Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!


The filming of sympathetic shows like Maid is a hard nut to crack because locations also need to impart emotions. That’s why we are going to trace Maid filming location to learn about the toil of the creators. Keep reading for every detail!

Maid (2021) revolves around the attempt of a mother to give a better life to her child. For this, she works as a housekeeper at a lavish house. Unfortunately, her boyfriend is highly abusive, so she is forced to lead her life alone. Watching this dramatic series is worth spending time on. But you’ll find it more worthy after knowing the Maid filming location!

If you are done with watching the series, it’s time to abstract you with the Maid filming location!

Where Was Maid Filmed? Maid Filming Locations That Are Highly Captivating!

Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!

You’ll be taken aback after knowing that the place, Port Hampstead in the series, is a fictional place. Interestingly, it resonates with Port Townsend, Washington. Isn’t it interesting to get inspired by a location to make a fictional setting! Here’s more that you need to learn about Maid filming location! 

  • Release Date: October 1, 2021
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
  • Cast: Margaret Qually, Nick Robinson, Andie MacDowell
  • Where To Watch: Netflix 
  • Running Time: 47-50m 

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Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia | Location That You’ll Never Forget!

Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!

The core of the fact is that the entire filming of Maid took place in Greater Victoria. This place is more of a cultural entity and defines thirteen municipalities on Vancouver Island.

Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful in British Columbia that attracts people around the world. Guess what! Reaching it is also hassle-free. Just book a car and reach within a few hours!

Savefield’s Save-On Gas | Stop Here To Fuel Your Vehicle!

In one of the scenes Alex decides to leave her boyfriend and move ahead in life. After stepping out of the house, she arrives at Save-On Gas station. This station is located on the outskirts of Vancouver so, before entering Vancouver, you can fuel up your car. The same gas station appears once more in the ninth episode, named “ Sky Blue”. 

Swartz Bay Terminal | Are You Ready For A Ferry? 

Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!

When Alex plans to leave Port Hampstead and settle on Fisher’s Island, she boards a ferry. Interestingly, the terminal that claims itself to be of Port Hampstead is Swartz Bay Terminal. And this terminal is located in North Saanich. 

Also, the same terminal is responsible for connecting Vancouver Island to Tsawwassen Terminal. 

Terminal Fulford Harbour | You’ll Be Unable To Recognize It!

Well, let me tell you finding this harbour is going to be tough for you because it appears for a few minutes. And the fictional name given to this harbour is Fisher Island, which is nestled on Salt Spring Island.

No, it’s not the usual one! Despite this, it offers free wi-fi, a free parking facility, and many more. Don’t worry, you won’t get bored here, there are enough things to entertain you!

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Tillicum Laundry, Tillicum Road | One Of The Oldest Laundry Services!

Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!

I know you all are curious to know the place where Alex works to earn her bread and butter. Fortunately, the owner of the laundry service was a man of a golden heart and was kind towards Alex. 

Moreover, the laundry service is located on Tillicum Road and its establishment can be traced back decades ago. 

Ten Mile Point Neighborhood, Victoria | Dream House Is Here!

The house where Alex works is a charm and the center of attraction in the series. Many people have already started planning about revamping their houses. Isn’t it crazy? HAHAHAH!

Hey, don’t assume it to be a house! Such a spacious property can only be a villa. This luxurious waterfront villa is known as Ten Mile Point Neighborhood. In addition, there is an extended garden that gives a scenic view in the morning and evening. 

The Duke Saloon, Discovery Street | The First Meeting Happened Here!

Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!

The eighth episode that documents the first meeting of Alex and Sean is one of the favorite episodes of viewers. And the filming of that meeting scene took place at The Duke Saloon. 

I know you are wondering whether it’s the right name or not! The Duke Saloon is a hub of entertainment and ideal for chilling with friends. Furthermore, this spot serves lip smacking cocktails and beer. 

Well, you can be fortunate enough to meet some of the great musical artists in the town. You can even visit The Duke Saloon at any time because they open early. 

The Guild | Another Spot For Foodies

I think you remember The Singing Swan Bar, where Sean works in the series. No, you won’t find a restaurant with the same name! The real name of the bar is The Guild, which you can locate at Wharf Street. Interestingly, it was a restaurant where people would enjoy beer and cocktails. Currently, this place is vacant.

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The Pier Bistro | Recognize It In The Background!

Maid Filming Location | A Guide To All The Mesmerizing Locations!

The Pier Bistro does not appear in front, but in the background of a scene in the second episode. In the scene, you can see Alex giving back a dog to Regina. Interestingly, the park beside The Pier Bistro is also visible in the scene. And the name of that park is Beacon Park.

Esquimalt | Secret Domestic Violence Shelter Located Here!

If you remember the domestic violence shelter, it is located in Esquimalt. Within this town, the shelter is nestled in Eastwood Apartment. 

Maybe the makers chose this town because it is one of the great places to live. And the highlights of this town on Vancouver Island include scenic parks and community hubs. 

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Final Words 

So, all of the above are Maid filming locations that I have been able to search for you. Interestingly, the list could have added more names but we will sit down some other day. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the mentioned places! 

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