Where Was The Undoing Filmed? Explore New York Like Never Before!


Life is surely not a bed of roses. And if you don’t agree with this, you should consider watching The Undoing. That’s because it talks about some never-ending struggles of life. Even finding the filming locations for this terrific series was also a struggle for the makers. But it’s rightly said, all well that ends well. So, let’s find out where was The Undoing filmed!

The Undoing (2020) narrates the life of a successful therapist, Grace Fraser, who is a devoted mother to her son and a doting wife to her husband. In order to fulfill the wishes of her son, she is ready to walk the extra mile. Eventually, her happy life turns out to be a nightmare when her husband goes missing. That’s not it, she witnesses a violent death and learns about some terrible revelations. Should Grace dismantle her existing life and start afresh?  

The entire filming of The Undoing took place in New York. Within New York, the particular locations were 8 East 63rd Street, Russian Orthodox Church, 1215 Fifth Avenue, East Harlem, Long Island, 100 Center Street, 845 Lexington Ave, and many more. 

It’s time to pull up your socks because you are going to board an adventurous ride. For that, check out where was The Undoing filmed!

Where Was The Undoing Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Seen Before!

The Undoing, a psychological thriller, was one of HBO’s shows to receive accelerating viewership within the first week of its release. That’s not it, The Undoing became one of the most-watched shows in 2020.

Now, let’s start our journey to unveil all about where was The Undoing filmed. Don’t miss out on any location!

8 East 63rd Street, Manhattan, NY

Where Was The Undoing Filmed? Explore New York Like Never Before!

The huge establishment that belonged to Fraser on the show was shot at a multilevel brick townhouse at 8 East 63rd Street. Interestingly, the house does not bear the look you saw, the makers made it look lively with the help of vibrant paint colors. 

You’ll be glad to know that this mind-boggling establishment is up for sale. And the price is $29.9 million. Well, you may ask the real estate agent about the rest of the things. So, grab the opportunity to be the owner of this dream-like house!

Russian Orthodox Church, Manhattan 

You must have seen a lot of sequences of The Rearden School. Does this school exist in real life? The answer is no! The private school that Henry would attend was shot at the courtyard and staircase of the Russian Orthodox Church situated at 75 E. 93rd Street. 

This beautiful church is nestled in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Luckily, it’s open for all, and special events are organized during weekends. If you happen to be in New York, make sure you visit this harmonious place!

1215 Fifth Avenue

Where Was The Undoing Filmed? Explore New York Like Never Before!

Grace’s father lived in a lavish apartment, whose interior was shot at a sizable apartment at 1215 Fifth Avenue. Because the makers were allowed to modify the interior of the house, they decided to create an ultra-formal look explicitly for the show. Even the lobby area was changed and given an entirely new look. 

It’s a luxurious apartment in a 15-story building. This apartment is a one room duplex with more than one bathrooms and scenic views of the East River Bridges. Unfortunately, it is not for sale, so you can’t check it out. But yes, you can explore the rest of the empty apartments in the building. 

East Harlem

The small apartment of The Alvarez family was shot at a real accommodation in East Harlem at 102 E 103 Street. While shooting here, the makers did not feel the need to make any changes. That’s why you get to see the original look of the apartment. 

Well, I know not all of you are aware of the fact that East Harlem is known as the home of the Hispanic Community. Apart from this, the noticeable place contributes to Latin freestyle and salsa music. In terms of fun, there are multiple activities to enjoy. So, keep your energy levels high because this lively place is waiting for you!

East Marion 

Where Was The Undoing Filmed? Explore New York Like Never Before!

You saw Grace and her son relocating to a beach house on Long Island. In reality, this house is located in East Marion. This was one of the beautiful filming locations where the cast members had a lot of fun. 

If you are planning to discover New York, your first stop should be East Marion. This census-designated place is home to a small community and is perfect for relocating. 

100 Center Street

The climax sequence where Jonathan was brought to New York County Criminal Court. This sequence was not shot at 100 Street Center, a popular spot for filming legal dramas. Although it was quite challenging to shoot the series here, strategic planning helped the makers. 

This criminal Courthouse is a black and white three-block building. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public. But you can check it from the outside. 

845 Lexington Ave

Where Was The Undoing Filmed? Explore New York Like Never Before!

The small steakhouse where you saw Jonathan’s public defender was shot at 845 Lexington Ave. Although the sequence shot here was of small duration, it was crucial from the lens of the plot. That’s why the production opted for a perfect location like this. And is the last location to learn where was The Undoing filmed!

This building is situated in Lenox Hill and was built in 1910. But even after a century, its beauty is unmatchable. Currently, it has 4 stories with multiple spacious rooms. So, check it out today!

Final Words 

Finally, I have shared all the relevant information about where was The Undoing filmed. If you have been living in New York for the past many years, you can easily locate these places. So, book your weekend with your family and explore all these fantastical locations!

If you find the locations of The Undoing appealing enough, you may also like the filming locations of Rush Hour 2 and The Lone Hand. That’s because these locations are quite identical!

Where Can I Watch The Undoing?

You can watch The Undoing on Disney Plus with a paid subscription.

Is The Undoing Going To Have Season 2?

Although the makers have not given any confirmation, the fans are demanding season 2 of The Undoing.

Is The Undoing Based On A True Story?

No, The Undoing is not based on a true story and is completely fictional.

Is The Killer Revealed In The Undoing?

It was Jonathan who killed Elena when her lover wanted to get close to Elena’s family.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Undoing?

The cast Members of The Undoing are Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Lily Rabe, Doland Sutherland, Matilda De Angelis, and many more.

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