Where Was The Platform Filmed? An Award-Winning Spanish Thriller Movie!!


Are you wondering where was The Platform filmed? Do you want to know everything about this Spanish film? If the answer is yes, then all you need to do is read this article till the very end. Today, I’ll discuss the filming locations of The Platform and also let you in on other details.

The Spanish action thriller film, The Platform was originally released with the title El Hoyo back in 2019. David Desola and Pedro Rivero wrote the screenplay for this project, while Galder Gaztelu was at the helm of affairs.

The basic premise of The Platform revolves around the character of Goreng and his prison mate, Tirangmasi. The story gets interesting when these two prisoners attempt to jailbreak from a maximum security prison by using simple tools made inside the prison.

The original movie was released in 2019. However, after the digital rights were sold to Netflix, this gripping flick was available for streaming from March 2020. Fans who love watching mystery thriller films were absolutely captivated by the gripping storyline of the movie. The Platform won 12 major awards and collected 24 prestigious nominations in total.

Do you want to know more about this mind-bending flick? Are you excited to find out where was The Platform filmed? Then continue to read this article and find out all the details.

Where Was The Platform Filmed? Let’s Know This Horror Thriller Flick Closely!

Galder Gaztelu, the director of this mind-bending film took inspiration from David Desola’s novel before making this project. The director later convinced David to join this project as a screenwriter and work alongside Pedro Rivero.

Since the story The Platform is set in Spain, Galder also decided to shoot the film in and around beautiful Spanish locations. So, after David and Pedro completed writing the script for this project, Galder asked them to attend a special meeting.

The director conferred with other creative heads of his team and then instructed the crew to scout in Spain. During the initial stages of production, the director was more inclined towards shooting the sequences in and around the iconic city of Madrid.

But, since the production budget was too low to support shooting in Madrid, Galder was compelled to change the filming location. Later, Galder and his team searched for a number of suitable shooting locations in Spain and then finally decided to shoot in Bilbao.

The final shooting location seemed apt to capture the outdoor sequences of the movie. However, the interior scenes of The Platform were still filmed in Madrid inside a well-organized studio.

The principal photography commenced in the summer of 2018 and concluded within a couple of weeks. The production members were able to complete the shooting process quickly since they only had to shoot in a few locations.

Eventually, the filming process was over within the estimated timeline, after which the production members began working on the promotion of the film. As I mentioned earlier, The Platform was theatrically released in Spain before digitally releasing on Netflix in 2020.

Let us now discuss in detail where was The Platform filmed. Later, I’ll also share other intriguing facts about this horror film.

Bilbao | Spain

Where Was The Platform Filmed? An Award-Winning Spanish Thriller Movie!!

The port city of Bilbao is located in the northern part of Spain. Apart from having a number of historical museums and other architectural wonders, the city of Bilbao is surrounded by lush green mountains and hills.

Each year, a number of soccer fans from all over the world visit this iconic city to witness their favorite team (Athletic Bilbao) compete against one of the best teams in La Liga, Santander. However, other than soccer fans, a number of adventure enthusiasts also visit Bilbao to spend their holidays.

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Goreng for the first time, was actually filmed in Bilbao. The production members used a vacant building located near Guggenheim Museum to capture the scenes of the maximum security prison.

The scene where we see the lead actor planning for an escape from the heavily guarded jail was also filmed inside the same property. Although, before any of the sequences were shot, the production members had to turn around the entire place.

A certain part of the building was used to create the make-believe structures of the holding cells, while the other was used for the security surveillance office. After the building was made to look like a dreary prison, the production members filmed the scenes.

Important to mention that all sequences depicting Goreng’s life inside the prison were shot inside this same building in Bilbao. Only a handful of scenes from the final quarter of the movie were shot on the outskirts of Bilbao.

After the outdoor shots of The Platform were filmed, the production members reportedly moved to the capital of Spain. Almost all the interior scenes of the movie were then captured inside a well-equipped studio in Madrid.

So, these were some of the most important filming locations which were used to capture the breathtaking scenes of The Platform. Now, I’ll walk you through the plot of this psycho-thriller film.

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Plot Of The Platform | What’s It About

Where Was The Platform Filmed? An Award-Winning Spanish Thriller Movie!!

The basic premise of The Platform revolves around the character of Goreng, a middle-aged Spanish man serving time in maximum security prison. At the beginning of the movie, the lead character appears to be restless after being placed inside a concrete cell.

As the story progresses, Goreng walks up to his cellmate Trimagasi and talks about how bad the situation really is. Soon, the lead actor and his cellmate start to look for flaws in the security system of the prison.

Watch The Platform and find out what happens when Goreng and Trimagasi make a final attempt to escape from the jail in Spain.

Final Words

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