House of the Dragon Actress Milly Alcock Casted as Supergirl!


There is no shortage of Superman in Hollywood. So many of them are there to confuse as to whom someone is talking about. But hold on!! This time, DC picked a Supergirl. Have you heard the trending news:  House Of The Dragon actress Milly Alcock casted as Supergirl?

 Well, if not, then pay attention. Milly Alcock has been announced as the new Woman of Steel by James Gunn on Instagram lately. The recent Instagram post of the CEO, James Gunn, reads, “Milly is a fantastically talented young actor, and I’m incredibly excited about her being a part of the DCU. Yes, I first became aware of her in House Of The Dragon, but I was blown away by her varied auditions and screen tests for #Supergirl.

He confirmed Milly to be the new Supergirl in the upcoming DC movie  Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, the director of which is not certain yet.

Replying to James’s Instagram post, Milly expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the director, and now the audience is thankful to James for bringing Milly as the new Supergirl.

The new woman of steel hails from Australia, and with Supergirl, she landed her biggest lead role in DC Universe after gaining incredible success from HBO’s  House of Dragon. James’s changes to the DC studios are quite an internet sensation.

Who Is The House Of Dragon Actress Milly Alcock- Supergirl?

House of the Dragon Actress Milly Alcock Casted as Supergirl!

The 23-year-old Australian actor first appeared on the international screen in 2022 with a blockbuster hit fantasy series “House Of The Dragon.”  She garnered a lot of fame through this show.

However, she was introduced to acting as a teenager in a comedy show, Wonderland, back in 2014. She also appeared in several commercials after that. 

 Aftermath, she appeared in several shows, including Upright for which she also received an AATCA nomination. Little by little, she kept on stepping forward in the industry that the actor is now to be supergirl. Milly Alcock is one of the youngest faces to be featured in DC Studios movies.

 Sneak Peak Into The Upcoming Movie

House of the Dragon Actress Milly Alcock Casted as Supergirl!

The upcoming movie is based on the DC comic Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow by Tom King and Bilquis Evely. The actress or the DC studios have not stated the arrival of the new superhero movie. As sources have it, script writing is on its way, the director is yet to be chosen, and it is obvious that there is a long wait till you can see Milly in a superhero character.

 It has not yet been revealed which of the two projects by DC (Superman-Legacy and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow) Alcock will debut with. Who knows if she would appear in both? But we could find that Milly Alcoak plays the role of Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor El. 


Hoping to give you insights from the upcoming DC movie and its new superhero, we hope the blog post provided you with the latest news on Supergirl so that you don’t miss out on the trending activities in Hollywood. Stick to to stay updated on what is coming next as we will update this page as more information is unveiled about the same.

On what, Supergirl: Women of Tomorrow based?

The DC Studios movie is based on the DC comics titled Supergirl- Women of Tomorrow, written by Tom King.

When will the movie be released?

The movie’s release date is yet to be announced. A lot is yet to be ascertained by DC, so can’t expect the release any sooner.

Who is cast as Superman in the upcoming DC projects?

David Korenswet is being cast as the new Superman in Superman: Legacy.

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