Where Was The Canyon Filmed? Richard Harrah’s Thriller Flick From 2009!!


Have you been searching for a bone-chilling thriller film? Then you can read this article to learn everything about a similar film, The Canyon, which was released in 2009. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was The Canyon filmed.

The American riveting thriller flick, The Canyon, was directed by Richard Harrah. Famous American screenwriter Steve Allrich later joined this project and worked with Richard in developing the premise.

The basic premise of The Canyon follows the characters of Nick and Lori, a loving American couple who visit the Grand Canyon for their honeymoon. The plot thickens when Nick and Lori go out on an adventure trip exploring the chams of the Grand Canyon and lose contact with each other.

The Canyon was an overall commercial success at the box office. This suspenseful film went on to gross over $10 in worldwide collections. However, The Canyon didn’t manage to win any major awards. On the other hand, action-adventure movie fans thoroughly enjoyed the film’s stunning visuals and the actors’ on-screen performances.

Are you interested to find out where was The Canyon filmed? Then without stalling any longer, let’s get started.

Where Was The Canyon Filmed? Let’s Know This Action Thriller Film Closely!

The story of The Canyon is set in and around isolated locations in Arizona. But, apart from a few important scenes, the majority of the sequences were filmed outside of Arizona. Richard wanted to shoot in places where the logistics could easily be transported.

So right from the initial days of production, Richard started looking for potential filming locations which could be used to recreate the background of the Grand Canyon. After searching around different locations in America, the director thought of shooting the entire film in Mexico.

But as per reports, a famous cinematographer later advised Richard to explore some other shooting locations in America first before making the final decision. The director was convinced of the offer and asked the production members to scout for other locations.

After a couple of weeks, the production members were able to locate a number of ideal shooting locations in and around the state of Utah which could be used for shooting. Richard swiftly passed his final verdict and instructed the crew to commence filming.

The principal photography of The Canyon began in the summer of 2008 and lasted for several weeks. During this time, the initial stage of shooting took place in and around the state of Utah. Whereas during the final stages of the filming process, the production members moved to the state of Arizona.

So, let us now closely check out the specific filming locations of this thriller movie and find out where was The Canyon filmed.

Utah | USA

The film’s opening sequence, where we see the characters of Nick and Lori inside their family home, was actually filmed in the city of Moab. 

This beautiful city is located in the eastern region of Utah, near Arches National  Park. Each year, a number of tourists from different countries like to visit Moab to check out the massive red rock formations in person. 

The sequences depicting Nick and Lori’s home, however, were filmed inside a small-house which is located at some distance from the Arches National Park. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of the property before changing the exterior structure of the house.

Other important outdoor scenes were captured in and around this city, after which the production members moved to the next shooting location.

Arizona | USA

Where Was The Canyon Filmed? Richard Harrah’s Thriller Flick From 2009!!

The second part of The Canyon was filmed in the state of Arizona. The production members captured several outdoor shots in the city of Williams, which is located in the northern part of Arizona.

The sequences depicting Nick and Lori’s stay inside a romantic cabin during their honeymoon were all captured inside a well-facilitated motel located in the eastern part of Williams. After filming these scenes, the production members moved to a place near Antelope Canyon.

The scene where Nick gets stranded in the middle of nowhere and loses contact with his wife was captured around the Antelope Canyon. In fact, the ending sequence of the movie was also filmed near this canyon, located near Leche on Navajo land.

The filming process ended after these sequences were shot. The production members moved to California and began working on post-production.

Now, allow me to walk you through the plot of The Canyon. Meanwhile, you can also read Top 10 Best Women Empowerment Anime, Stranger Danger, and When Men Were Men.

Plot Of The Canyon | What’s It About

Where Was The Canyon Filmed? Richard Harrah’s Thriller Flick From 2009!!

The basic premise of The Canyon revolves around an American couple who get stranded while exploring the gorges of the Grand Canyon. At the very beginning of the film, Nick and Lori decide to spend their honeymoon near the Grand Canyon.

As the story progresses further, the male lead books a cozy cabin near the canyon and later comes up with a romantic surprise for his wife. The couple spends some quality time together and decides to go hiking later. But, while exploring the canyon, Nick loses contact with his wife and gets trapped inside a chasm.

Watch The Canyon and find out how Lori manages to rescue her husband despite her slender chances of survival.

Final Words

Ok, friends! I’ve mentioned all the filming locations of The Canyon. If you enjoyed the read, do let us know in the comments. But, if you have any questions regarding where The Canyon filmed, you can also mention them.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film The Canyon?

Nelson Cragg is the cinematographer of the film The Canyon.

What Is The Rating Of The Film The Canyon?

The film The Canyon has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film The Canyon?

Heitor Perrera is the music director of the film The Canyon.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film The Canyon?

1h 42m is the runtime of the film The Canyon.

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