How To Watch The Iron Claw At Home On Digital!! An amazing Sports Biopic


Sports biopics can’t be boring. After movies like Ali (2001) and Chariots of Fire( 1981), cinema has given us the best life stories to learn from. As vast as the realm of sport is, numerous biopics can be made. But this time, we have The Iron Claw, the life story of a wrestling family from the 1980s. Read on to learn how to watch The Iron Claw at home on digital platforms.

Directed and written by Sean Durkin, the biopic was released on 22 Dec 2023 in the US, later making it to the cinemas on 9 Feb 2024 in The UK. The movie successfully garnered critical acclaim from the National Board of Review. It stood among the top 10 in the list. The biopic is based on a wrestler trio-  Kevin Von Erich and his two brothers- 

The movie stars Zac Efron as Kevin, Jeremy Allen White as Kerry, and Harris Dickinson as David- the trio, followed by Maura Tierney, Lily James, Michael J Harney, and many other celeb faces.

The Iron Claw is available to watch on rent/buy on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. 

How To Watch The Iron Claw At Home On Digital Platforms!! Scroll To Know

How To Watch The Iron Claw At Home On Digital!! An amazing Sports Biopic

As we discussed, The sports biopic is available on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. Along these two platforms, Vudu also offers a purchase option. As of now, there is no platform streaming the movie. So, you can only buy it. 

Can You Watch The Iron Claw On Amazon Prime Video?

You can watch The Iron Claw on Amazon Prime Video by purchasing it. It is available to buy for $19.99. Note that a purchased movie remains forever in your Prime Video account. It means you can watch it as many times as you want. 

How To Watch The Iron Claw on Amazon Prime Video?

To watch on Amazon Prime Video, you must have a Prime Video app installed on your device and an Amazon account created. If you don’t have an account. Create one, and the steps to create a prime video account are below-

  • Open the Prime Video app on your device.
  • At the bottom of the sign-in window, locate the option to create a new Amazon account. Tap on it.
  •  Enter your name, email address, and password in the next window. Click on the Create your Account option again, and your account will be ready.
  •  Now, just sign in with this account on any device and search for The Iron Claw from the search bar. The movie will appear, and you need to click on the buy option under it. You will have to set the payment method further to buy the movie finally. 

You can also do this from the Amazon shopping app if you have Amazon’s Prime membership.

Can You Watch The Iron Claw On Apple TV?

Yes, The Iron Claw is available to buy on Apple TV at $19.99. To watch on Apple TV, you need to have an Apple ID and an iOS device because Apple TV runs on iOS devices and a few smart TVs. If you don’t have an Apple account, create one by visiting its official website. 

How To Watch The Iron Claw On Apple TV?

To watch on Apple TV, you need to have an Apple ID. If you are a non-iOS user, the process is a bit tiring but you can create an account by visiting their official website through a web browser. 

  • Once you open the website, locate the Create Your Apple ID option in the top right corner. Tap on it. The next will require you to enter your name, region, email address, password, and security question. Fill in all the details and tick the boxes( announcements, apple music, movies, more) below. Type the captcha code given and click on Continue.
  • As you tap to continue, enter the OTP sent to your email, which you just gave. Once that is done, click Continue, creating your new Apple ID. Now, you can use this ID to sign in on the Apple TV app and search for The Iron Claw.  Purchase the movie and enjoy watching it.

What Is Plot Of The Iron Claw?

How To Watch The Iron Claw At Home On Digital!! An amazing Sports Biopic

Based on the true story, the movie revolves around a wrestling family in the 1980s known as the ‘Von Erichs.’ Kevin, Kerry, and David Eric were three out of six children of Fritz Von Erich, a top-notch wrestler and also a headstrong father who only wanted his sons to excel no matter what. Following their father’s footsteps, the trio, one by one, made successful careers in wrestling, but the tragedies that came their way in the sport were miserable. 

The movie depicts their rise in the sport and the losses they suffered in their respective lives. Their story is a fine example of notions that success can drive a man crazy and that comparison steals away joy from life. Not shown in the movie, but later, the fourth wrestler sibling, Chris, commits suicide following the pain of his lowest position in the wrestling family. 

Note that the movie’s name is derived from Fritz Erich’s signature wrestling move, “ The Iron Claw.” 

Similar Movies Like The Iron Claw On Various Platforms

How To Watch The Iron Claw At Home On Digital!! An amazing Sports Biopic

If you liked The Iron Claw, then the below-listed movies are for you sports lovers!! We have compiled a list of some of the best sports biopics with their availability on various platforms. Scroll down. 

Similar Movies Like The Iron Claw On Various Platforms

Name Of The MovieYear Of ReleaseIMDB ratingPlatforms
Remember The Titans20007.8/10Disney +, Apple TV
Cassandro20236.5/10Amazon Prime Video
You Can’t Kill David Arquette20207.1/10Tubi, Kanopy, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV
Hands Of Stone20166.6/10Roku, Tubi, Pluto, Vix, Amazon Prime Video
Stephen Curry: Underrated20237.3/10Apple TV+


For sports lovers, The Iron Claw is a great biopic to watch. It is not entirely about a sport, but the struggles life paves our way. So, with this, we conclude this write-up hoping to have given you valuable insights into the latest release and how to watch it online on digital platforms.  For interesting information on movies and shows, stay connected with us at viebly.

What is the runtime of The Iron Claw?

The duration of the movie is 2 hours 12 minutes.

Is Chris Von Erich shown in the movie?

According to the director, Chris Erich’s character is removed from the script. We can see the trio of the first three siblings from the movie’s poster. 

Who directed the movie The Iron Claw?

The Canadian-American film director Timothy Sean Durkin directed this amazing sports biopic.

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