Where Was Tremors Filmed? Know All About Hollywood’s Favorite Filming Locations!


Is it just me, or is it really tough to find a movie that everyone in your group will enjoy? When someone asks, it becomes a full-fledged argument that drags on for so long that everyone ultimately decides to just scroll through social media in peace. That is why a movie like Tremors is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. The filming locations played a crucial role in determining the success and impact of this cult-classic movie. In this article, I will tell you about the amazing locations, that is, we will be discussing where was Tremors filmed

The boring lives of repairmen Val McKee and Earl Bassett are getting to them. But as the two make their getaway, they come across a string of unexplained fatalities and a worried seismologist looking into strange readings from below the surface. The trio battles enormous, worm-like monsters hungry for human flesh with the aid of an eccentric couple. 

Tremors used locations near Olancha for its action-packed, desert-based scenes. The most notable of these were shot in the Alabama Mountains, close to the famous filming location, Lone Pine. The majority of Tremors was shot in two locations: the set that created Perfection and the various buildings that made up the business and homes of its residents, and in the desert.

So quickly go and get a pen and paper because I am about to tell you about all these amazing locations where Tremors was filmed.

Where Was Tremors Filmed? Explore Historic Filming locations In Detail!

Where Was Tremors Filmed? Know All About Hollywood's Favorite Filming Locations!

A perfectly fictional town and mesmerizing locations is what makes Tremors such a popular and hit movie of the 90s. If you haven’t visited these locations yet, you need to pack up your bags and start exploring. I am going to share the locations in detail so you can know where was Tremors filmed.

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# Alabama Hills

One of the top filming places in the Hollywood industry belongs to California, and the locals are really proud of that. That place would be the Alabama Hills. However, if you enjoy watching movies, you must go to this location. The region has been used as the backdrop for hundreds of films, television episodes, music videos, and other productions. 

The Mobius Arch, which frames the peaks surrounding Mt. Whitney, is one of the most well-known rock formations in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine. This location is well-known, and if you haven’t visited there yet, then it may be your time to check this one out.


Where Was Tremors Filmed? Know All About Hollywood's Favorite Filming Locations!

Darwin, California, is situated on the outskirts of Death Valley, 30 minutes west of Lone Pine and the magnificent Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain range in the United States. Darwin, now a mostly abandoned town, was formerly the county’s biggest city. It gained its start, like many western cities, when a mining village with silver was found in the nearby mountains.

Only 45 people now live in Darwin, which is surrounded by the ruins of its former inhabitants. Many of the original Main Street structures are still standing today. You also get to see photographic subjects and conjuring images that could have been taken 100 years ago or straight out of a Hollywood movie.


Olanca is located in the Owens Valley, which is next to now largely dry Owens Lake. Perfection, a specially constructed set, was built on Cactus Flats Road just outside of Olancha, California, for the movie Tremors. This set was demolished shortly after filming was over, and all that is now left of it are tumbleweeds and cacti.

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#Sierra Nevada

Where Was Tremors Filmed? Know All About Hollywood's Favorite Filming Locations!

Sierra Nevada is a major mountain range in Western North America. It’s always been a place where movie buffs scour for film locations. Numerous movies, commercials, and TV shows have been filmed here in the last 70 years.

Hundreds of movies, including Iron Man, Bad Day At Black Rock, King Of The Khyber Rifles, and High Sierra, have used the Sierra Nevada range as their backdrop. It is topped by Mount Whitney, which is the highest point in the United States outside of Alaska.

#Lone Pine

Numerous Hollywood Old West tales, like the iconic monster horror comedy Tremors, have used the distinctive shapes and colors of the rocky landscape of Lone Pine. This place is framed by Mount Whitney and other breathtaking snow-capped peaks. 

The Alabama Hills Recreational Area and the surrounding area of Lone Pine contain some of the most iconic rock formations in motion picture history. The Bureau of Land Management even offers a self-guided tour of the Alabama Hills.

An annual Lone Pine Film Festival takes place over Columbus Day weekend in October. Additionally, while local construction is ongoing at Lone Pine, visitors may see a fresh classic. Recently, scenes from Iron Man and Django Unchained were filmed there as well.

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Final Words

I hope now you know all the details about the places where Tremors was filmed. Now, it’s time to mark your calendars and go visit these places with your family and loved ones for the movie nostalgia. Get ready to time travel, as these locations will surely take you back to the memories of the superhit movie Tremors. 

Until then, you can enjoy other horror streaming options to keep your interest in the horror genre alive.

Where was Tremors film shot?

Tremors was filmed in Lone Pine, California. The Seirras are the snow-covered peaks seen behind Perfection town in the movie. Also, Owens Dry Lake is the sizable dry lake that can be seen in a couple of frames during the climax.

Are the weapons used in Tremors movie real?

Yes, they are! Target shooter and expert on the history of weaponry, S.S. Wilson demandes accuracy in the shooting scenes. Of course, live ammo is never used on a set, merely blanks!

When was perfection established?

The movie opens with a sign stating that Perfection, Nevada, was founded in 1902. It’s possible that Perfection was formerly known as Rejection before becoming established in 1902 as a small independent municipality, as seen in Tremors 4.

Do the creatures in Tremors have a name?

Walter and Melvin offer several names for the creatures, including Graboid, Suckoid, and Snakeoid. They also occasionally call them “Stumpy.” When they are all stranded on the rocks, Val later utters the name Graboid.

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