Where Was 10 Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Romcom!


Are you planning to watch a romantic comedy movie this weekend? If so, then I suggest you watch the movie 10. It is a highly entertaining movie that is perfect to binge on with your friends. But before watching any movie, it is good to know its details like filming locations, casting, and so on. This article is for you to know all the details about the movie as well as where was 10 filmed.

Blake Edwards directed and produced the romantic comedy film 10 (1979). At the time of its release, it was regarded as a trend-setting movie, and it became one of the year’s biggest box-office successes. The movie got positive reviews from critics.

The story follows a middle-aged man, George Webber, who develops feelings for a young woman he has never met, which results in a humorous chase and ends up facing in Mexico. The self-deprecating performance of Dudley Moore keeps this midlife crisis amusing throughout.

Do you want to know more about the movie and where was 10 filmed? Continue reading to find out the exciting details.

Where Was 10 Filmed? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Where Was 10 Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Romcom!

The story of movie 10 travels from Los Angels to Mexico. So, to show the best views of those cities, the filming was majorly done in California and Mexico. You can see the first half of the movie was mostly shot in the California area. Here, you can see the life of George and his girlfriend, Samantha.

Later on, when George falls for another girl Jenny, he travels to Mexico to find her. So, some of the scenes were filmed in the Mexico region. The filming schedule was well-planned by the crew and so they were able to complete the movie on time with the best visuals. Now, let us discuss the detailed information about where was 10 filmed.

California | USA

Where Was 10 Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Romcom!

The major scenes of the movie were filmed in California. The George house that you see in the movie was filmed in the area 777 Ledo Way, Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. The interior and exterior sequences of the house were filmed in this region.

Next, the wedding scene of Jenny was filmed in the All Saints Episcopal Church, Camden Drive, California. The production team changed the church’s overall décor according to the director’s need.

To know more about Jenny, George made an appointment with Jenny’s father, who is a dentist. And this scene was filmed in Beverly Hills. Also, some other areas in California, including Malibu, North Whitter & North Linden Drives, and San Vicente Boulevard, were used for filming.

After the complete filming was done in California, the crew members were moved to Mexico.

Manzanillo, Colima | Mexico

Where Was 10 Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Romcom!

After filming the movie’s major scenes in California, the production members all prepared to move to Mexico to shoot the remaining portion of the movie. In Mexico, the production members covered only a few areas, like Hotel Las Hadas.

You can see the beach scene of the movie was set in Mexico, but it was actually filmed in California. But the sequence made the people believe that it was actually shot on Mexico beach.

Well, this is all you need to know about where was 10 filmed. If you are curious to know about 10 movie plot for a better understanding of the movie, then read the below section for more details.

Plot Of 10 | What Is The Story About?

Where Was 10 Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Romcom!

The movie follows George Webber, a musical composer who experiences a midlife crisis. To the dismay of his actress girlfriend, Samantha Taylor, George begins snooping on his next-door neighbor, who frequently throws wild parties and admires younger women.

He suddenly notices Jenny, a young woman, who is traveling to her wedding. Then, even though she has just got married, George decides that he wants to have an affair with her. So, he travels to Mexico, where Jenny and her husband go for their honeymoon. So, watch 10 to find out whether George’s plan works or not.

Final Words

Well, I guess now you know where was 10 filmed. So, if you plan to visit California, don’t forget to spot the above-mentioned locations. If you enjoyed this read, then do share it with your friends who are curious to learn about filming locations.

Who Are the Cast Members Of The Movie 10?

The cast members of the movie include Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, Bo Derek, and Robert Webber.

Who Is The Cinematographers Of The Movie 10?

Frank Stanley is the cinematographer of the movie 10

Which Production Company Have Worked In The Movie 10?

The production company that has worked on the movie is Onion Pictures.

What Is The Runtime Of The Movie?

The run time of the movie is 2 hrs 22 minutes.

What Is The Tagline Of The Movie?

The tagline of the movie 10 is A temptingly tasteful comedy for adults who can count.


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