Where Was Tommy Boy Filmed? A Special Comedy Movie From The Mid-90s!!


Well, life without hysterical films is as exciting as watching paint dry. So here’s a comedy film Tommy Boy, which you can definitely enjoy watching with your friends. Read this article to know all about this special movie, and also find out where was Tommy Boy filmed.

Tommy Boy is a classic American comedy flick that was released in the final week of March 1995. If you’ve enjoyed watching movies like The Hangover or Shaun of The Dead, then you’re fairly going to enjoy watching this movie as well.

The basic premise of Tommy Boy revolves around the character of Tommy, an underachieving American guy who inherits a million-dollar business firm. The plot thickens when the lead actor has to run the entire company after the sudden demise of his father.

The commercial performance of Tommy Boy wasn’t as impressive as the makers anticipated, however, it was fairly decent. This unconventional comedy film grossed over $32 million at the box office and collected a number of nominations. Tommy Boy also bagged the MTV Movie Award in 1996.

If you’re really intrigued to find out where was Tommy Boy filmed, then continue to read this article till the very end.

Where Was Tommy Boy Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Drama Film Closely!

The filming locations of Tommy Boy played a vital role in contributing to the overall success of the movie. The story of Tommy Boy is set in Ohio to depict the affluent lifestyle of White-American families.

While Bonnie and Terry Turner were writing the script for this project, they were inclined towards setting the premise in New York. However, the director of Tommy Boy, Peter Segal, wasn’t completely sure about the idea and asked the screenplay writers to change the location from New York to Ohio.

So, after the script was adjusted according to his liking, the director and a few members of his team started looking for filming locations. Since Peter advised the screenwriter to change the location to Ohio, he began looking for ideal filming locations in and around the same state.

But, in order to keep the production budget low, the director decided to film only a handful of scenes in America. The majority of the outdoor scenes of Tommy Boy were actually filmed in Canada.

After the production members identified the ideal filming locations within the province of Ontario, Segal asked them to commence shooting. The principal photography of Tommy Boy commenced in the second week of September 1994 and continued till the end of December of the same year.

During this time, a number of pivotal outdoor scenes were filmed in and around some major cities in Ontario. While the interior sequences were shot in the beautiful state of California. After the shooting process ended, the production members began working on the promotion of Tommy Boy.

Let us now analyze the filming locations closely and discuss where was Tommy Boy filmed in detail.

Ohio | USA

The shooting process of Tommy Boy commenced in the state of Ohio. The opening scene of the movie, where we see the character of Tommy for the first time, was actually filmed in Sandusky. This gorgeous city is a county seat of Erie County and situated on the banks of river Erie.

The production members used a large-sized house located in the northern part of Sandusky to capture the interior scenes of Tommy’s home. But in order to capture the sequences of Wesley’s funeral service, the production members traveled to a different location.

The sequences depicting Tommy’s father’s funeral service were captured in the village of Marblehead. This picturesque village is located near the city of Sandusky. So, transporting the logistics from the first filming location to this village wasn’t difficult at all.

The production members captured these sequences from the first quarter of the movie and then moved to the next filming location.

Ontario | Canada

The second phase of filming was done in and around the province of Ontario, Canada. The production members captured the street scenes near New Market, Ontario. However, other pivotal outdoor scenes in Canada were mostly filmed in the city of Toronto.

After filming these sequences, the production members returned to California. Apart from filming all interior sequences of the movie, some outdoor shots were also captured in California. 

Such as the scene where we see the lead actor driving under an overpass singing a popular song was filmed near 2299 East Imperial Highway, Los Angeles.

Ok, guys, so these were the filming locations of Tommy Boy. I hope you’ve noted them. Let us now take a closer look at the plot of Tommy Boy. Meanwhile, you can also read North by Northwest, Vertigo, and Sharper.

Plot Of Tommy Boy | What’s It About

Where Was Tommy Boy Filmed? A Special Comedy Movie From The Mid-90s!!

The basic premise of Tommy Boy revolves around the character of Tommy Callahan, a half-wit son of an American business tycoon. At the beginning of the film, the lead character inherits major businesses and properties after the sudden demise of his father.

As the story progresses further, the lead actor is tasked to supervise the functioning of Callahan Industries without any prior experience. Soon Tommy ends up making big blunders and almost makes the company go bankrupt. However, when a loyal employee Callahan Sr. intervenes, the situation gets under control.

Watch Tommy Boy and witness the hilarious journey of an American half-wit.

Final Words

Well, we’ve reached the end of this article. If you’re interested in reading other pieces like where was Tommy Boy filmed, let us know in the comments section. We’d be happy to cover the filming locations of your favorite title.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Tommy Boy?

Victor Kemper is the cinematographer of the film Tommy Boy.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Tommy Boy?

The filmTommy Boy has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Tommy Boy?

David Newman is the music director of the film Tommy Boy.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Tommy Boy?

1h 37m is the runtime of the film Tommy Boy.

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