was a lot of mud around the ranch which was an obstacle while shooting sequences. To counter this challenge, the production team wore goggles. Also, many cast members did not know horse riding, so they attended classes for the same prior to the shooting. 

This 2235-acre ranch was one of the prominent locations of The Big Country. People rushed to the theaters to watch the beauty of this ranch. Even the cast and crew members were stunned when they saw it for the first time. So, if you wish to enjoy a long drive, this ranch is perfect. 

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Where Was The Big Country Filmed? Explore Multiple Locations Today!

All the camping sequences of The Big Country were shot at Red Rock Canyon State Park. The stunning backdrops of this park made it a perfect location for filming some crucial sequences of the movie. Luckily, the setup of the park was perfect and was fulfilling the requirements of all sequences. 

The ending outdoor sequences were also shot at Red Rock Canyon. The makers wanted scenic dessert cliffs to shoot the concluding scenes and luckily they found a perfect location where no changes were required. And shooting here was a cakewalk for them due to the pleasant weather and scenic view. 

If you are planning a memorable trip with your loved ones, nothing is better than Red Rock Canyon State Park. Spending a day at this park gives you the opportunity to climb rocks and click some jaw-dropping pictures with your friends and family. 

Plot Of The Big Country | What’s It About?

Where Was The Big Country Filmed? Explore Multiple Locations Today!

Produced under the direction of William Wyler, The Big Country is based on the serialized magazine novel Ambush at Blanco Canyon written by Donald Hamilton. 

The basic premise revolves around McKay, who travels to the American West to meet his fiance, Patricia. Upon reaching there, he meets Patricia’s friend and then gets attacked by a group of boys. Somehow, McKay handles the situation and drops Patricia at her house. 

The next day, McKay receives an invitation from Patricia’s father, The Major, to accompany him on a mission. After reading the letter, McKay keeps his gun and goes to Patricia’s house. When The Major comes to know about the boys who attached his future son-in-law, he sets out to catch the culprits. But he ends up destroying a water reservoir. 

After some days, the natives organize a party in the honor of Patricia’s wedding. Amidst the celebration, someone comes and blames The Major for pretending to be a gentleman. After this, McKay visits an abandoned ranch, The Big Buddy, and decides to buy it as a gift for Patricia. Due to some reason, McKay gets into conflict with Leech who calls McKay a liar. 

The fight between McKay and Leech leaves Patricia reconsidering her decision to marry McKay. The next morning she gets to know about McKay’s purchase of The Big Buddy for her. After this, McKay gets into a rift with Rufus and Buck, which makes the situation worse for him. After days of allegations and explanations, he decides to start a new life with Julie and Ramon. 

Final Words 

I hope you found this article on where was The Big Country filmed highly informative. Keep visiting our website to stay updated with the locations of other movies. Until we come up with our latest article, you can have a look at where was Fatherhood filmed.  

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Big Country?

The cast members of The Big Country are Gregory Peck, Carroll Baker, Jean Simmons, Burl Ives, Charlton Heston, Chuck Connors, and many more. 

Who Are The Writers Of The Big Country?

The writers of The Big Country are James R. Webb, Sy Bartlett, and Robert Wilder.

The Big Country Is Available In Which Languages?

The Big County is available in English and Spanish.

What Is The Running Time Of The Big Country?

The running time of The Big Country is 166 minutes.

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