Where Was Unthinkably Good Things Filmed? Unwavering Love And Friendships!


Deep down in our hearts, each one of us desires friends who would do anything for us. The type of friends who are much closer and sometimes more important than family. Something like this happens in the movie Unthinkably Good Things, which is why it has become our current favorite. Today, we will tell you all about where was Unthinkably Good Things filmed, so let’s get to it!\

Directed by Terri J. Vaughn, the movie is a Crown Media production. Which means it is part of the movie screening platform of Hallmark known as Mahogany. Highlighting women of color and the power they have in cinema, the channel has brought some good movies recently.

So, where was Unthinkably Good Things filmed? The movie has entirely been filmed in Italy. The shoot for Unthinkably Good Things took place in the regions of Rome, Lazio, and Desio. Spread across the months of March and April, the locations have given the movie a very ‘springy’ feel.

While the writing of the movie is quite good, it is the filming locations that keep us in awe. The Mediterranean architecture is beautiful to look at and instantly calms you down. Still, it’s nice to know that since the movie is based in Italy, it has also been filmed there. Unlike movies like Morbius and The Sacketts, which are based and filmed at two different places.

The Plot Of Unthinkably Good Things | What Is The Movie All About?

Now, before we move on to where was Unthinkably Good Things filmed, we need to see what the movie is about. If you’ve just seen snippets of the movie circling the interwebs then it is hard to know where the movie is going.

Unthinkably Good Things follows the lives of three best friends – Allison, Reesa, and Melina. Allison is living a successful life in Tuscany, Italy until she realizes she is at a crossroads. She realizes maybe her goals and ambitions have compromised her personal life. Basically, what she goes through is a mid-life crisis. 

To help her cope with this sudden realization her best friends Reesa and Melina, run to comfort her. All three have grown up to have different lives, different personalities, and different ambitions. While Allison might be the one going through a midlife crisis, all three realize they have problems of their own. 

Each has a demon to fight and as they explore the city around them, things get clearer and clearer. The bond between the friends is extremely lovely to see which makes this movie an absolute must-watch in our opinion.

Where Was Unthinkably Good Things Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know About!

Hallmark released the movie excsulively on Hallmark TV on August 28, 2022. Their Mahogany banner has been Hallmark’s trademark of cards for years. And now with the foray into movies, the future really looks positive.

It says enough that fans are so curious about the filming locations of their movies. So let’s jump straight into finding out where was Unthinkably Good Things filmed!

Lazio, Italy

Where Was Unthinkably Good Things Filmed? Unwavering Love And Friendships!

Hallmark movies have the ‘hallmark’ of being filmed in Canada. It saves on the production costs but really hampers the authenticity. Plus making up an entire Italian city in Canada might just not have been possible.

Anyway, that is why most of the movie was shot in Lazio, Italy. The little city hosts home to many of the most pivotal scenes of Unthinkably Good Things. There are also some comedic moments when the trio goes out shopping that has been shot in and around Lazio.

Viterbo, an ancient region within Lazio also features in Unthinkably Good Things. The fans took a particular liking to the region. That is because the region has a very distinct identity and a very rustic feel to it.

Rome, Italy

Where Was Unthinkably Good Things Filmed? Unwavering Love And Friendships!

Whoever knows Italy, knows Rome. Since it’s the capital city of Italy, it is also a hustling and bustling metropolis. Besides Lazio, the rest of the movie has been filmed here. 

If there is one thing Rome is known for, it is its pasta. We are talking about all and every kind of pasta being available at the drop of a hat. Now if that isn’t enough motivation for you to go to Rome, we don’t know what is.

The cast and crew could be seen putting up aesthetic Instagram posts during their stay in Rome. We even got to see some pictures from the director herself, which means their filming experience in Rome has been rather good!

Giacomo Matteotti, Desio, Italy

Where Was Unthinkably Good Things Filmed? Unwavering Love And Friendships!

There is a very specific place in the movie Unthinkably Good Things. And that is a castle or a villa. Now besides the awesome landscapes, the sunkissed paths, and the unmistakably Meditteranean feel of the movie, there are other standout things. That is the architecture in the movie.

An awfully beautiful villa that has been used in the movie is the Villa Bonomi Cereda Gavazzi Aliprandi. While that may be a mouthful to say, it is located at Via Giacomo Matteotti. Desio itself is a small little down just a few miles north of Italy. 

It is situated in the Brianza and Monza region, but due to reasons unknown, it has been closed down for now. So if you’re in Italy and want to plan your itinerary around the region, you might have to pass up on it.

Final Words

So there you have it, folks! All you need to know about where was Unthinkably Good Things filmed! The movie has a great message and actually makes you miss your friends more! So watch it and be ready for some waterworks. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in filming locations, you should definitely check out where Crossfire Trail and Parenthood have been filmed!

Also, if you would like us to cover any of your favorite movies or series, then let us know. Just drop a comment down below and we will try our best to get all the information you need!

Who stars in Hallmark’s Unthinkably Good Things?

Unthinkably Good Things stars Karen Pittman, Joyful Drake, and Erica Ash

Where to watch Unthinkably Good Things?

You can watch Unthinkably Good Things easily on the Hallmark Mahogany Channel.

What is the IMDb rating of Unthinkably Good Things?

Unthinkably Good Things is currently rated 5.4 on IMDb!

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