Where Was Wedding Season Filmed? Get Hooked In This Season Of Love!


Have you heard about the release of Wedding Season on Netflix? I must mention that this romantic comedy will make you laugh out loud. But the filming locations of this movie are opposite to the genre. They are highly mesmerizing and romantic enough to spend a week with the love of your life there. So, let’s find out where was Wedding Season filmed!

Wedding Season (2022) is an Indian-American romantic comedy capturing the life of Asha and Ravi. Amidst their separate peaceful life, their parents show an ardent desire to see them getting married. Luckily, they meet at a summer wedding and pretend to date each other so that their parents stop pressuring them to get married. While faking their relationship, both of them end up falling for each other. What are they going to do next? 

Wedding Season was filmed in Ontario, an east-central province in Canada. Within Ontario, the movie was specifically filmed in and around Greater Toronto. In Greater Toronto, the filming of important scenes took place at Cambium Farms and many more. 

It’s time to unveil all about the romantic locations of the movie. Here’s all about where was Wedding Season filmed!

Where Was Wedding Season Filmed? Romantic Locations You Won’t Forget!

Since the release of Wedding Season, the movie is getting praise from most of the viewers. Also, critics have shared positive reviews about the movie wholeheartedly. Besides this, the movie talks about various themes like love, commitment, etc. 

Interestingly, a lot of stories are attached with all the filming locations. After the consensus of the production team, the filming locations were finalized. And a huge separate budget was decided for the locations. So, let’s look at where was Wedding Season filmed!

Cambium Farms, 18333 Winston Churchill Boulevard, Caledon 

Where Was Wedding Season Filmed? Get Hooked In This Season Of Love!

All the wedding sequences were filmed at Cambium Farms. The filmmakers rented only some portions of the farm to shoot the movie. Also, they modified the rented area according to the need of the plot. For this, the outside area of the farm was decorated with flowers. 

Situated in hills, Cambium farms is a perfect destination for a lavish wedding. Interestingly, the management offers a checking-out facility as well. And if you are looking for a location for your forthcoming events, you can consider Cambium Farms. For detailed information, it’s better to check out the official website. 

Gerrard India Bazaar, Toronto 

Where Was Wedding Season Filmed? Get Hooked In This Season Of Love!

The outdoor scenes were filmed at Gerrard India Bazaar. Interestingly, the cast members enjoyed themselves a lot while filming here. Luckily, the weather was nice, so all the cast members did not face extreme hot weather. Also, they felt as if they were shooting in India. 

It’s just that the production team had to make sure that the crowd does not disturb them. That’s why they requested the visitors to continue their shopping. All in all, they wrapped up shooting on time in this area. 

Also known as Little India, Gerrard India Bazaar is a South Asian ethnic enclave located at Gerrard Street. This area features many Indian, Nepali, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi stores and restaurants. Besides this, there are clothing stores and coffee shops as well. Even the natives of Toronto find this place very appealing. 

Lahore Tikka House, Toronto 

Where Was Wedding Season Filmed? Get Hooked In This Season Of Love!

Lahore Tikka House was another location where outdoor scenes were filmed. And many cast members enjoyed delicious Indian dishes here. In addition, filming in this restaurant was convenient for the filmmakers because the owner of the restaurant was very cooperative. Also, the visitors to the restaurant did not disturb the production unit and cast members. 

This restaurant is as interesting as the filming location of The Bear. Try the best dishes at both places and share the one you liked the most. 

This eatery is known for serving lip-smacking Pakistani dishes. Further, you can dine in or take away your favorite dishes. Whether it is snacks or a main course, this restaurant serves numerous dishes to satisfy your appetite. Besides this, you get traditional and modern Indian cuisine followed by sizzling barbeque dishes. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Wedding Season Filmed 

Where Was Wedding Season Filmed? Get Hooked In This Season Of Love!

The principal photography of Wedding Season commenced on April 19 2021 and ended by the end of June. The photography took a lot of time because of the COVID-19 protocols. 

While speaking in an interview, Suraj shared that it was one of the best shooting experiences in his life. Although the entire production unit was bound to follow the protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic, they managed to accomplish the shooting swiftly. In addition, the natives were nice, the food was delicious, and even the weather was great. Also, he felt lucky to be a part of such an amazing movie. 

You will be amazed to know that Suraj Sharma was so impressed by Toronto that he shared his plans of shifting to Toronto soon. When asked by other cast members, everyone shared positive reviews for the filming locations. 

Final Words 

You must have clearly understood where was Wedding Season filmed. When such an amazing location is there, why get confused and look for any other location? Pay a visit to these heartfelt romantic locations and add some spark to your boring relationship. Don’t forget to share your experience with me, Winky Winky!

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1. Is Wedding Season Based On A Book?

No, Wedding Season is the result of creativity by the talented writer, Shiwani Shrivastava.

2. Who Is The Director Of Wedding Season?

Tom Dey is the director of Wedding Season.

3. Is Wedding Season Streaming On Any Other OTT Platform Other Than Netflix?

No, Wedding Season is streaming only on Netflix right now.

4. Who Are The Cast Members Of Wedding Season?

The cast members of Wedding Season are Pallavi Sharda, Arianna Afsar, Suraj Sharma, Veena Sood, Rizwan Manji, Meher Pavri, and many more.

5. Do Asha And Ravi Really Love Each Other?

After faking their romantic relationship, Asha and Ravi truly start falling for each other.

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