Where Was The Parent Trap Filmed? An Iconic Adventure Comedy From The 90s!!


If you don’t want to watch action films anymore, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I am going to talk about an adventure comedy film, The Parent Trap, which is starkly different from typical action drama flicks. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was The Parent Trap filmed.

The Parent Trap is an American adventure drama film that was released in the final week of July 1998. This amazing film was directed by Nancy Meyers, who also pitched in as a co-screenwriter. Apart from Nancy, the screenplay was also developed by Charles Shyer and David Swift.

The basic premise of The Parent Trap is centered around a pair of Identical twins who miraculously bring their real parents together. The plot thickens when the biological parents of these twins suddenly cross paths at a summer camp.

The Parent Trap was a tremendous commercial success! This special film went on to gross over $92 million in worldwide collections against a nominal shooting budget. The Parent Trap bagged two major awards, other than collecting 7 prestigious nominations. Adventure movie fans, especially young kids, enjoyed the overall premise of this movie and the performances of the young actors.

So, if you’re really excited to find out where was The Parent Trap filmed, follow this article till the end.

Where Was The Parent Trap Filmed? Let’s Know This Super Entertaining Flick Closely!

The Parent Trap is actually a remake of the original comedy film of the same name, which was released in the 60s. However, both these flicks were primarily inspired by Erich Kastner’s best-selling novel, published in 1949.

Although, while at the helm of affairs for this project, Nancy wanted to showcase something different to the audience. So, apart from working as a director, Nancy worked closely with other screenplay writers to make the story more captivating for the younger audience.

Certain changes had to be made to the script since the storyline of the original film wasn’t necessarily suitable for kids. There were too many unnecessary adult scenes in the original script, which Nancy didn’t want to include in her rendition of the movie.

Thus, after the script was tapered to the liking of the director, the production members were asked to look for ideal filming locations. Since the story of The Parent Trap is set in England and America, the filming crew scouted for potential shooting locations in both of these countries.

Although, it’s also important to mention that the majority of the outdoor scenes of The Parent Trap were actually filmed in America, specifically in the state of California. 

However, the outdoor scenes which were filmed in the UK were comparatively less in number. Since the director wanted to depict the backstory of Nick and Elizabeth’s love story on a surface level, not many scenes were captured in England.

Plus, the majority of the events in The Parent Trap actually take place in America. So, it only made more sense for the director to shoot in California extensively.

The principal photography of The Parent Trap commenced in the third week of 1997 and continued till the end of December of the same year. The shooting process was done in two separate phases.

However, while filming the outdoor scenes, the production members didn’t face any major challenges. Both phases of the shooting were completed within the estimated timeline, which actually helped the crew to get more time for the promotion of The Parent Trap.

And now, let’s go ahead and check out where was The Parent Trap filmed.

England | UK

The shooting of The Parent Trap began in Shepperton, UK. The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the characters of Elizabeth and Nick romancing on a big ship, was actually filmed inside the Shepperton Studios.

Other important outdoor scenes in the UK were filmed in and around the iconic city of London. The sequences depicting Elizabeth’s art studio were captured inside a vacant shop located in Berkeley Square, London.

Before moving to America, the production members arrived in Kensington to film the outdoor scenes of Elizabeth’s home. A medium-sized house located at 23 Egerton Terrace, Kensington, was used to film this scene.

California | USA

The second phase of shooting began in California after the outdoor scenes were filmed in the UK. The sequences depicting Nick’s family vineyard were captured near Napa Valley. Other important outdoor scenes in California were then filmed near San Francisco Bay and Long Beach. The final phase of shooting was done near Lake Gregory.

The sequences where we see the long-lost sisters finally meeting with each other in the Walden camp were filmed using an actual adventure camp located at 250 North Hwy, Crestline.

The shooting process of The Parent Trap ended by the third week of December 1997. The production members took a short Christmas break and then started working on the promotion of the movie. And now, let’s walk through the plot of The Parent Trap.

Plot Of The Parent Trap | What’s It About

Where Was The Parent Trap Filmed? An Iconic Adventure Comedy From The 90s!!

The basic premise of The Parent Trap is about two identical twin sisters who devise a plan to bring their estranged parents together. At the very beginning of the film, Hallie and Meredith appear to lead their separate lives with their parents in England and America.

However, as the story progresses further, the identical twins, unbeknownst to each other’s existence, meet at a campsite in America. Soon, they devise a cute plan to bring their biological parents together.

Watch The Parent Trap and find out how Hallie and Meredith succeed in their plan!

Final Words

Alright, guys! I hope you’ve noted the filming locations of The Parent Trap. If you have any other questions regarding where was The Parent Trap filmed, let us know in the comments section.

But, if you’d like us to cover the filming locations of your favorite movie or show, feel free to drop a comment below. We’d definitely get that sorted for you. 

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