Where Was Vampire Academy Filmed? A Contemporary Fantasy Series!!


Are you the kind of person who craves a good fantasy drama series? If you do, then be sure to read this article to end your cravings with the recently released supernatural drama series, Vampire Academy. And I also let you in on where was Vampire Academy filmed.

The supernatural web series Vampire Academy premiered on Peacock in September 20221. It is inspired from the novel under the same name. The main story of the series revolves around two young girls named Rose Hathaway and Lisa Dragomir, who are students of a fantasy boarding school, St. Vampire Academy.

This novel-inspired on going series has a total of 10 episodes in season one, with each episode lasting for about 45 minutes on average. The 6th episode is set to release on 29 September 2022.

Now, without waiting any more, let’s find out more about the plot of Vampire Academy in brief. So you can get a clearer insight into the storyline. And, also I will be sharing the filming locations with you!

Plot Of Vampire Academy | What’s It About

The series Vampire Academy, is easily mistaken for Vampire Diaries,  because of similar initials. However, people are enjoying both the series to the fullest. Back to the plot, the basic premise of this horror web series is very different. 

The plot revolves around the protagonists Rose Hathaway (played by Sisi Stringer) and Lisa Dragomir’s (Daniela Nieves) friendship. The director showcases the two characters deriving from two distinct backgrounds. 

Rose Hathaway, is portrayed as the offspring of a vampire and a human, a “Dhampir”. Lisa Dragomir is shown to derive from a pure bloodline of vampire, a “Moroi”. With the exclusion of these genetic distinctions, as shown in the series, their social status are also poles apart. But the friendship turns into something deep as they start protecting each other and preserving their friendship in any case.

The series also covers other characters and their adventures with ghouls, and paranormal beings at their mystical boarding school St. Vampire Academy. Noteworthy to mention is the romance shown in this series. It adds an extra layer to the storyline, despite how subtle it may be. So, without any further delay, let’s go ahead and find where was Vampire Academy filmed.

Where Was Vampire Academy Filmed? Let’s Know The Series Closely!!

Where Was Vampire Academy Filmed? A Contemporary Fantasy Series!!

Originally released as a novel under the same name by Richelle Mead, the principal photography of this American fantasy horror web series took place entirely in Spain and Portugal. 

Navarre and Zaragoza were selected, the main filming locations in Spain. Whereas a couple of sequences for this thriller-mystery web series were also filmed at the capital of Portugal in Lisbon and its surrounding regions.

The director and the production team commenced principal photography in September 2021 and completed it in about seven months time! Now, we’ll find out more about these specific scenic and romantic locations in Europe that were used for filming the series. 


Where Was Vampire Academy Filmed? A Contemporary Fantasy Series!!

Majority of the filming for Vampire Academy, took place in Spain’s northern province, Navarre. This formal autonomous community and province in Spain, was chosen by the production team to shoot the initial scenes of the show. 

The scenes where Rose joins St. Vampires Academy for the first time was filmed here. The medieval look of this region motivated the director to choose this location. The largest city of Navarre or Navarra region, Pamplona also featured in the series while shooting outdoor scenes. Not to mention the historical villages of Olite and Viana, were also used during shooting, to recreate an ancient semblance.

The resort town of San Sebastian or Donostia-San Sebastian was also used for filming some important sequences. The outdoor scenes of the cobblestoned old town and Miramar Palace at Paseo Miraconcha, were featured in the series to portray the surroundings of the supernatural boarding school. 

This Basque Autonomous Community region in Spain is absolutely beautiful, and quite famous around the world for entertainment and top class Michelin starred restaurants. 

Now, there are few places worth mentioning in Spain, even though they were not used for filming, such as – Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao and Ibiza out of many others.

Finally, to complete the filming in Spain, the production crew of Vampire Academy was seen filming in Zaragoza. In the capital of Spain’s Aragon Region, the filming lasted for about two weeks! Sequences such as the college party, as shown in the series where Lisa meets her lover, was filmed at the Aljaferia Palace on Calle de Los Diputados in Zaragoza.


Where Was Vampire Academy Filmed? A Contemporary Fantasy Series!!

The production team reportedly reached Portugal towards the end of March 2022. Other sequences of the Vampire Academy were filmed in the capital of Portugal in Lisbon. The Queluz National Palace or the Queluz Palace, was selected for shooting one of the important scenes by the production team. 

The outdoor scenes of this 18th century palace were filmed without any issue. However, to shoot the interior scenes the production team had to arrange special permission from the Sintra Municipality, in the Lisbon District.

Great Hollywood films such as Vagabond and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy were also filmed at this beautiful location.

Final Words

Ok, so after reading about the basic premise of the show and knowing where was Vampire Academy filmed, I hope you’ll watch this show. This supernatural web series will just reel you in with the engaging characters and enticing storyline.

But if you’re attracted to the filming locations more than the web series itself, then you can definitely look them up and pay a visit to these beautiful locations in Europe! Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Web Series, Vampire Academy?

The cast of Vampire Academy includes Sisi Stringer, Daniella Nieves, Kieron Moore, Anita-Joy Uwajeh and Andre Dae Kim.

Who Directed The Web Series, Vampire Academy?

Luis Priesto and Jesse Warn directed the web series, Vampire Academy.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Web Series, Vampire Academy?

Julie Plec and Marguerite Maclntyre wrote the screenplay for the web series, Vampire Academy.

How Many Episodes Are There In The Web Series, Vampire Academy?

10 episodes are there in season 1 of the web series, Vampire Academy

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