Where Was The Winx Saga Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Teen Fantasy Show! 


Netflix undertook the arduous task of making The Winx Saga. This OTT giant already has a name for making top-class teen drama shows like First Kill. The Winx Saga is yet another impressive addition to its collection. The show has received wide praise for its storyline, acting, casting, and even–filming location! Almost everyone wants to know where was The Winx Saga filmed

Also, do you remember the popular 2004 cartoon show Winx Club? Yes, I’m talking about the show that was a significant part of our childhoods, the one that made our Saturday mornings lit. In case you weren’t aware, The Winx Saga is an adaptation of the same show–just a darker one though. Needless to say, it is not suitable for kids and is meant for a more mature set of audience. 

Anyways, most of the filming of The Winx Saga took place in Wicklow, Ireland. The Alfea College scenes were shot at Killruddery House and Gardens in Ireland. It is open to visitors, so you can visit. The audio and visual effects were added to the show at Ashford Studios. Plus, most indoor scenes were filmed here. 

I bet you want to know about the filming locations of The Winx Saga in greater depth. The storyline is so interesting that you too wish you could live in a fantasy world as such! While that may not be possible, you can at least go to the places The Winx Saga was filmed and try to experience the adventures of the show’s cast!

The Plot Of The Winx Saga | What Is The Winx Saga About?

Set in the mysterious Otherworld, The Winx Saga revolves around the fate of a Californian girl, Bloom. She is new to this strange world where magic means everything and fairies don’t exist in fairyland–they are real. In fact, Bloom is a fairy too, and she has unique fire powers that she hasn’t yet come to terms with. 

In a particular mishap, Bloom nearly burned her parents to charcoal. This is why she was sent to the popular Alfea College. This is the only place that could teach her how to harness her dangerous power. 

Alfea is separated from the rest of the Otherworld by a magical barrier. However, it is still at a close distance from other places like Aster Dale, a secret town, the Kingdom of Solaria, etc. The magical barrier also keeps Alfea and its residents from creatures known as the Burned Ones who are a threat to everyone. 

At Alfea, Bloom makes friends with her roommates– a light fairy, a water fairy, an earth fairy, and a mind fairy. With their help, Bloom comes to know more about her past and Alfea’s secrets as well–things that the administration wants to keep hidden.

Meanwhile, the Burned Ones have managed to enter Alfea. And, it’s Bloom that they are after.  

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release Date22 January 2021
Running Time47-53 minutes
Created ByBrian Young
Produced ByJon Finn, Macdara Kelleher, John Keville 
StarringAbigail Cowen, Hannah van der, Westhuysen, Precious Mustapha, Eliot Salt, Elisha Applebaum, Danny Griffin, Sadie Soverall
No. Of Seasons2
No. Of Episodes13
IMDb Rating6.9/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was The Winx Saga filmed! 

Here’s Where Was The Winx Saga Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

The storyline is so intriguing! And, I bet you want to know what will happen in Bloom’s life! Will the Burned Ones catch her? Will they take her with them? Will Bloom manage to defend herself against them, after all, she’s one of the most powerful fairies of the Otherworld!! And, where on Earth are these magical places located?! 

I’m sure these are only a few of the questions you have. Don’t worry, though, keep scrolling and you’ll find out where was The Winx Saga filmed. Since you’re into filming locations of fantasy shows and movies, don’t forget to check out where The Green Mile and The Quest were filmed. 

Wicklow, Ireland

Where Was The Winx Saga Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Teen Fantasy Show!

Most of the filming of The Winx Saga took place in Wicklow, Ireland. To be more specific, season 1 of the fantasy show was filmed here in 2019. Wicklow is a city located to the south of Dublin.  This place was also the home base for the production crew. 

If you ever decide to visit Wicklow, don’t forget to check out Wicklow Gaol, Black Castle, Mount Usher Garden, and Wicklow Head Old Lighthouse! These are some popular tourist attractions around the city. 

Killruddery House and Gardens

Where Was The Winx Saga Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Teen Fantasy Show!

Were you thinking that Alfea College is a real institution? Did you start writing your SOP for Alfea College as well? It’s okay if you did. I too used to wait near the window for my Hogwarts letter. Anyways, Alfea College is not real. All the scenes involving the ‘college’ were filmed in Killruddery House and Gardens. 

You can still visit Alfea College a.k.a. Killruddery House and Gardens though. Thankfully, the place is open to tourists. When you are there, don’t forget to visit the Grain Store Cafe, Tea Room, and Farm Shop. Oh, and Killruddery also hosts weddings and other major functions. 

Ashford Studios

Where Was The Winx Saga Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Teen Fantasy Show!

Now, we know that any fantasy show needs an equal amount of time for sound and visual effects as it does for actual filming. That bit happened at Ashford Studios. Apart from the effects, a variety of indoor scenes that you see in The Winx Saga were also filmed here. 

Located in Ballyhenry, Ireland, Ashford Studios have also been used for filming Vikings, History channel’s mega-hit show. 

Final Words

Okay, fantasy lovers! I hope you all know where was The Winx Saga filmed! And now, upon knowing all the filming locations, you all can visit these magical lands! Tell me, which fairy are you going to pretend to be?! Water fairy, Mind fairy, or the Fire fairy?! Let me know in the comments down below! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On The Winx Saga?

Archery Pictures and Cinesite are the production companies that have worked on The Winx Saga. 

Is The Winx Saga Available On Netflix?

The Winx Saga is available on Netflix. 

Is The Winx Saga Available On Amazon Prime Video?

The Winx Saga is not available on Amazon Prime Video.

Is The Winx Saga Available On HBO Max?

The Winx Saga is not available on HBO Max. 

Is The Winx Saga Available On Google Play Movies? 

The Winx Saga is not available on Google Play Movies. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie The Winx Saga?

The movie The Winx Saga was written by Iginio Straffi, Brian Young, and Gregory Locklear. 

What Are Some More Movies Like The Winx Saga?

If you liked watching the movie The Winx Saga, then you can also watch Shadow and Bone, Warrior Nun, The Order, Shadowhunters,  Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Vampire Academy, Ginny & Georgia, The Vampire Diaries, and Locke & Key.  

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