When Is Homecoming Usually?


Homecoming is an exciting event many high school and college students look forward to. While some schools and school districts have a set planned date for this highly anticipated event, homecoming dates are usually subject to change depending on local events, sports schedules, and academic calendar.

The main event of the homecoming, whether it is a banquet or a sports game, also has a say in when it is held. These can also vary from region to region. With all these factors to consider, homecoming dates vary among schools.

However, there are some typical homecoming dates. This article will discuss everything you need about the usual homecoming dates.

A Brief History of Homecoming

When Is Homecoming Usually?
When Is Homecoming Usually?

Homecoming is an annual event that welcomes back former members of the school institution. It also doubles as a welcome back to school event, unlike prom, which marks the end of the academic year.

This tradition boasts a rich history since the late 19th century – many schools claim to be the host of the first homecoming event. Baylor, Illinois, and Missouri are among the few that staked their claims in hosting the inaugural homecoming.

Nevertheless, all homecomings since the beginning have one thing in common: sports events, particularly football, have been at the center of homecoming celebrations. To this day, homecoming events are typically built around a football game.

Other countries, such as Canada, also have similar events that welcome back former students and community members. The communities in Ontario Newfoundland, and Labrador hold similar gatherings known as Come Home Year. The idea behind these events is the same, but they aren’t as significant as in the US.

Typical Homecoming Dates

When Is Homecoming Usually?

Exact dates may vary, but homecoming is typically held between late September and early October. Some schools occasionally hold their homecoming events in August, right after the academic year begins, but this is rare.

Homecoming is built around a central event in the community, usually a football game. The main event of a homecoming can also be a banquet or dance. Depending on this, homecoming dates may change.

Nonetheless, you can generally expect homecoming between late September and early October. If you’re unsure of when your school’s homecoming event will be this year, check the school calendar or website. Alternatively, contact your school to learn the exact homecoming date.

Homecoming Tips

Homecoming can be right around the corner or months away, depending on when you read this article. Regardless of the timing, here are some helpful tips to better prepare for this highly anticipated event. 

For Students

  • Check the dates and rules: Check the dates and the entry rules. Most schools require purchasing homecoming tickets, so it’s best to grab yours as early as possible. 
  • Plan your attire: Homecomings are less formal than prom, but there might be a dress code. Plan what you will wear in this memorable event so you don’t rush to pick a new homecoming dress; we recommend browsing online collections, like this one, to get an idea of all the different styles available at once.
  • Hair and makeup: Don’t forget to schedule an appointment for your hair and makeup in advance to reserve your spot. If you plan to do your hair and makeup yourself, practice a few times to ensure you’re comfortable with everything.
  • Get to know the traditions: The school’s homecoming traditions are everything and contribute to the whole experience. Make sure you’re caught up with the homecoming traditions of your school. The school’s website and students who’ve been to previous homecomings are good places to start. 
  • Practice dance moves: Lastly, brush up on your dance moves for this memorable night. Grab a friend to practice together, or sign up for a dance class to shine as much as your outfit on the dance floor.

For Alumni

The above tips are helpful to former students, but you might also want to consider the following as an alumni.

  • Arrange a meetup: Finding familiar faces at homecoming can be overwhelming. Consider contacting old friends and classmates before homecoming to arrange a meetup.
  • Be open to conversations: Typically, there are plenty of talks about the good old times with friends and former classmates at homecoming. Students may also approach you for academic and career advice. Be open to these conversations to make the whole event memorable.
  • Don’t forget to RSVP: Respond to your invitation or registration information swiftly. Otherwise, you might be left out of the homecoming.

Get Ready For Homecoming

Now that you know when homecoming is usually, it’s time to prepare for the big event. If homecoming is right around the corner, grab yourself a new outfit, learn the dates and timing, arrange transportation, and plan meetups with friends. Most importantly, don’t forget to show off your homecoming style!

What time does homecoming usually start?

The timing for homecoming varies depending on the events. Expect the parade to start in the morning or afternoon. Following the parade, homecoming games can start anywhere from 2 PM to 7 PM. The dance usually begins at night and continues till midnight. Make sure to check your school’s website to know all the timings.

Do you need a date for homecoming?

Having a date for the homecoming is entirely up to you. The point of homecoming is to bring the community together to connect while supporting sports teams and finishing the night with a dance. Unlike prom, don’t put yourself under pressure to have a date. Instead, enjoy homecoming with anyone you feel comfortable with, even if it’s only your friends.

Does homecoming happen every year?

Homecoming is an annual event in the US. The exact day when homecoming is held may change from year to year, but many high school and college students look forward to homecoming every year.

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