Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Unveil The Hidden Truth!


What if I say you haven’t explored any exotic locations? To know about them, you need to learn where was Where The Crawdads Sing filmed. This movie is a perfect binge-watch, and the filming locations are perfect for visiting. Explore these charming locations and put them on your to-do list! 

Where The Crawdads Sing (2022) encapsulates the life of Kya, who has no one left in this world. Interestingly, she spends her life in the marshlands of North Carolina. Unfortunately, Kya lives in an isolated place away from her community. Eventually, Kya gets in touch with two boys and looks at the flip side of life. As a result, Kya decides to give thought to whether she should start her life fresh or not. 

Surfing Red Tide San Diego
Surfing Red Tide San Diego

The filming locations of Where The Crawdads Sing include Houma and New Orleans in Louisiana. Many fans assumed that the real filming location was North Carolina because the same place was discussed in the novel (from where the movie is adapted). 

If your curiosity about knowing where was Where The Crawdads Sing filmed is increasing, here’s some food to calm it down!

Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Locate Some Heart-Throbbing Locations In The World!

Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Unveil The Hidden Truth!

If you haven’t watched Where The Crawdads Sing, I suggest watching it today. And after watching the movie, you can have a look at where was Where The Crawdads Sing filmed. Uncover some exciting locations today!

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

IMDb: 7.1 

Rotten Tomatoes: 34%

Cast: Harris Dickenson, Taylor John Smith, David Strathairm 

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

Running Time: 2h 5m 

Louisiana | Discover History Here!

Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Unveil The Hidden Truth!

Louisiana is the southeastern state of the U.S, located on the Gulf of Mexico. Interestingly, you can see the prints of African, American, French, and Canadian cultures through the culture of the Cajun community. Besides this, you see Mardi Gras celebrations and the hues of jazz music. So, if you are up with the idea of visiting a relaxing place, Louisiana is perfect for you!

Within Louisiana, the home of Kya was filmed on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain. Fortunately, the makers were extremely impressed with the location because it was perfect to capture an isolated place. Also, the mystery that the makers wanted to showcase was complemented by the location. 

The rural side of Louisiana was used to film the feather stump forest and Jumpin’s Bait. In other words, most of the locations of Louisiana were covered to film the movie. 

Houma, Louisiana | Have You Been Here?

Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Unveil The Hidden Truth!

Houma is one of the locations to answer where was Where The Crawdads Sing filmed. Interestingly, Houma is one of the largest cities in the state of Louisiana. Further, the city’s highlight is its Cajun food, charter boat fishing, dance halls, and Cajun music. Other than this, you can find eye-catching wildlife parks and museums. 

You will be thrilled to know that the makers had to revamp many streets of this city. That’s because they had to film the village of the early 60s named Barkley Clove. Further, all those elements were added to the location through which the location could have an authentic touch. 

New Orleans, Louisiana | Discover A Beautiful City!

Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Unveil The Hidden Truth!

New Orleans is another famous city in Louisiana known as the “Big Easy.” The heart of the city is its nightlife, live music scenes, and cuisines reflecting African, French, and American cultures. Besides this, the streets of this city are known for their famous shops and restaurants. 

New Orleans was one of the favorite locations of the production unit because of the energetic ambiance. Even though there were a few obstacles while filming here, the makers overcame all of them. And finally, many outdoor scenes were filmed here. 

Not many modifications were made here because the location had everything the makers were looking for. Interestingly, this was the location that helped the production team speed up the filming. As a result, they did not spend even a month here. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Where The Crawdads Filmed | Was It Easy To Film At The Filming Locations?

Where Was Where The Crawdads Sing Filmed? Unveil The Hidden Truth!

It took almost four months for the makers to complete the filming of Where The Crawdads Sing. In Houma, the makers had to revamp a street completely. For this, they modified the hardware and barber shops. Even some stores were transformed into furniture shops. In other words, the street in Houma had to go through a complete makeover to film the village scene. 

Further, filming in Louisiana was full of challenges for the makers, but they got their act together. And the production unit pinned its hope on its hard work. Sadly, the production unit would sometimes call for shutdown due to natural calamities like lightning, storms, and floods. All in all, filming the movie called for the toil of the entire team. 

Other than this, the weather conditions played a crucial role in delaying the schedule of the shooting. Due to lightning, the makers had to delay the shooting repeatedly. But they managed to complete the shooting on time somehow.

Further, I would like to share that not even a single scene was filmed in North Carolina. However, the movie depicts the plot to be based in North Carolina. So, you can see how skillful was the production team to get a similar location!

Final Words 

I hope you have noted down where was Where The Crawdads Sing filmed. And I know you still cannot believe that such beautiful locations exist in reality. But don’t worry, plan your trip to these locations, and you will know the truth about them yourself. Let me tell you, these locations are similar to the filming location of Blown Away!

1. Is Where The Crawdads Sing A True Story?

No, the movie is not based on any true events.

2. What Was The Controversial Matter For Where The Crawdads Sing?

The movie came into controversy because of the connection to Delia’s life.

3. Who Killed Chase Andrews?

It was revealed that Kya killed Chase Andrews.

4. Do Kya And Tate Get Back Together?

Ultimately, Kya decides to reunite with Tate.

5. Did Chase Love Kya?

Although Chase loves Kya, he is very rude to her throughout the movie.

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