Where Was Vacation Friends Filmed? John Cena’s Startling Adventure Comedy Flick!!


Are you a fan of John Cena? Then I guess, you must’ve watched his hysterical film, Vacation Friends. But, in case you haven’t watched, then follow this article to know more about this rousing film, starring John Cena alongside other notable actors. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Vacation Friends filmed.

The American adventure comedy flick, Vacation Friends released in 2021 took the audience by surprise. Action movie fans, who love watching their favorite action hero, John Cena, performing gravity-defying stunts, were astounded to see him feature in a comedy role. The director of the film, Clay Tarver, initially came up with the idea of this mind-blowing film, but later worked with other co-screenwriters to develop the script.

The basic premise of Vacation Friends follows two sets of couples who are starkly different from each other. The plot gets interesting when the couples meet at a conclave in Mexico and indulge in an awkward conversation which eventually turns into a brawl.

Vacation Friends premiered on Hulu for American audiences, back in 2021. For the rest of the world, this action comedy film was released in the same year on Disney Plus. The critics didn’t highly praise the overall story of the movie but acclaimed the performance of the lead actors. Reportedly, the makers are planning to release a sequel, with the returning cast members, this year.

Now, without waiting any longer, let’s explore where was Vacation Friends filmed.

Where Was Vacation Friends Filmed? Let’s Know This Comedy Flick Closely!

The story of Vacation Friends is set in the beautiful country of Mexico, but you’d be surprised to know the filming didn’t take place on location. The makers of Vacation Friends reviewed the shooting budget after selecting the cast members. But, upon reviewing the filming budget for the second time, the makers found out it was insufficient to sustain filming in Mexico.

Thus, a special meeting was then arranged, where the creative heads conferred to select ideal filming locations. After much discussion, the makers finally agreed to shoot the film in parts of Puerto Rico and America.

Important to mention that, the majority of the sequences were shot in and around the exotic locations of Puerto Rico. Whereas some pivotal sequences of the movie were also captured around the city of Atlanta, Georgia as well.

The principal photography began in the summer of 2021 and lasted for 7-8 weeks in total. The production members arranged the logistics and permissions well in advance, which immensely helped them to stay on top of the shooting dates. Thus the filming schedule remained the same, as it was primarily planned by the makers.

Now, if you’re intrigued to know where was Vacation Friends filmed, then continue to read this article till the very end.

Atlanta, Georgia | USA

Where Was Vacation Friends Filmed? John Cena’s Startling Adventure Comedy Flick!!

The opening sequence of the film, where we see the characters of Marcus and Emily, planning for their summer vacation trip, was actually filmed in Georgia. The production members used a luxurious apartment, located near downtown Atlanta, to capture the interior sequences of Marcus’ home. 

Special shooting permission was acquired in advance, which immensely helped the production members to readily begin shooting, after reaching Atlanta. Other pivotal sequences of this Georgian city were captured near the business district.

A vacant commercial space was turned around by the production members to make it look like Marcus’ office. Some more outdoor shots were captured in other parts of Atlanta, after which the production members moved to Puerto Rico and filmed the remaining scenes.

Puerto Rico

Where Was Vacation Friends Filmed? John Cena’s Startling Adventure Comedy Flick!!

The sequences of the movie, depicting the beautiful locations of Mexico, were actually captured in and around exotic locations of Puerto Rico. The production members took special shooting permission from the authorities of a luxury hotel chain, located in the city of San Juan.

The sequences in the movie, where we see the two couples meeting for the first time, inside a luxurious Mexican hotel, were captured inside the premise of a hotel in San Juan. The production members had to be extra-cautious while filming the scenes of the hotel and maintained the privacy of other guests.

Other important scenes of the film were captured around the region of Culebra and Yunque National Forest, in Puerto Rico. After all important outdoor sequences were filmed, the crew returned to Atlanta and filmed the remaining interior scenes.

Now, let me walk you through the plot of Vacation Friends. In the meantime, you can also check out Odd Thomas, Poker Face 2023, and Clickbait.

Plot Of Vacation Friends | What’s It About

The basic premise of Vacation Friends follows the characters of Marcus and Emily, a quaint African-American couple, who meet Ron and Kyla on a vacation trip. At the beginning of the film, Emily and Marcus decide to visit Mexico, to spend some quality time together.

But upon reaching there, they soon run into an over-excited couple, who forcibly offer to become their friends. As the story progresses further, the two sets of couples, who started their friendship on the wrong foot, begin to enjoy each other’s company. Watch Vacation Friends to witness a hysterical tale of two couples in Mexico.

Final Words

Alright, folks, I hope now you finally know where was Vacation Friends filmed. If you’d like us to add anything, do let us know in the comments section below. If you enjoyed the read, you can mention that as well. To read similar entertaining articles, you can check out other pieces on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Vacation Friends?

The cast of the film Vacation Friends includes John Cena, Lil Rel Howery, Yvone Orji, and Meredith Hagner along with some others

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Vacation Friends?

Tim Suhrstedt is the cinematographer of the film Vacation Friends.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Vacation Friends?

The film Vacation Friends has an R rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Vacation Friends?

Rolfe Kent is the music director of the film Vacation Friends.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Vacation Friends?

1h 43m is the runtime of the film Vacation Friends.

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