Where Was War Of The Worlds Filmed? Tom Cruise’s Sci/Fi Action Movie!


Are you a big fan of Tom Cruise? If yes, then you must have watched or should watch one of his blockbuster movies, War Of The Worlds (2005). Read this content to find out where was War Of The Worlds filmed and other intriguing details about this science-fiction movie.

The American science-fiction action movie War Of The Worlds is based on the novel The War Of The Worlds written by H. G. Wells. Spielberg, the director of the movie, was so passionate to create a film inspired by this novel, and no doubt he succeeded. So, after he acquired all the rights to the novel, Spielberg and his writers Josh Friedman and David Koepp started to complete the script. 

The science fiction movie War Of The Worlds centers on a dockworker, Ray Ferrier, who tries to protect his kids from alien invaders. So, the movie shows the journey of Ray and his kids from New York to Boston. 

War Of The Worlds performed remarkably at the box office, earning over $603 million worldwide against the production budget of $132 million. The movie received positive reviews from critics for its intriguing storyline and screenplay. War Of The Worlds earned many nominations and won three Academy Awards.

So, if you are curious to know where was War Of The Worlds filmed, then continue reading the article to find out the filming location details.

Where Was War Of The Worlds Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Spielberg initially planned to complete the Munich movie before War Of The Worlds. However, Tom Cruise suggested Spielberg to work on the War Of The Worlds movie first because he liked the script a lot. So, Spielberg dropped the plan of filming Munich, and with the same crew members decided for Munich, he started to work for War Of The Worlds

Just because the director’s plan changed, he worked hard with the team. They worked well in every department of pre-production, and it led to the delay in the shoot. The team chose various places in the United States for filming and a few scenes were also filmed in the studios.

Now, read below to find out the specific locations where was War Of The Worlds filmed.

Los Angeles | California

Where Was War Of The Worlds Filmed? Tom Cruise’s Sci/Fi Action Movie!

The primary filming of War Of The Worlds was filmed in different studios in Los Angeles. Some scenes were filmed at the most famous studio, Sony Pictures Studio, in Culver City. This studio served as the filming unit for many movies and shows like Bullet Train and Superbad.

Next, to shoot a few sequences of the movie, the team used another famous and oldest studio in LA, 20th Century Fox Studios. The production team used Stages 15 and 16 to shoot pivotal sequences. As the studio has all the top facilities, it is one of the favorite studios for many filmmakers. Famous movies like Avatar and Cleopatra and show like 911 were filmed here.

After completing the shooting schedule at Fox Studios, the team moved to Universal Studios to shoot a few other scenes. In this studio, the team utilized Stages 27 and 28 for filming. Next, Warner Brothers Burbank was used to shoot some street scenes.

Another studio used for War Of The Worlds filming was Mystery Mesa studio located in Santa Clarita. After finishing filming in all studios, the production crew traveled to real locations to record some shots. The team used different locations in Los Angeles, like Santa Clarita, and Witmer Street & Ingraham Street, to show a few exterior movie scenes.

New York City | New York

Where Was War Of The Worlds Filmed? Tom Cruise’s Sci/Fi Action Movie!

Next, the production crew traveled to New York to shoot the remaining sequences. The opening scenes of Ray’s workplace filming took place in Red Hook. In the movie, Ray’s wife’s house sets in Boston, but the scenes were actually filmed on the property located in the Park Slope community, Brooklyn.

The movie was also filmed in and around different regions of New York. They used the locations like Athens, Cold Spring village, and Beacon city to lens other movie portions.

Rockbridge | Virginia

Where Was War Of The Worlds Filmed? Tom Cruise’s Sci/Fi Action Movie!

War Of The Worlds is the journey from New York to Boston. So, to give an authentic experience, the production crew covered significant locations. They filmed a few scenes in different communities of the Rockbridge area that include Raphine and Brownsburg. Next, the exterior valley war scenes filming took place in Lexington.

New Jersey

The cast and crew members traveled to New Jersey for the following filming schedule. Scenes of Ray’s house were filmed in the studio, JF Kennedy Boulevard, located in Bayonne.

Next, the filming occurred in different New Jersey regions, including Ferry Street, Howell, and Elizabeth City.


Some additional movie scenes were filmed in Connecticut. The production crew used the Naugatuck town to shoot a few movie scenes. Another city that the team used for filming in Windsor.

Well, these are the different locations where was War Of The Worlds filmed. Now, let’s take a closer look at the War Of The Worlds movie.

Plot Of War Of The Worlds | What Is The Story About?

Where Was War Of The Worlds Filmed? Tom Cruise’s Sci/Fi Action Movie!

Ray Ferries is a dockworker and a divorced man who lives alone in New Jersey. However, he has custody to see his children on weekends. On one such weekend, when he is spending time with his children, they find a lightning storm, which is the alert of an alien invasion of the Earth.

This incident gives huge fear to Ray, and he decides to move to his wife’s parent’s house located in Boston. So, how Ray finds a way to reach Boston? To find out, watch this gripping science-fiction action movie soon.

Final Words

Well, now I hope that you know where was War Of The Worlds filmed. So, if you have plans to visit any of the locations mentioned above, let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to check out similar content on our website.

Which production companies have worked in the movie War Of The Worlds?

The production companies that have worked on the movie include Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment.

What is the IMDb rating of the movie War Of The Worlds?

The IMDb rating of the film is 6.5/10

What is the runtime of the movie War Of The Worlds?

The runtime of the movie is 1h 56 minutes.

Can kids watch War Of The Worlds movies?

Yes, kids can watch the movie, but it is a PG-13-rated movie, so parents must be cautious with kids under 13.


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