How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live?


The Walking Dead isn’t dead yet. Continuing the throne,  the sixth spin-off of the post-apocalyptic TV series has revived the Walking Dead franchise. We now have one more horror fiction TV series on our screens. Let’s see how to watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live in this guided article.

Based on a Comic book series by the same name, The Walking Dead debuted on AMC back in 2010 and concluded after eleven seasons. Five spin-offs and several video games came after the original TV series. The return of Rick Grimes, who stepped out in Season 9 is making fans go Gaga over the new release. 

Premiered on 25 February 2024, the latest spin-off is being created by Scott M along with Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln. Gimple also served as the showrunner. The new spin-off will resume from where the original story concluded. 

You can watch TWD The Ones Who Live exclusively on AMC and AMC+.

How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live!! Find Here

How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live?

TWD The Ones Who Live is airing on AMC Cable and streaming on  AMC+. The series consists of 6 episodes, and each episode will be aired on AMC every Sunday. People who have AMC+ will be able to watch the episode a few hours before it’s airing. AMC+ can be accessed through its app or other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Roku, DirecTV, and many other live streamers. 

How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live On The AMC+ App?

AMC+ is a subscription-based streaming service and it does offer a free trial for a week. To watch on the app, you will need to create an account to sign in. 

Just install the app on your device, create a username, and password, then select a monthly or annual plan that you want to, add your payment method, and begin your trial.  Once the trial is over, you will be charged the fee.  Note that you can also create an AMC+ account through a web browser. 

AMC+ monthly/annual  subscription costs are-

  • Standard plan with ads- $4.99 per month
  • Ad-free plan- $8.99 per month 
  • Annual plan- $83.88

How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live On AMC+ Through Amazon Prime Video?

How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live?

AMC+ content can be watched through Amazon Prime Video if you are using it already. You need to open the Prime Video app on your device and search for the AMC+ channel using the search bar. Once located, click it and start your free trial. Remember that add-on channels on Prime Video cost separately from the usual subscription fee. You will have to pay extra to gain AMC+ access.

How To Watch The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live On AMC+ Through Roku Channel?

The Roku channel is available on Roku devices and some other smart TVs. To access AMC+ on them, you need to install the Roku app on your device if there is not one installed. Roku is a free service that demands no monthly subscription, but to watch other channels like AMC+, you will be charged per month.  You need to create a Roku account, search for AMC+, and start your free trial. Once the trial is over, a monthly fee of AMC+ is charged via Roku Pay. 

Cast Of The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live!! Who Is Returning?

Following Andrew Lincoln as Rick and Danai Gurira as Michonne in the lead roles, the new spin-off features many returning cast from the predecessor series. It includes Pollyanna Mclntosh as Anne, Terry O’Quinn as Beale, Lesley Ann Brandt as Pearl Throne, Andrew Bachelor as Bailey, Mathew August Jeffers as Nat, and Breeda Wool as Aiden. The guest appearance includes Craig Tate as the Lieutenant Colonel of the Civil Republic Military(CRM). 

Behind The Making Of Walking The Dead The Ones Who Live

The spin-off was created by Gimple along with Gurira and Lincoln, while Christie Colliopoulos served as the producer, and Robert Kirkman, David Alpert Lincoln, and many others served as executive producers. 


TWD The Ones Who Live has always been highly anticipated and its first episode has dropped on AMC. Be ready to explore the limited series every Sunday. With this, we conclude this article hoping to have given you useful insights into the recently released TV series. For more information on upcoming and latest releases, stick to Viebly. 

What is the runtime of each episode of The Walking Dead The Ones Who Live

The episodes of the horror TV series run between 40 to 60 minutes each. 

What is the IMDB rating of the recently released The Walking DeadThe Ones Who Live so far?

Till now, only one episode has aired and streamed; the IMDb rating is 9.4/10.

What is the story of the new spin-off?

The TV series portrays the pampered couple Rick and Michonne. The couple fights against the living world while existing in a post-apocalyptic one. The duo was seen in the 11-season original The Walking Dead series; however, they disappeared after the 9th season.

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