Where Was The Whale Filmed? A Touching Brendan Fraser Drama!!!


Ever thought that wouldn’t life be different if you would have taken the shot? Or picked up the phone, and made that call? Well wonder no more, in this article I will let you know where was The Whale filmed and  acquaint you with the story of this movie based on a theatrical play of the same name.

Get ready to have your feelings roused with this new drama flick! Starring my favorite Brendan Fraser as Charlie in a completely new avatar of an English teacher who is hell bent on fixing the broken relationship with his daughter.

Darren Aronofsky – the director of the film, beautifully brings forth an elusive and subtle emotion that is shared between a father and his girl, and presents it to the audience through this film meticulously.

There is in fact so much to talk about this movie, like where was The Whale filmed and other similar facts worth knowing. But first, let me share the summary of the plot with you. Sounds good? Well then let’s jump right in.

The Plot Of The Whale | What’s It About

Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film The Whale, showcases Charlie Fraser (Brendan Fraser) a secluded English teacher with an eating disorder is the movies’ main focus and is attempting to get in touch with his alienated teen daughter Ellie (Sadie Sink of Stranger Things).

A remake of the famous 2012 play of the same title by Samuel D. Hunter, The Whale has been nominated twice in the 2022 Venice Film Festival. In this intense drama movie you can see Fraser dawning prosthetics to become 600lbs obese man, however Brendan being chosen as the main lead of the movie definitely adds to the excitement of the audience.

Will it be worthwhile to watch The Whale? Well let me address that, films by Darren Aronofsky are unquestionably unique! His movies like Black Swan, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream have expanded the boundaries of the medium since the very start of his career. Rest assured it’s not something you’d wanna miss.

The movie basically showcases the main lead as a middle aged man teaching online English tutor living in a small and gloomy apartment, trying to reunite with his daughter. 

No, the daughter didn’t left the house but Fraser did, as he moved in with his gay lover (Alan) 15 years prior to the time when he looks for redemption. Alan dies in the movie after being humiliated by his religious father, and this terrible loss crushes the protagonist emotionally.

Not being able to process the trauma and grief, Charlie develops an eating disorder that turns him obese and pushes him to the extent where his heart condition reaches a critical stage. He yearns so deeply to get back to someone that he adores whole heartedly; his daughter Ellie. Will Charlie finally be able to reunite with his daughter? Or is the relationship going to worsen? 

To find out, watch the film The Whale when it hits the theaters. For now let’s checkout where was The Whale filmed and other interesting facts pertaining to the filming location.

Where Was The Whale Filmed?

Darren Aronofsky and his production finished the filming of The Whale by leaps and bounds, once they settled on the location of the set. And even though the filming location seems to be different than the one shown in the film, almost the majority of the scenes were shot so immaculately that it’s hard to tell apart the difference.

Anyhow, let’s checkout where Charlie was shown to be living by himself in the film, waiting for his slow-death!

Whale’s Nest | Idaho

Where Was The Whale Filmed? A Touching Brendan Fraser Drama!!!

The opening scene of the movie is shown to be set in Idaho, where Charlie is cooped up in a lifeless and banal apartment, teaching writing skills to the students that he acquired online. The state of Idaho, predominantly being crowded with white neighborhoods, was somewhat apt for the movie as it resonated with the bleak and secluded life of the protagonist.

Sharing a small portion of its border with Canada, the climate being cold and frigid, definitely adds to the portrayal of Fraser’s character of someone, who seems to be under the weather, for a major part of the film.

Moving on, the production resorted to setting the production in a different location, without further ado let’s checkout the actual filming location of the flick.

Newburgh, NY

Where Was The Whale Filmed? A Touching Brendan Fraser Drama!!!

The production chose the East Coast of the US as the place to shoot the film. And surprisingly enough the team was successful to complete it within a short span of 1 month! The shooting started on March 8 and finished by April 7 2021! Talk about being as fast as a greased lightning. 

Aronofsky’s production shot the majority of the scenes, like the dingy apartment, and Charlie’s previous home in Newburgh itself. The team after completing the shooting of the film The Whale  started working on post production of the film by summer of 2021.

After being nominated twice in the Venice Film Festival, the film is going to premiere on September 4 2022, at the festival, however reports of it being released in the US is believed to be projected around later part of this year in December.

Final Words

So, now that you’ve gone through the plot and the filming locations of the movie : The Whale, I believe you will watch the movie as well once it’s available online.But if you’d rather stick to a lighter drama comedy then checkout Wolf Like Me and other such movies. To keep up with such updates and informative articles visit Viebly. Until then, I hope you have whale of a time. Peace out!


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