Where Was Love In Whitbrooke Filmed? Brittany’s Romantic Tv Movie From 2021!!


If you’re intrigued to watch a perfect romantic flick this love season, then follow this article till the very end. As, today I’m going to acquaint you with a similar film, Love in Whitbrooke, starring Brittany Bristow. Plus, later in this article, I’ll also share with you where was Love In Whitbrooke filmed.

The American romantic comedy film, Love In Whitbrooke became super popular amongst fans, who enjoy watching light-hearted flicks. This Tv movie, released in 2021 was actually inspired by a fictional story by Michael Barmish, who later joined the project as a screenwriter. John Bradshaw masterfully adapted the story and presented it to the audience in his own unique way.

The basic premise of Love in Whitbrooke is centered around the character of Amber Verdon, an American artist, who travels to London for a business meeting. The plot thickens when the female lead returns from London, to find a new beginning in her love life.

The makers of Love in Whitbrooke were more than satisfied with the commercial performance of the film. Even though this film didn’t manage to win any major awards, the fans thoroughly enjoyed the overall storyline and also gave positive reviews of the film. The critics, on the other hand, reviewed this intense drama film, hard-heartedly.

So, before I acquaint you with the plot of this awe-inspiring film, let’s explore where was Love in Whitbrooke filmed. So that you can analyze the shooting locations of this film, up close.

Where Was Love In Whitbrooke Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Flick Closely!

Even though the story of Love in Whitbrooke is partly set in London and America, the filming didn’t take place in either of the places. As the makers of Love in Whitbrooke had a nominal production budget to work with, planning to shoot on expensive locations wasn’t practical.

Thus, the makers arranged a special meeting and made a list of potential filming locations, which would basically be more economically feasible to film in. After a few weeks, the production members came up with a number of locations in and around the province of Ontario.

The director visited the potential shooting spots in Hamilton and Port Hope and instructed the production members to commence shooting. Although, is important to mention that the majority of the scenes were filmed in the city of Hamilton, whereas only a few pivotal sequences were captured in Port Hope.

The principal photography began in January 2021 and continued till the end of February of the same year. Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the Canadian government, because of Covid-19, the filming schedule was slightly delayed. However, the production members later made up for the lost time and finished shooting within the estimated time.

So, without further ado, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Love in Whitbrooke filmed, and find out more intriguing facts about the specific filming sites.

Hamilton, Ontario | Canada

Where Was Love In Whitbrooke Filmed? Brittany’s Romantic Tv Movie From 2021!!

The opening sequence of the film, where we see the female lead going to an art exhibition, was actually filmed in Hamilton. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of an exhibition center, located in the downtown area of this port city.

In order to capture the sequences of Amber’s artistic home, the production members used a small-sized apartment, located on the outskirts of Hamilton. The crew had to turn around the overall look of the apartment, to make it look artsier. The interior sequences of Amber’s home were then filmed.

Interestingly enough, a local art studio located near the property, where the sequences of Amber’s home were filmed, was used to capture the scenes depicting Amber’s Studio. Other pivotal sequences in Hamilton were captured near the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario.

In fact, the sequences depicting Amber’s office in London were actually filmed inside a vacant shop, which the production members turned around in no time.

Filming in Hamilton continued for three weeks, after which the production members moved to the next shooting location.

Port Hope, Ontario | Canada

The sequences depicting the return of the female lead from her business trip were filmed in Port Hope. This municipality area is located in the southern part of Ontario and sits 109 KM east, of the bustling city of Toronto. 

The Cameco Capitol Arts Centre, located at the heart of Port Hope was used to film the sequences where Amber meets the love of her life for the first time. Filming in Port Hope lasted till the first week of February 2021, the filming crew then started working on post-production.

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Alright friends, let’s now briefly discuss the plot of Love in Whitbrooke. So that you can get a better grip on the actual storyline of this romantic film. Meanwhile, you can check out Lamar Odom, Death Proof and The Lost Boys as well.

Plot Of Love In Whitbrooke | What’s It About

Where Was Love In Whitbrooke Filmed? Brittany’s Romantic Tv Movie From 2021!!

The basic premise of Love in Whitbrooke revolves around the character of Amber, a talented American artist, who travels to London for an art show. At the beginning of the movie, the female lead gets elated after receiving a prestigious invitation from an art company based in London.

As the story progresses further, Amber successfully completes the art exhibition in London and returns back to her hometown. But while returning, she befriends a charming young man and soon develops a rapport with him. Watch Love in Whitbrooke to find out what happens Amber confesses her true feelings to Jason.

Final Words

Ok guys, so now that we’ve reached the end, it’s time for me to say goodbye! But, I hope you enjoyed the read and finally know where was Love in Whitbrooke filmed. Do mention your thoughts in the comments section below. If you’d like to read similar pieces, you can check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Love In Whitbrooke?

The cast of the film Love in Whitbrooke includes Brittany Bristow, Corey Sevler, Naomi Hewer and Henry Pace along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Love In Whitbrooke?

Michel Bisson is the cinematographer of the film Love in Whitbrooke.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Love In Whitbrooke?

Bobby Rose is the music director of the film Love in Whitbrooke.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Love In Whitbrooke?

1h 25m is the runtime of the film Love in Whitbrooke.


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