What Is The Cosmos Persona Test And How To Take It? Trending On Instagram!


Following the success of Taiwan Design Expo’s intrinsic personality traits test from the previous year and the recent “What Cake R U?” question, a new viral quiz is currently making the rounds on social media. Yes, the test answers of the new Cosmos Persona quiz are ideal for posting on Instagram Stories. It draws inspiration from both its predecessors and the 16 MBTI personality types. Keep reading as we discuss what is the Cosmos Persona Test and how to take it.

The Cosmos Persona Personality Test is the newest social media craze these days! This innovative test explores your personality by categorizing you according to interesting space-related objects. You could be another cosmic marvel, a mysterious nebula, or a blazing star. Discover more below!

What is the Cosmos Persona Test?

What Is The Cosmos Persona Test And How To Take It? Trending On Instagram!

The game was created by artist Izon Falzo and was only released few days ago. Its premise is straightforward: 12 questions recount a fantastical bus voyage that ends in space, with appearances by cats, a robot, and a big vacuum cleaner (yep, you read that correctly). 

At the end of the quiz, users are shown results based on cosmic components. Your “Cosmos Persona,” a celestial archetype reflecting your fundamental personality, strengths, weaknesses, “cosmic ingredients,” and compatibility with other types, is then revealed through analysis of your answers to various scenarios. 

How To Take The Cosmos Persona Test?

What Is The Cosmos Persona Test And How To Take It? Trending On Instagram!

The Cosmos Persona quiz can be found on the Cosmos Quiz website. Press the start button to go on an interplanetary adventure with charming animated visuals at every turn.

We begin our voyage with a bus ride, most likely from work, during which you are asked about your thoughts. If we must be honest, choosing something like, “I’m just so tired and can’t wait to go home,” seems like the correct option to start with.

We won’t give away too much about what happens next in order to prevent spoilers from ruining your Cosmos Persona test experience. But be prepared for your routine journey to swiftly take an odd turn, with a robot and floating cats joining you for the ride.

After responding to the final question, you will receive a report card with details about your personality type, strengths, weaknesses, and interpersonal compatibility. “Meteorite,” “dark matter,” and “satellite” are among examples. Although we’re not sure if the personality profile is accurate, this writer identifies as a “meteorite” type, particularly because of my propensity for dad jokes and having outside-of-the-box thinking. However, he strongly relates to the “UFO” type.

Falzo provides a helpful image on his Instagram page that you may use to determine how your results relate to the MBTI personality types. The description of “meteorite” is INTP, that of “dark matter” is INFP, and “satellite” is ESTJ.

The Cosmos Persona Quiz’s appeal is its capacity to transform self-discovery into a fun journey. The creative scenarios pique your interest and encourage you to explore your mental processes in a playful manner.

People are sharing their findings on social media in droves, thrilled and shocked at how well the quiz encapsulates them. The element of surprise makes it more enjoyable since you can uncover a previously unknown intergalactic side to your personality.


It’s crucial to remember that, similar to other online tests, the Cosmos Persona Quiz shouldn’t be interpreted as a conclusive assessment of one’s personality. It doesn’t have the same rigorous scientific support as well-known frameworks like the MBTI. But its real power is in its capacity to provoke introspection and offer a distinct perspective on your personality.

The Cosmos Persona Quiz is undoubtedly worth a try if you’re searching for an entertaining and interesting approach to learning more about your personality. Visit the Cosmos Persona website to start your own journey of self-discovery across space. You never know, maybe you’ll find a hidden star power flashing brilliantly inside you. 

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Ujwal Mattoo
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