Where Was Wipeout Filmed? A Must-Watch TV Comedy Game Show!


Do you like to watch reality television game shows? Well, if you do, then I bet you’ve seen the show Wipeout (2021). The comedy TV game show is a reboot of ABC’s 2008 game show of the same name. Many fans of Wipeout want to know about the show’s filming locations. In this article, I’ll discuss the show and tell you where was Wipeout filmed. 

The original ABC TV game show was one of the most-watched television game shows of all time. There were seven seasons of the show with 130 episodes. It was a huge hit and went on for seven years. Having said that, the reboot version of the game show, released in 2021, was also a hit and watched by millions. The best thing about the show is that it is hosted by former WWE wrestler and actor John Cena. 

John Cena is a professional wrestler and bodybuilder who has won several wrestling championships, including the 2005 WWE Championship, which catapulted him to stardom. After that, he began acting in films and starred in the action drama film The Marine. Nicole Byer and Camille Kostek also host the comedy game show. Byer is a comedian and a TV host best known for hosting the Netflix original series Nailed It, whereas Kostek is a model and an actress.

Now, to get back to your question regarding where was Wipeout filmed, the reality television game show was filmed in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Directed by J. Rupert Thompson and Rich Kim, Wipeout premiered on 1 April 2021 on TBS. It is also available to stream on several Over The Top platforms. The good news is that the show will have a second installment, scheduled to be released on 7 November 2023. Now, let’s look closer at the show’s filming locations.

Where Was Wipeout Filmed? Game Show Filming Locations!

Where Was Wipeout Filmed? A Must-Watch TV Comedy Game Show!

In April 2020, TBS officially announced that a reboot version of the original game show Wipeout would be released in 2021. In September 2020, John Cena, Camille Kostek, and Nicole Byer came on board as the show presenters. The show’s first season was a massive hit, and people are now excited about the second installment and eagerly waiting for it. However, without much ado, let’s jump into the details of where was Wipeout filmed.

Santa Clarita, California, United States Of America

Where Was Wipeout Filmed? A Must-Watch TV Comedy Game Show!

The reality TV game show Wipeout was entirely filmed in California, particularly in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles. The American state of California has become an economic powerhouse with influence in several fields, including television and film production. The Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas have been declared the global entertainment industry hubs.

Filming of the comedy TV game show began in Santa Clarita, California. Most of the show was filmed at the Sable Ranch, which is situated at 25933 Sand Canyon Road, Santa Clarita. Several other TV series and movies, like the horror drama film The Butcher, the sci-fi drama series Firefly, and the drama film Welcome To Paradise, were also shot at the ranch.

During the filming process, one of the participants passed away due to coronary artery blockage. In an official statement, one of the spokespersons of the show’s production company said, “We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family, and our thoughts are with them at this time.” Filming was stopped for a week and was resumed after the 2020 Thanksgiving.

Los Angeles, California, United States Of America

Los Angeles was another location where the comedy game show was filmed. The production team and all the participants had to follow strict Coronavirus rules throughout the show’s filming. The crew and all the contestants were tested regularly to ensure everyone’s safety.

Film production all around the world was severely affected during the pandemic. Los Angeles witnessed a 38% decline in its film and TV shoot days in 2020.

Plot Of Wipeout (2021) | Let The Game Begin!

Where Was Wipeout Filmed? A Must-Watch TV Comedy Game Show!

As I mentioned before, the television comedy game show Wipeout is presented by John Cena, Camille Kostek, and Nicole Byer. The directors of the show are J. Rupert Thompson and Rich Kim. Wipeout follows multiple participants who compete with one another in various challenges and obstacle courses. The three rounds and stages of the game test their willpower, presence of mind, and athleticism.

Final Words

Now you know all the filming locations of the popular television game show Wipeout. If you’ve never been to the City of Angels and Santa Clarita, you have a reason to. So, gas up your car and drive to La La Land to check out the filming spots I mentioned. However, if you feel like reading more such interesting articles, then make sure to visit the Viebly website.

How Many Episodes Are There In Season 1 Of Wipeout?

There are 20 episodes in season 1 of Wipeout.

What Is The Runtime Of Each Episode?

The runtime of each episode is 42 minutes.

Who Produced The Show Wipeout?

Shawna Cabrera, Jefferson Nolan, Diana Le, Patrick O’Flaherty Jr, and Sara Van Acker produced the show, Wipeout.

Which Are The Most Popular John Cena Movies?

The Suicide Squad, Fast And Furious 9, The Marines and Blockers are the most popular John Cena movies.

Where To Stream Wipeout Online?

You can stream Wipeout on HBO MAX and Sling TV.

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