Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix


These days, we should be proud that many filmmakers are developing historical dramas. Netflix tops the list to provide us with the best period dramas. Watching epic drama helps us to know the important historical events. So, here I’m going to share with you some details about Netflix’s new series The Empress(2022). And also I’ll discuss where was The Empress filmed in this article.

The original title of the series is Die Kaiserin. It is a German historical romantic drama series dubbed into other languages and released on September 29, 2022, on Netflix. The series is based on the true story of the Austrian Empress, Elisabeth Sisi. A story about a teenage girl who develops feelings for her sister’s fiance, Emperor Franz Joseph.

Period dramas are popular because they emphasize a particular era’s aesthetics. The characters remain the main focus. The backdrops and outfits evoke memories of bygone eras and romantic visions of them. So, as a viewer, you may be curious about the filming location of “The Empress” due to the background of various historic palaces and halls.

First, let me tell you about the plot of The Empress series. Next, in this article, you’ll learn about where was The Empress filmed.

The Plot Of The Empress | What Is The True Story About?

The Austrian dynasty’s power structure is completely upended when rebellious Elisabeth (“Sisi”) meets Franz, Emperor of Austria. Following the wedding, Sisi not only needs to adjust to a foreign environment, but she also has to assert her independence from Sophie. She is a mother-in-law, who was previously the most influential person in court.

Additionally, Franz’s unstable brother Maxi, who was born second and has always been overshadowed by his big brother, completely shakes up Sisi’s emotional world. A new revolution is brewing in Vienna as enemy forces are gathering at the boundaries of the Habsburg empire. Elisabeth needs to figure out who she can rely on and what it will take to emerge as The Empress and the source of hope for a whole country.

Do you want to know how the young woman managed the often challenging and perilous life of a royal court? Then watch the series currently streaming on Netflix.

Where Was The Empress Filmed? Find Out The Epic Locations Here!

Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix

Your first impression of The Empress will be its stunning appearance. One of the key components in selling a story that takes place in a different time period is the production design. Fortunately, the production design team for The Empress is incredibly talented.

In order to let the rest of the team act and bring the sets to life with their performance, they have managed to make the best use of their settings. Without any further ado, let me start by explaining where was The Empress filmed.

New Palace And Cathedral Square, Bamberg

Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix

In the opening scenes of The Empress, Bamberg Cathedral Square and its exterior may be seen. It depicts The Empress preparing for her wedding. One of the city’s greatest structures, the Bamberg Cathedral, was built in 1002. It is a huge, imposing structure with two 81-meter-tall bell towers in the center and two smaller towers at the back. The cathedral’s interior is embellished with carvings, sculptures, and a stunning wooden altar.

Bayreuth, Bavaria | Germany

Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix

Bayreuth, a town in Bavaria on the Red Main river, is well-known for its connection to the artist Richard Wagner. The Empress was filmed at a number of places in and around the city, including Bayreuth’s Hermitage Palace and Neues Schloss.

Schloss Faber-Castell, Stein | Germany

Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix

The series made use of the stairway in Stein’s Faber-Castell Castle. The structure itself has various names, including Steiner Castle, Castle Faber-Castell, and even “pencil castle.” It displays many architectural features and was extensively renovated to return to its former splendor.

Schloss Weißenstein, Pommersfelden | Germany

Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix

Schloss Weißenstein, a stately mansion in Pommersfelden, is one of the main settings for The Empress. The building complex, which was built between 1711 and 1718, is now accessible to the public as a sort of museum. 

For individuals who want to understand more precisely where was The Empress filmed at the castle, there are also special trips offered in September and October of 2022.

Schloss Eyrichshof, Ebern | Germany

Where Was The Empress Filmed? New Period Drama Series On Netflix

Eyrichshof Castle, which is close to Ebern, is yet another castle that was used to shoot scenes for the series. One of the opening shots of the series, which comes after the cathedral scenes, features the stunning exterior of the castle that served as Empress Sisi’s childhood home.

Babelsberg Studio, Potsdam | Germany

Many of the shots were taken at actual historical locations, while some scenes were also filmed at the Babelsberg studio in Potsdam. Schloss und Park Fantaisie and Schloss Friesenhausen near Aidhausen were used as additional filming sites for The Empress.

Final Words

Well, you’ve read the plot of the series and where was The Empress filmed. I guess, now you got an idea why is it worth watching the series. It is because you’ll not find any reason to skip this series. If you’re a fan of regal period drama, then this series is for you to watch.

The Empress series not only highlights the theme but also makes you visit the particular era with its stunning locations. You must not miss Season 1 of The Empress, which is a true masterpiece. Therefore watch the series and let us know your views of the show in the comments sections below. You can also check out where to watch The Empress for free on this website.

Who Are The Directors Of The Series, The Empress?

Katharina Eyssen, and Lena Stahl are the directors of the series, The Empress.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Series, The Empress?

The series consists of six episodes.

Which Production Companies Have Worked On The Series, The Empress?

Netflix and Sommerhaus Serien are the production companies that have worked on the series, The Empress.

Will ‘The Empress’ Have A Season 2?

Season 1 of “The Empress” closes with a significant possibility of a second season. The first season was only the outset of Elisabeth’s married life.

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