Where Was The Holiday Fix Up Filmed? Do Exes Deserve Second Chances?


Do you dream of mending things between your ex and yourself? Or, do you dream of running your car over them? I mean, not all of us are presented with peaceful opportunities like renovating an inn at serene and borderline romantic filming locations with our exes. But, the protagonists of The Holiday Fix Up (2021) did get such chances. Turns out, the setting where you meet your ex can make a huge difference. So, do you want to where was The Holiday Fix Up filmed

The Holiday Fix Up is a movie that all rom-com lovers will enjoy. Even people who mostly prefer action, thriller, and horror movies should watch romcoms once in a while,  light-hearted stuff is good for a change, you know. These movies can do wonders for those of us who are single or have our hearts broken. Watching people finding love and happiness in heartfelt romantic movies can fill us with hope and the possibility of finding our own true perfect match. 

Anyways, The Holiday Fix Up was almost entirely filmed in Connecticut. Various locations like Mystic village and Norwich were used for it. Apart from that, a few scenes of the movie were lensed in Tennessee. Also, you’ll be surprised to know that even though you get to see winter in The Holiday Fix Up, filming actually happened in the summer! 

The right filming location can do wonders for any movie and can increase its appeal magnificently! In fact, they can potentially lure you into visiting them! But, if you’re a traveler at heart, you wouldn’t mind that, right? So, if you want to know if the filming locations of The Holiday Fix Up are just as bewitching as the movie itself, keep reading! 

The Plot Of The Holiday Fix Up | What Is The Holiday Fix Up About?

Where Was The Holiday Fix Up Filmed? Do Exes Deserve Second Chances?? 

The Holiday Fix Up revolves around former high school sweethearts Sam and Coop. The two of them were madly in love but Coop called off their relationship when Sam chose to pursue a television career. However, that wasn’t the real reason for their separation; Coop never explained the real to one. 

Fast forward to several years later, Sam was convinced by her uncle to come home and help him renovate his inn before the Harborfest, their Christmas tradition. Sam, who was disappointed after an interior designer show where she couldn’t do her Christmas special agrees to the offer. 

When Sam reaches there, she’s shocked to find that her uncle has hired her ex, Coop, as the contractor! Also, no, the uncle wasn’t trying to play the cupid here. Not having any other option or a way out, the two exes are forced to work together.

Sam tries to make the most of her situation by recording their renovation work and posting it on her social media accounts. Yes, she succeeds in capturing the attention of the television network–what she had been hoping to do all along. But apart from that, her social media followers are very quick to catch the sparks between Sam and Coop, despite the pair being oblivious to them. 

Release DateDecember 11, 2021
Running Time1h 24m
Directed ByBrian Herzlinger 
Produced ByColin Theys, Andrew Gernhard, Dustin Rikert
StarringJana Kramer, Ryan McPartlin, Steve Vinovich, Maria Menounos, Brandon Ford Green, Brain Sills, Keven Undergaro, Liliane Klein
IMDb Rating6.4/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was The Holiday Fix Up filmed! 

Here’s Where Was The Holiday Fix Up Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

I bet you’re excited to know more about the beautiful places that acted as a catalyst in Sam and Coop’s reconciliation. It’s really hard not to be! Anyways, I’ll be happy to be your tour guide for the journey and tell you all about these filming locations! To know where was The Holiday Fix Up filmed, just keep reading!

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Where Was The Holiday Fix Up Filmed? Do Exes Deserve Second Chances??

Connecticut served as the primary filming location of The Holiday Fix Up. To be more specific, most of the filming took place in Mystic, a coastal village located in New London County. You may not have heard of this small village, but it has great historical importance for being a shipbuilding seaport. 

Do you remember the iconic snowball fight scene? It was shot in Mystic. It looked quite fun on screen but it was one of the hardest scenes to film in the hot summer. 

To give Mystic a Christmas-y vibe in summers, the production unit had to decorate it all with Christmas ornaments like wreaths, garlands, tree stands, and whatnot! Some scenes of the movie were lensed at Yetter Road Christmas Tree Fam, a place that deals in Christmas trees during the Yuletide season. 

Apart from Mystic, several scenes of The Holiday Fix Up were filmed in Norwich. It is yet another historical filming location in New London County. This is where ESPN’s The Bronx Is Buring was filmed as well. 

Lastly, Ledyard, a city featured in MTV’s reality show called MADE, was also used as a filming location for The Holiday Fix Up. 


Where Was The Holiday Fix Up Filmed? Do Exes Deserve Second Chances??

Yes, it’s true that the entirety of The Holiday Fix Up was filmed in Connecticut, but the movie’s popular song called Second Chances was shot in Nashville, Tennesse. To be slightly more specific, the filming of the song took place in Castle Recording Studios.

Built by John P. Welch in 1929, this place has been previously used by several gold and platinum artists to record award-winning albums.  

Final Words

Alright, people! You’ve reached the bottom of this article titled ‘where was The Holiday Fix Up filmed’. So, I hope you know all about the iconic filming locations of this popular romantic dramedy. If you ever get a chance, do visit Mystic village in Connecticut! That way, you’ll be able to recreate Sam and Coop’s experiences and also appreciate the hard work they put in while filming a movie in the summer!

What Production Companies Have Worked On The Holiday Fix Up?

Off Camera Entertainment and Synthetic Cinema International are the production companies that have worked on The Holiday Fix Up. 

Is The Holiday Fix Up Available On Netflix?

The Holiday Fix Up is not available on Netflix. 

Is The Holiday Fix Up Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, The Holiday Fix Up is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

Is The Holiday Fix Up Available On HBO Max?

The Holiday Fix Up is not available on HBO Max. 

Is The Holiday Fix Up Available On Vudu? 

Yes, The Holiday Fix Up is available on Vudu. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie The Holiday Fix Up?

The movie The Holiday Fix Up was written by Jessica Koosed. 

What Are Some More Movies Like The Holiday Fix Up?

If you liked watching the movie The Holiday Fix Up, then you can also watch Toying With The Holidays, It Takes A Christmas Village, A Royal Queens Christmas, A Welcome Home Christmas, Ghosts Of Christmas Past, etc.

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