These 5 Scams Are Projected to Rise in 2024


Scammers’ strategies to prey on gullible people change along with technology and societal norms. Every year, new scams surface, taking advantage of people’s weaknesses and the latest developments in technology and fashion. Experts predict that numerous distinct fraud kinds will increase as 2024 goes on.

2023 was a busy year for cyber security, with significant corporations falling victim to ransomware and artificial intelligence, creating more avenues for hackers to operate. Regretfully, this year will increase the sophistication and frequency of cybercriminals and frauds. Safeguarding your money and personal information requires that you understand these programs and learn how to protect yourself. These five frauds are expected to become more common in 2024. 

Scams Projected To Rise In 2024

These 5 Scams Are Projected to Rise in 2024

These are the biggest scams of the year, and you should be aware of them, whether you work in the security industry or are merely concerned about safeguarding your personal information.

Cryptocurrency Scams

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become incredibly popular, drawing in investors and con artists. Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and provide anonymity, con artists have developed several strategies to take advantage of gullible people. One prevalent strategy involves fabricating fictitious cryptocurrency exchanges or investment prospects, alluring targets with assurances of substantial profits. 

Furthermore, phishing scams that target cryptocurrency owners are becoming more common. Scammers assume the identities of trustworthy organizations or people in order to steal confidential data or access digital wallets.

When trading or investing in digital assets, proceed with caution to safeguard yourself against Bitcoin scammers. Thoroughly investigate any possible investments and only use reliable platforms and exchanges. Never give out your private keys or personal information to strangers, and be cautious of unsolicited offers and investment opportunities that seem too good to be true.

Deepfake Fraud

Deepfake technology has the potential to be used fraudulently since it uses artificial intelligence to produce realistic-looking audio and video recordings. Scammers can modify audio and video material to trick victims, or they can utilize deepfakes to imitate real people. This could be disseminating false information for financial gain, making fictitious audio recordings to obtain sensitive information, or posing as company leaders to approve fraudulent transactions.

Being vigilant and skeptical is necessary to protect yourself from deepfake scams. Check the legitimacy of any shady communications or media content, particularly if it contains sensitive or financial information. Exercise caution when disclosing private or financial information online. Consider adding extra security features like multi-factor authentication to further safeguard your accounts.

Social Media Scams

Scammers now frequently target social media platforms in an effort to gain users’ trust and personal data. Romance scams, phony freebies, and phishing scams are just a handful of the strategies thieves use on social media. Since social media profiles provide a wealth of personal information, scammers can easily create convincing messages and profiles to trick unsuspecting victims.

When communicating with accounts or messages you are unfamiliar with on social media, proceed with caution to avoid being a victim of fraud. You should avoid unwanted friend requests and messages from strangers. You should also refrain from clicking on dubious websites and giving out personal information to unidentified people. 

To manage who can read your posts and personal information, periodically check your privacy settings and create and store complex and unique passwords. You can also notify the platform’s authorities of any questionable activity.

Job Listing Scam

These 5 Scams Are Projected to Rise in 2024

Fraudsters who establish fictitious websites and job postings, as well as recruiters, use them to trick victims into divulging personal information in exchange for an “interview.” Due to the increase in layoffs and unemployment, scammers are taking advantage of the weaknesses in job seekers. Fraudulent Job postings frequently target people who are in dire need of work by promising rich opportunities.

Extensive research should be done on possible employers and employment openings. Before you sign a formal contract, be cautious of requests for payment or personal information. Just because a “recruiter” has a LinkedIn profile doesn’t necessarily indicate that they are reputable. These days, con artists are more cunning and aware that this is where individuals go to look for jobs. 

Vehicle Frauds

Because Facebook Marketplace and eBay have relatively lax listing verification procedures, fraudsters flood both platforms with phony listings. Scams involving cars are very prevalent.

Con artists list cars at enticingly cheap costs to entice gullible purchasers. Usually, they attempt to expedite the transaction by requesting deposits or advance payments before giving the customer a chance to see the car. After obtaining what they want, they quickly ban the offending party and remove their posting, depriving the buyer of both money and a car.

Vehicle Scams and other fraudulent marketplace listing schemes will still be common in 2024 unless well-known marketplaces enforce more stringent listing verification standards.


Being aware and alert is crucial to safeguarding oneself against the numerous frauds that are expected to increase in 2024. You may lessen your chance of becoming a victim of fraud by being aware of the strategies thieves employ and taking preventative action to protect your finances and personal information. 

In the event that you believe you have been the victim of a scam, never hesitate to follow your gut, inquire about any questionable emails or offers, and seek advice from reliable sources.

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Ujwal Mattoo
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